The Illuminatus Strikes Back

The Illuminatus Strikes Back

by. James S., and  Haskell M., Staff Writers


It was all dark. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face, yet I saw some words rapidly flashing in my vision. I must have been hallucinating, although I couldn’t read the words flashing. The next thing I knew, I heard the sounds of dripping liquids. and heard a high pitched moaning sound of a child. I was so scared, that I ran as fast as I could,but I ran into something. Or someone. It let out a child’s scream and said in a faint voice, “Pray for me.”

I: They find us

The next thing I know, I wake up in a bed, very different from the one back at home. No I had to move to the North Pole for protection from the invasion of the Illuminatus. Apparently, I had to have my name changed as well. I am not Stanford anymore, for my name is Paul E. Cypher. Unfortunately, they couldn’t change my last name, but it’s better than nothing.

“Paul, it’s time for dinner.” says Bill.

“Please don’t call me that.” I say. “I like Stanford better. And isn’t it morning?”

“No it’s night. Why would I be serving dinner? You’ve been out for two weeks. We had to use special machines to give you nutrition, vitamins, and other things to keep you alive.”

“But how did you know I was awake?” I asked.

“Oh I have my ways.” He says. He is sounding different. Maybe I should do a few tests on him to see if he wasn’t an imposter.

“Bill? Could I borrow a 13 step ladder?” I asked, because as we all know, Bill is not superstitious.

`           “No son. Those things are dangerous. I’ll give you an 12 or 14 step ladder.” Yep something is definitely up with him.

“Where’s Mom?”

“She…um? Well…she…uh,”

“Use your words.”

“She went to buy a new cell phone.” Aha. This is certainly an imposter. There are no cell phone stores in the north pole.

“Imposter!” I yelled.

“This one is smarter than we thought number 6-18-9-4-1-25 troop 13.”

“Oh darn. I accidentally told him my real name!” I say.

“I’m coming up there.” He yelled. “And don’t think you can hide.” Well it looks like they found us. Wait a minute. I could use the Time Machine as a teleporter. If I could just make myself less transparent when I arrive. Or maybe I could teleport the machine with me in it. Yes. That’s it.

So I type in, year:2015, time:4:39, date:05/06/2015, place:Torrance,California (Town_Square_Center,x+6,Y,Z+6), Settings:machineTransport, true. They will never find me there. So then I get into the machine and press send. Everything goes black.

It was all dark. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face, yet I saw some words rapidly flashing in my vision. I must have been hallucinating, although I couldn’t read the words flashing. The next thing I knew, I heard the sounds of dripping liquids. and heard a high pitched moaning sound of a child. I was so scared, that I ran as fast as I could,but I ran into something. Or someone. It let out a child’s scream and said in a faint voice, “Pray for me.”

The next thing I know I wake up in some kind of park. I feel like I have had that same dream before, but I am not quite sure. Today is Wednesday right? Well I need food. And What about my family? I just left them there to be killed by these people. What do they want from me? All I did was save my uncle from their attack. And why do they want world domination anyways? It would be easier to rule just one small area. They’re not to bright, but their name means enlightenment. What’s up with that. All these thoughts rushed through my head, and I had no answer for any of them. I got out of the machine, and said, “Wow. The sunrises are beautiful. I just want to sit here and watch it.” But I need to get food. No I only have about 20k in my pocket, on my card, so I’ll have to only spend it on my needs. So I go to Walmart and buy 5 loaves of bread, 1 very new bottle of milk, 10 unripe pears, 10 bags of peanuts, 5 large packs of water, 12 corncobs, 7 cans of peanut butter, 10 stacks of pork ribs, one giant cooler, and a microwave oven. Yeah, I have a lot of bags. I gently place them into the car,(Technically, it’s just the time machine, but shape shifted, and teleport to my next destination.

Somehow I manage to stay awake to see what it looks like on the outside. It looks kind of like I’m riding every single roller coaster at once, yet I am staying still. I appear in a forest that seems to be very peaceful. So I set up camp, and create a fire pit surrounded by stones. “I wish I had someone to talk to,” I say in a soft voice. Then I fall asleep.

