The Little Boy Who Accidentally Takes Over The World

The Little Boy Who Accidentally Takes Over The World

By Dustyn Casas; staff writer


There once was a boy

in a very small town

where no one was happy.

Each person would frown.


The town was filled

with many people, indeed.

That didn’t matter, though,

since sadness took the lead.


There was fog everywhere

and black filled the city,

looking like a set

to a movie dark and gritty.


The town was a mess.

There’s no denying that,

which made the little boy

as mad as a wet cat.


He wanted to fix up the town

but didn’t know how to do it.

He had an imagination

but couldn’t make it fit.


The boy made a decision,

after many days

and several bags

of expired Lay’s.

His idea was the best,

unlike ideas in the past.

It was so original that it could

give scientists a cast.


Llamas! Llamas!

Llamas is the way

to stop the town’s depression

and save the day!


The boy loves llamas

and has a llama collection,

so why wouldn’t he

spread the llama sensation?


So the little boy ran

as fast as he can,

to find a llama

and go through with his plan!


He searched all over

with wide eyes,

but he had no luck,

which he despised.



after hours of research,

the boy gave up,

wanting more llama merch.


He simply walked home,

sad and depressed.

Just from his looks,

he was a real mess.


His chances were low

and enthusiasm blank,

the boy did find a llama,

which was when the world sank.


Inside a cave,

a light shined bright.

The boy witnessed it.

To him, it was a fright.


Reluctant and scared,

he slowly walked inside.

When deep inside the cave,

his eyes opened so wide,


Llama! Llama!

A llama has appeared!

The boy cheered loudly

as his depression disappeared.


The llama was the best,

shining, plated in gold.

The llama’s eyes

were red and pretty bold.


The little boy was excited,

determined to save the day.

Now that he had a llama,

sadness could go away.


The next, fateful day,

the little boy, excited,

tested out his llama

to random people whom he sighted.


“Hey, you people!

I have something you should see!”
said the little boy,

smiling in glee.


The people who had heard

the boy’s important call,

turned their heads, curious,

to see something off-the-wall.


The llama, the llama,

as golden as can be

used his unwarranted magic powers

to make people sadness-free.


Coming straight from his eyes,

the llama used his laser vision,

to clean up this sad, sad mess,

using ultimate precision.


“What the what is going on?

Llama? Is this even you?”

the little boy questioned,

not knowing what to do.


As the llama used his powers

in just one perfect session,

he hovered to the boy,

planning a presentation.

“Little boy! Little boy!
Speaking these two words twice,

in order to keep order

these people need to pay the price!”


“Llama, why would you do

such a criminal action!

I didn’t want all this,

just the town’s satisfaction!”


“That’s exactly what I’m doing!
Making people feel so happy

using my awesome powers

and poems not too sappy!


Don’t you see, little boy!

Happiness is soon to run!
Just ride on my back!

The journey has just begun!”


The boy rode on the llama,

ready to fly all over town.

He would spread eternal joy

to people all around.


Each person started grinning

as llama magic started spreading.

The smiles might’ve hurt

but that no longer mattered!


“Well, the town is happy.

Our job is accomplished.”

“Our job isn’t done,

that is what I promised.”


Sprouting wings out

of his back in seconds,

the llama quickly turned

into a llama pegasus!


“What just happened?

I’ll just lay here for a few,”

said the little boy,

who had no clue on what to do.


“Boy! I’m magic!

As magic as magic is!

I’m so magical that

I didn’t know I could do this!”


Due to his revelation

of having pegasus powers,

he went to travel worldwide

and spread happiness showers.


With wings so large,

and optimism high,

the llama pegasus

flew up into the sky.


He had his eyes set

on spreading joy around.

The world is soon to be

a collage of happy towns!


To cause widespread effects

on the Earth so very fast,

the llama pegasus

used his rainbow fire blast!


The explosions were so large,

the boy could see it from so far

as he started sleeping inside

of the back trunk of a car.


“All people will be happy!”

said the llama, so determined.

The army didn’t listen, though,

so they were promptly punished.


From New York to Kentucky,

UK to Peru,

the entire Earth was happy

thanks to you-know-who.


By the time the boy

woke up from his comfy slumber,

he saw a mass of people

whom the boy called a slight cumber.


“Why did you wake me?”

the boy said, irritated,

since being woken up

was something that he hated.


He forgot about in seconds

how he suddenly woke up

when he realized, soon enough,

that everyone was in front of him.

“The world is in front of you!
The entire population

is now under your control

to follow your intentions!”


“What the hey, llama!

I wanted a happy town,

not the entire Earth

turning into a single clown!”


The boy was clearly mad.

His anger could go on for miles

The world was happy, though,

each person wore a healthy smile.


“This is pretty creepy,

but I’ll get used to it.

So, what’s my first order?

Maybe a chair so I can sit.”


The little boy warmed up

to the idea of him as ruler,

which made major problems

turn into a simple blur.


The world was now happy.

Sadness has disappeared

all thanks to a llama

whose impact was so clear.

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