College and Career Club Field Trip

College and Career Club Goes to Biola University

By: Sunbo A. and Alyssa M., Staff Writers


Last week, on Thursday, all College and Career Club students, got to go on a fascinating trip to Biola University. Magruder students took a full tour of the college and learned about the different curriculum they would have to take to fulfill their career goals. This school is Christian based, which means that the school really revolves around Christianity.

The first place they visited was a lecturing room.  The basic size of one of their classes at Biola was about 25 people, which is a great student to teacher ratio. They have lots of great majors and and are number one in a lot of things considering that they are a Christian based school.  Some Undergraduate degrees are Pre-med, Education, Business, Journalism, Music,and Computer Science.  A few of their Graduate degrees include Business, Education and Psychology. At this school a lot of information was given on the new science building that will be constructed very soon.  At the college they also mentioned they go on many school trips and sporting events.DSCN1295

During this tour students also visited many interesting attractions, like the famous fountain and the LA bells that were also there. They visited dorms and were also informed about their features. They learned about the capacity of the dorms and how you would be paired with partners.  Later on, Magruder students all got to visit the extensive library, which included many quiet rooms and many students studying.

At the end of the day everybody was given food to eat at the buffet at Biola. Overall many students admit that they had a very good time touring Biola and learning all about it.  One students said “ It was a great experience and I look forward to coming to this college one day.”

DSCN1288The college field trips the College and Career Club has taken this year have helped students catch a vision of their future and given them direction for their high school experience.  Thanks to Mrs. Barker, the College and Career club is a great club for your total education.

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