II: I am not alone

I wake up and find that it is now noon, but what time is it? I better set up camp now. Dang, I forgot about buying a tent. No. I will use the resources I have with me. Good thing the cooler and the microwave are solar powered, otherwise I would be in trouble. I eat a few peanuts, drink one quarter of a water bottle, and eat a microwaved corncob. And get this. I plant half of it’s seeds, and I make a compost container made from sticks and rope I found in the parking lot of Walmart. I make a fire using  a piece of flint, and a piece of steel. It took many failed attempts, but eventually I got a perfect teepee shaped fire burning. And that reminds me. I need a shelter. I could use the shape shifting teleporter/Time machine, but I am only going to do that for one night. So I make it a truck that could carry my food and everything else, but I leave my cooler on the roof to charge, and leave my milk in there to keep it fresh.

The next morning, I feel so hungry. In fact, I eat 50 peanuts, one of the first ripened pairs, drink 2 whole waters, and drink one glass of milk. Today is going to be different. Today, I am going to make tools out of sticks and stones. I know it sounds crazy, but maybe this doesn’t have to be my temporary home. Maybe I can create a whole village, and defeat the Illuminatus during war. If only there was someone else out there. I created a stone spear, a stone axe, a stone hammer, and I even created a stone sword. It took 4 hours to sharpen, but it was legit at the ending. I could kill a bear if I had to. I collected a whole lot of wooden logs, and used about 1 tenth of my rope. At the ending I created a house. Yeah. A 13 year old actually created a house all by himself. I can’t believe it either, but it had separate rooms. One for my microwave oven and cooler, one for charging electric items(All I did was smash the roof for sunlight), one for creating all my tools, one for my Time machine, and one for sleeping in. It was hard to find materials for the soft part, but I did find sheep. I killed about 5 of them. I feel bad for them though. I was just about to fall asleep, when I hear a knock at the door. My blood ran cold. I say “Who is it?”

“I need a place to stay for tonight.” a girls voice says.

“Come in.” I say.

A girl opens the door, and tells me what happened. She had dark hair, dark eyes, and seemed to be around 13 years old. She tells me that she was separated from her family when a bear attacked. It killed her family.

“Well, I am all alone out here too. I made this here house.” I say. “It was a group of people named the Illuminatus that chased me here.”

“Are you trying to start a civilization here?” she asks.

“Well I am trying to.”

“Well whatever you are doing, it’s working.”

“Do you want to join me?”

“Okay, but what do you call this group?”

“How about, the reliquiae? It means remains.”

“Good name. It sounds like a rebel alliance.”

“ Gratias. Fortuna melioribus velim. Meministi nos in reliquiis.” I say.

“What? Oh that’s Latin.”

“I don’t have a second bed. So where would you like to sleep tonight?”

“Anywhere is fine.”

“So on the bed?”

“No, I don’t want you to freeze to death. I wouldn’t have a leader if you died.”

“It’s okay, really. I would rather go hunting tonight instead. really.”

“Well. okay.” She replies In a worried voice. “But don’t get eaten by wolves.”

“Oh don’t worry. I have a weapon. And tomorrow, I will be equipped with wooden armor.” I say as I walk out the door. Man I am so happy I am not the only one out here. I am not alone.

III: The hunted, the hunter, and the huntest

I have been walking for miles, and I can’t tell if I have been down this path or not. Luckily, I have been dragging my spear in the dirt so I know the way back. It is very dark outside, and I wish I hadn’t gone alone. The next thing I knew, I heard a loud shake in a nearby bush. This startled me so, but not too much,for I have a weapon that really can cut. Well technically two. A stone spear and a stone sword.

“Who’s there? I have a weapon. If you are a wolf, I will not hesitate to cut you in half!” I yell. Suddenly, a giant black bear lets out a loud roar that makes my life flash before my eyes. It only took a few seconds, but I see myself killing a black bear in the vision. Future sight, I hope. The bear walks over to me slowly, and then runs towards me as soon as I look into it’s eyes. Why did I do that? I jump onto the bear’s back before it can strangle me to the ground, and I stab the sword into it’s back, then pull the sword out. Wow, I just killed a bear, without armor even on.

