BMX Bike Show

BMX Bike Show

By Dustyn Casas; staff writer


What do you get when mix big stunts, big bikes, and big ramps? The Magruder BMX Bike Show! On Friday, June 12, two guys took their skills as BMX bikers to the test in front of many Magruder students. Their flips and dips were exhilarating and our heart rates were increasing as the bikers showed off their BMX mastery to Magruder Middle School!

Music played as the bike show began, with the beat of the songs pumping kids up for the event to come. Each one chatted away, anticipating an array of awesome stunts at work. After a few more minutes of waiting, the DSC_0101announcer raised his voice to everyone’s excitement and the show finally started.

Once the kids finally settled down, the bikers were introduced. They rode their way to the top of the largest ramp as the students yelled in excitement. As soon as the announcer got everyone to calm down, the bikers started doing some tricks. Many jumps were pulled off and hands were off the handle, but the audience wanted more. After a hefty display of enthusiasm was shown, they gave the people what they wanted: tricks taken to the extreme!

DSC_0082            In response to the audience’s demands, the announcer asked for a few people to lay down on a blanket. The principal of the school, the manager of the fundraiser that allowed the show to happen, and a few students all got together to be jumped over by one of the bikers! The tension was rising, the students’ jaws were slowly dropping, and the participants were surely frightened, but after much reluctance (and several fake jumps by the biker), the act was done. The biker jumped over the participators without breaking a sweat, with the audience clapping and applauding for the biker.

The contributors to the jump left the stage and went back to the audience once the deed was done, awaiting even more awesome tricks to be pulled off. The two bikers started to jump off the ramps and into the sky as the audience watched in awe. Several flips and backflips were performed, each one receiving a good amount of praise, and an array of twists and turns were done as well. From 360-degree helixes to spins in all directions, the bikers seemed to be showing off the peak of the show’s greatness.DSC_0120

However, after the onslaught of stunts, the bikers asked the announcer stand on a ramp for them for one final trick. They wanted to jump over the announcer while he was standing up on the ramp! The viewers were astonished by what was about to happen. Could the bikers pull the stunt off without harming anyone? A few people doubted that the stunt could be pulled off, but the doubts of others did not stop the act from being done. With enough speed and force, the biker raced to the ramp and was in the air in just a few minutes. The stunt had successfully been performed and everyone went wild over the success of the trick!

DSCN5101Once the cheering was toned down, the bikers passed down poster to the most excited fans. Each person reached and yelled hard enough to be heard from miles away, but only a few people were able to grab one. With the show ending after the poster were given, most of the audience left the stage. Quite a few people stayed to talk to the stuntmen and the announcer themselves when the show ended and for good reason: the show was a crazy time for everyone involved. Plenty of stunts were made and a lot of moments got the audience engaged with the event, ready to see the action happen right in front of their eyes. With the amount of participation from the audience watching it, the BMX bike show was surely a great success!

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