Magruder Madness 2015

Magruder Madness

By : Joy M. and Jenny C., Staff Writers


lobos food truck

Magruder Madness was one of the best events ever! It was so much fun, from the food trucks to the booths. It was on Monday, June 15, from 4:30-8:00pm.  The music was great and the food was incredibly delicious! Everyone looked excited and came with their families ready for some fun! Speaking of which, Jenny C. a 7th grader said, “ The snow cones were great.” Bryan L. an 8th grader said “ The pizza was expensive, but it was gourmet and really good.” Dustyn C. a 7th grader said “The ice cream , was very good, soft serve, and I got vanilla with rainbow sprinkles.” And, Lyliana  L. added, “ Yeah, it was delicious!”

There were 3 great food trucks that came to our school to help us reach our goal of a great Magruder Madness. There was a hotdog stand, organic too, so you could eat healthy and deliciously! There was also a pizza truck selling their main entree, pizzas that are cone shaped, desserts, sides, and drinks.  The last food truck was a ice cream truck,thank goodness, that cooled everyone down, selling ice cream, shaved ice, and root beer floats! The most popular one however, was not those four, but instead, the free cotton candy stand!

The booths were really fun and had great prizes, from pencils with hockey shaped erasers to the stuffed animals! There were also fun carnival games. There was a rock climbing wall, and inflatable basketball shooting game, a Velcro-wall, and a bungee race. The games were super fun and everyone had a huge kick out of trying them all!

That’s what happened at Magruder Madness. It was an awesome time and if you didn’t go you missed out on a really outstanding event and we hope you can make it to next year’s Magruder Madness and bring your whole family.

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