“Now how am I going to transport this piece of meat?” I ask myself out loud. “Oh I know. I could cut the bear into pieces and take multiple trips back to the base.” This takes me about 5 minutes because, as we all know, I lied about the walking for miles part. I only walked 1 mile. When I got the last piece of bear, I noticed that the girl was sound asleep. She needs her sleep anyways. I mean really. I don’t know how long she has been out there. I don’t even know her name. I’ll ask her in the morning. Right now, I need to get to work on that wooden armor.

Meanwhile, back at the North Pole:

“Excellent, 6-18-9-4-1-25 troop 13. Now you have lost the kid, and spilled my hot coffee on my shirt.” says the Illuminatus General.

“I’m sorry General. I don’t even know what went wrong. He simply vanished.”

“If you don’t find the boy before our new world order kicks in, there will be a rebel alliance that he would lead.”

“Well then. What do you want me to do?”

“Check the security tapes of the home. Find out what happened. If you fail me again, it will be your head. Or, your wife’s head. Whichever you choose.” He says.

“Yes master. I will get the security tapes faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

IV: Upgrades, New Friends, More Food

“Wake up. Hey wake up.” says a voice.

“Oh. Hey. I fell asleep at work, didn’t I?” I say.

“Yeah. But you did a good job on the armor.” she says.

“I never caught your name.”

“My name?”

“Yeah. You know. I’m Stanford.”

“Well…um. My name is,…” She paused for a second. “I don’t think you would like it.”

“I don’t judge. Really. I don’t judge.”

“My name is Sarah. I know. A terrible name.”
“It’s not terrible. It’s, well.” I say. “It’s makes your personality more distinguished.”


“Yeah. Well I should get back to work. Did you see the bear?”

“Yeah. I did more than see it. I ate it. Cooked it over the fire this morning.”

“Speaking of which, I am starving. literally.” I say.

“We still have plenty of bear meat.” She says. When she said ‘we’, I felt all weird inside.

“Okay. but first, I am going to check on my plants. I planted like 20 corncob seeds.”

“Okay. Don’t check too long. You need food.” And so I do. The seeds are doing well. Half of them have already sprouted. Man surviving this is so easy, yet so hard. I do have a meal. I eat 60 peanuts, one corn cob, bear meat, one glass of milk(in a wooden cup), and some bear meat.

“Thanks for preparing the bear meat for me.” I say to Sarah.

“Anytime. Hey, it’s for my health to you know.” she says.

“Don’t you think we should look for more people to join us.” I ask. She doesn’t respond. “Hello? Sarah, are you okay?”

“Oh yes. I was just…” she says. “I was just thinking about my family. That’s all. Um? Yes, we should go out and find some more people to…” her face was turning red now.

“I know you miss your family. I miss my family too. But we undo the past. I mean, I do have a time machine in the back, but saving someone from dying would damage the space time continuum.” I explain.

“I’m not surprised someone like you would have a time machine Stanford.” she says.

“I know right? but that’s not the point. The point is,..”  I say. “The point is we are family now. Welcome to reliquiae Sarah.” It took a lot of guts to say something quite like that.

“You’re right. We are family Stanly.” She get a little closer to me. I am not quite prepared for what is going to happen next.

“Yeah. Maybe we don’t need new members.” I say. I get a little more closer to her to.

“Oh no. We need members. But not at the moment. No right now, we only need each other.” She get closer to me once again.

“We do only need ourselves? What will the others interfere with?” I ask.

“This.” she says as she grabs the side of my face and kisses me. On the lips. Wow. I didn’t see this coming. A love story in a sci-fi. How strange.

“Why did you do that?” I whisper.

“You seem lonely, and unaware of this.” she says as she hugs me.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“If we are going to start civilization, we need to have children too. We would all die, and the civilization would end.”

“We are only 13 years old.” I point out.

“No, I mean we need to have children when we grow up. So we are a couple as a young age.” she says as she stops hugging me and she disappears into the kitchen.

