Petrichor, The Smell of Rain


By Lylianna L.; Staff Writer


It’s been so long since it rained here

So long since the Earth was cleansed and the misery was washed away

So long since the smell of rain was floating through the air

So long since the cool droplets of water fell on your skin and soaked through your clothes

So long since the sun has broken through the dark gloomy skies

So long since water filled leaves and weighted them down with water

So long since something has been calming here

So long since the steady thump of water hitting your roof has filled your ears

So long since you watched the water running down the windows

So long since a rainbow has shown through the sky

So long since you were truly happy

So long since the rain’s sweet sound has lulled you to sleep

So long since the cool mist spread through the town

So long since the soft damp grass has been under your feet quietly squishing with each step

So long since everything has felt completely in place

Oh, how you miss the rain




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