“Could you collect sticks? We need eating utensils for the non-finger foods.”

“I’m on it.” I say. “Into the woods. Forward, march!”

As I walk alongside a stream, I realize something. There are footsteps leading to a natural hedge. Why not explore. I mean what could go wrong? I am wearing wooden armor and carrying a stone sword am I not?  The hedge seems to be very hollow the spot where the footsteps lead. I go into the hedge and come out the other side. That’s when I see a man wearing old rags. Well I also am wearing rags.

“Hey you there. Who are you?” I ask.

“ que dites-vous?” The man says.

“Oh you’re speaking French huh?”

“hein?” he says.

“Souhaitez-vous rejoindre mon société secrète? Je pourrais vous donner de la nourriture, de l’eau, et un grand nombre d’outils et d’armes.” I asked. Just incase you don’t speak French, I asked him to join, and said that I have food, water, and tools.

“Mais vous êtes juste un enfant. Comment pouvez-vous éventuellement obtenir ce? Eh bien très bien. Je vais rejoindre” He said. By the way, He said he would join.

“Suivez-moi. Je vais vous montrer le chemin.” I say as I walk away as he follows behind.

V: A Close Call, And Improvement All Around

“Sir, I found more evidence.” says 6-18-9-4-1-25 troop 13. “I seems that the boy has used some kind of time/space travel.”

“Get the coordinates the video displays and put them into the original model of the time/space travel machine.” says the General.

“Already did that Sir.” says 18-5-12-9-7-9-15-14 troop 13.

“That means that 5-25-5 troop 1 will have to go.6-18-9-4-1-25 troop 13, you will go on Friday. Remember. Do not fail me. If you do, you remember what I will do. I wasn’t kidding.”

“Why do I always do everything on Fridays?”

“Dude. It’s in your name.” says 5-25-5 troop 1.

“What David? That’s why I go on Fridays?”

“Never mind.” So then 5-25-5 gets into the machine, sets the coordinates, and he gets sent to the Torrance town square none other than Wilson Park.

“Hey you out there!” he yelled. “You are now under the rule of the Illuminatus. Hail Illuminatus.” Then he shoots a gun up into the air, and who knows where the bullet is going to land. “New world order is what we need people. If you don’t agree, you will not live to reconsider.” he says as everyone puts their hands up and gets into the (Shape shifted into a prison) time machine. “Number 5-25-5 to General, all the birds are in the nest. I repeat, all the birds are in the nest.”


“Yes. That’s what I meant.” says 5-25-5.

“Well find then. Looks like Friday the 13th is coming early this year. I’m sending in 6-18-9-4-1-25 troop 13.”

“What? That kid is bad luck. Don’t send him.”

“He is the only one who knows how to find the kid. His Great Grandfather was his Great Uncle’s brother. He knows how to identify any Cypher.”

“Okay master, but don’t let him get near me. I have a feeling he may not stay on our side the whole time.”

“True. True. He did let the kid get away last time. In fact, we should make sure he has a live camera showing his every move, without him knowing he has one.”

“Brilliant master.”


I wake up, and see yet not 2, but 9 other people in the room.

“Yes. It was terrible. There was a group called the Illuminatus that tried to capture us, but I got away.” says Jack.

“Same here. It’s a good thing we are not alone in this.” says Daniel.

“I don’t know who these people are, but I’m going to show them who’s boss.” says Bryan.

“Patience Bryan. We must train for battle in order to fight in battle.” says Mike.

“But we will not hesitate to battle at an early stage for survival.” says Thomas.

“Yeah. And we will have a revolution afterwards. There’s no ‘i’ in team. says James.

“And exactly once every 31,556,926 seconds we will celebrate our victory.” says Dexter.

“We won’t win guys. The Illuminatus will have control of every single nuclear weapon the world has ever created, but not used.” says William.

“Je vais tout vous trahir. Illuminatus grêle. Hey, je plaisante. Merci pour la nourriture et l’eau.” says the unnamed French speaker.

“Guys, guys, please. Stanford has a plan. Never underestimate him. Been there, done that.” says Sarah.

“Reliquiae. That’s what we are.” I say. “I have a plan, you hear? And thanks for the update on the nuclear weapons, William. Now here is the plan. Using the time machine, we sneak into top secret nuke testing sites and trick the workers into firing them right away to get rid of them. Then, when the Illuminatus do achieve world domination, we destroy the time machine, so if the Illuminatus find video recordings of our build number, they wouldn’t have the ability to travel to us.”

“What if the nuke testers create a nuke right after we destroy them all.” asks Daniel.

“Simple. We create a fake village somewhere far away, and they will waste it.” I say.

“But they will have guns. All we would have would be armor, swords, bows, and crossbows. It’s not likely that we will win at all.” says Dexter.

“Look kid. Do you want to see your family ever again or not?” I ask.

“What he’s trying to say is that we might not have the ability to win, but we can try. No. We will not try. We will do. We can win this together!” says Sarah. When she says this, I realize something. We have came this far, and we are only 9 to 14 years old.

It is dark, and everyone is out hunting. Not just hunting though. Training. I stay behind, because I’m not feeling so good. I mean I am feeling great, but I miss my family.

“Hey.” says Sarah suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

“Hey.” I say looking at the floor.

“I miss my family too you know.” she says.

“How’s hunting going?”

“They didn’t let me come saying I wasn’t a boy, or strong enough.” She said in a soft voice.

“What? Well, did you want to go?” I asked.

“Not really. I mean. You weren’t going, so…”

“And you’re going to let that stop you?” I snap.

“Well. I really would rather hunt with someone who isn’t going to judge me by whether I’m a guy or a girl.”

“Hmm. Alright. I’m going.”

So we went out and had a little fun. We found a few coons, or Racoons for long. We did find a bear though. It was quite fun killing it. That’s when it happened.

“You’re a great guy,”says Sarah.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“I mean you are the perfect guy.”

“I’m not perfect. No one’s perfect.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I know what you mean. And using your logic, you’re the perfect girl.” That’s when a bear shows up. A big one. It comes up to me, and everything goes black.

VI: With you Friends

I wake up in my bed and see Sarah crying.

“What happened to me?” I ask.

“A…a…a…” she says.

“Stop crying, I’m okay. I feel nothing wrong with me.” She sighs and continues.

“A giant bear attacked us, and I killed it before it could even get to you, but you blacked out for some reason.” she explains.

“That’s nothing to cry about.” I say.

“No, but you’ve been out for a week. I fed you some food, somehow you could eat while blacked out.”

“Oh. Well what the status of our Village?” We have built 4 new houses, we have a great supply of crops such as corn, and we have found cows to milk.”

“How many people do we have?” I ask in a sarcastic voice.

“We found 20 new people while you were out. They all told us the same story. Their town captured, and they got away.”

“Why is it that everyone that is between 9 and 14 always come here?” I ask suspiciously.

“I have no idea. Actually, now that I think about it, this is a pretty good place to hide.”

“Okay. I’m getting out of this bed now. I’m going to meet everyone.” And I do. Everyone I meet have one thing in common. They all are good fighters. Looks like Sarah trained them well.

“Hey Robert, give me an update on the house building rate.” I say.

“Well, we will have to make only 1 house per day, since everyone is training so hard. I heard Dexter killed 2 bears in a single swing of a stone sword.” he explains.

“Okay, that is amazing. What about the corn farms?”

“Well, we have about 100 corn cobs planted. We have planted 32 blackberry bushes, 45 raspberry bushes, 130 apple trees, and we have too many animal traps out there, that a bear might fall into one, right after it avoided a different one.” Wow. I hope we aren’t over killing them.

“Tell them to only kill 25% of the animals we capture, and raise 75% of them.” I say.

“Already had that taken care of  King.” When he called me ‘King’, I got  a little bit scared.

“Don’t call me King please. Just call me Stanford. I may be king of this, but not yet. I’m still a prince technically speaking.” I say.

“Okay Stanford.” He says as he runs over to where he heard a bear roar. And he really kills that thing. I’m starting to think maybe we should lay off the bear meat. I mean seriously, we might wipe the bears out. Then again, we would be attacked way too much. In that case, we will build village walls.

“Hey Dexter. Tell them to stop the house building. Tell them to build village walls, and stop killing bears!” I yell.

“You got it boss.” he says cheerfully.

“Hey Jared, where could I get some food?” I ask.

“At the trading center. But for you, everything is free.” He says.

“No I’m good. I rather pay. How much is one meal?”

“One tool per 3 meals.”

“Wow, that’s a great deal.” I say as I walk across the village. And to think I started all this. I went to the trade center, and so many people were there. About 9 people. I went up to the trader, and said, “I would like a day supply of food please.”

“Oh okay. That would be free.” says Mike.

“Oh hey Mike.” I say.

“Hey. So here you are.” He hands me a breakfast of oats, berries, nuts, 3 eggs, and 2 slices of bread with makeshift jam on them.

“Wow. Did you make this? I can’t accept this for free. here is a bow.”

“Wow. You are a generous 13 year old man Stanford.” he says. The meal is really good. In fact, It was so good, I tipped him  with my wooden armor chestplate. He was as happy as an animal that is usually happy all the time.

That’s when I bumped into Sarah. “Hey. How’s a goin.” I say.

“It’s getting harder and harder Stan.”

“What do you mean?”

“Making tools is hard, and I have to make one everyday, or I won’t get a meal.” she says.

“Find chickens, so you can trade their eggs for tools, so you can trade tools for meals.”

“Hmm. Okay. That’s what I am going to do. But could I borrow some of your chickens for the first few days?”

“I have chickens?” I ask in disbelief.
“Yeah. Everyone has to donate one chicken to you once they enter Reliquiae.”

“What? No. Get rid of that rule. How many chickens do I have though?”

“About 20.”

“20? You can have 10 of them to keep.” I say. “I’m going to go publicly announce that the chicken donating rule is now officially discontinued.” I say as I walk over to the spot where most people are. The training fields.

VII: The Rise of Sarah I

“Sir, we haven’t found any traces of the boy at all. He wasn’t even in the 100 mile radius of the place he was sent to.” says 5-25-5.

“Impossible. Well, maybe the boy died.” says the general.

“But, the one we find may betray us has found something.”

“What is it 5-25-5?”

“It seems to be a video of the kid shopping at a Walmart store, buying an extremely large amount of food and water.”

“Hmm. So the boy lives doesn’t he?” says the general. “Bring me the parking lot security tapes.”

“Here sir. It shows the boy hopping into a car, and then suddenly disappearing along with the car.” says 5-25-5.

“Smart boy. The coordinate panels are on the inside of it, so we have no way of knowing where he even went.” says the general. “I don’t know what now, except to take over the world. They couldn’t possibly defeat us anyways.”


I just realized something. There are no laws against young marriage here. In order to save Sarah, I have to make her my wife. She would never go hungry again. So I’m going to ask her tomorrow morning.

I wake up to cold air. It must have rained. Good thing they put stone bricks on all of the roofs. I walk over to the one place I know she would be. The training fields.

“Goodmorning Sarah.” I say cheerfully.

“Goodmorning.” she says.

“Are you hungry?” I ask.

“Yeah. The chickens didn’t lay any eggs today. I have no food.”

“That’s terrible. But I think I know how to solve your problem.”


“Sarah, would you like to be known as Sarah I?” I ask.

“You mean…”

“Yes. If you marry me, you would never go hungry. Not if I can help it.” I say romanticly.

“Yes, I will marry you.”

“Then the wedding will be tomorrow at noon.” I say. This happened so fast. Now that there is an official King and Queen, I am going to do some training myself. But first, I’m gonna buy some food for Sarah. She seems pretty hungry.

I arrive at the shop, and I hear Mike say, “You get half off if you buy for someone else.”

“Hey Mike. Hows the business?”

“Oh, great. I sold 31 day meals. Now to donate the tools to the builders, fighters, and farmers.”

“How are you going to afford any meals for yourself?” I ask.

“Well simple. I eat a meal from my traded goods. For free. It comes with the job.”

“Hmm. Good. By the way, me a Sarah are getting married so…”

“Married?” He interrupted. “Then we will have you as a King. You are a wise man.”

“Well actually, I’m only doing it to save Sarah. She isn’t doing very well here. Her chickens don’t lay any eggs.”

“Hmm. I see. Yet you will still be King. So what could I get ya?”

“2 day meals please.” I say. “One for me, and the other for Sarah.”

“That would be 1 ½  tools. You could get it for free…”

“No thanks. I’ll pay.” I hand him a shovel and a wooden face guard.

“You are such a great man. Where do you get all this?”

“My chickens lay eggs that I sell for tools, that I sell for food.”

“Wow. You never seize to amaze me.” he says proudly.”

“Well the wedding is going to be in my house, yes I know. We need a chapel.” He hands me two meals.

“See ya then.” he says as I walk away.

I head over to Sarah’s place. Why knock. I’m the king right? I walk in and find Sarah sleeping.

“Hey. Sarah. Wake up.”

“Hello Stan.” she says.

“You hungry?” I whisper.

“Ya. Oh thanks for the meal.” She wraps her arm around my neck. “I can’t wait till tomorrow.”

“Me neither.” I say as I look to the ground.

“What’s wrong? You don’t want to be with me?”

“No it’s not that. No no no. I love you, it’s just that. Will this really work out?”

“What do you mean?” she asks.

“I mean. Do you think we really will defeat the Illuminatus?”

“Hey.” she says. “We have come too far, to give up. We have been out here for a long time. maybe about 2 weeks. But we will defeat them.”

“Hey Sarah.”


“Can I tell you something.” I ask.

“You can tell me anything.” she says.

“Well okay. Here it goes. It was my fault the Illuminatus still exists in the first place.”

“What do you mean?” she asks.

“Huh. A few months ago, I found a time machine. I used it to keep my Great uncle untouched by an Illuminatus member. It made my family rich, but it also backfired. Somehow, It caused them to survive up to now.”

“It’s okay. It wasn’t them that killed my family. It was a bear.”

“Yes, but…”

“And if you didn’t get chased by them to here, I would have died out there. But no. You saved me. I’m glad you did that.”

“Well. You do have a good point. Umm. So how is that meal tasting?” I ask.

“It is delicious.” she says.

“Well I’m going to do some training. Umm, see you tonight for the big hunt. This time, we are going to sail to the three lake Islands. I hear t has a lot of different kinds of racoons, and some badgers. They better be careful. Those thing are dangerous. But are you coming?”

“Of course. I need to make sure you don’t black out again.”

“Well, I think it was because I was really hungry, then I got startled to death, then worried about you, and nervous as to what will happen next all at once. I’m not now though.”

“Well okay. Thanks again for the food.”

“Don’t mention it. Or the fact that I kinda…, you know. Caused all this.” I say as I walk over back to the trade center.”

Tis the night of the hunt, and I can’t wait to see what Island I am to go to next. It took people 5 days, but today, I have my stone face guard and stone chestplate. It’s actually pretty light. And let’s not forget about the wooden pants. It’s so amazing how they made it so my legs could bend. “Okay, so everyone. I would like to get this hunt done right. First off, does anyone have a crossbow on them? I traded mine.”

“I do,” says Robert as he hands me it.

“Thanks. For now, you get a bow, and a sword.” I say handing him them. “I would like to make an announcement to you all before we go. If you haven’t already heard about it, I am having a wedding tomorrow with Sarah. I invite all of you.”

“Wow. I knew it would be you two.” says Dexter.

“Okay thanks. Now 5 people per raft. At least 20 people per Island. Do I make myself clear?”

“Crystal sir.” says, like, 63 people. Yes our population is growing rapidly. We find like 5 people per 12 hours.

“Thunder est bonne, le tonnerre est impressionnant; mais il ya des éclairs qui fait le travail.” says the unnamed French speaker.

“Well said. You seem to be quoting Mark Twain.” I say in surprise. The guy really knows what to say at what time. “And the hunt begins now.”

To be continued…

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