“C” is for Smart

“C” is for Smart

By: R. Patteri, staff writer

Rochelle was ready. The Spelling Bee was only one day away. She knew every word she needed to know and how to sound them out. This contest could give you an A+ on the spot just for participating. She knew almost everyone that was competing in the bee. Her friend Marlowe, her sworn- enemy Nina, her BFF Maria, and some guy that was new to her school. Sure it was a small group, but so what?  Anyways, she had a feeling that she would get the grand prize and an A+ in Language Arts. She needed a better grade anyways, she had a C-!!! Arghh, she needed help!

On the day of the Spelling Bee, Rochelle, Marlowe, and Maria walked to their school practicing along the way. “Hey, that’s David, the new student. I heard from Brad that he is a genius!!! We got some competition.”

That was OK with Rochelle because she was definitely prepared. As they approached the school, they started introducing themselves to David. Rochelle   had to admit, he was kind of cute. His rich brown eyes were practically begging to be gazed into. Uggghhh, why was he so adorable?!?!?!?

Maria started off the spelling bee with the word annulment. “A-N-N-U-L-M-E-N-T. Annulment!”

“Correct!!!” yelled the host. Next the floor went to Nina, and her word was consensus .She got it wrong immediately. Rochelle was glad, less competition. Unfortunately, Marlowe got out with charisma. Maria made it to the seventh round before she got called out.

“Oh great, now it’s only me and brain boy over there.” She murmured to herself. David was doing great, and the fact that Rochelle liked him made it only worse to go head- to- head with him.

Then, Rochelle went face- to- face with a tough word… colloquy. “ C-O-L-L-O-C-O-Y” she guessed.

“ Oooh, I’m sorry, that’s incorrect” replied the host. Great, now David’s going to win. And he did. When Rochelle stepped forward to congratulate him, her knees turned into Jello. She couldn’t move. But then, David turned to walk her way. “ Hey, good job. I really think you deserved the grand prize” said David.

“ Thanks, but you were amazing, I mean in the bee, not your looks.  Wait… you’re not ugly. In fact, you’re really hot… I mean.” she stammered.

“ It’s cool, I understand,” replied David. “Um, I wanted to ask you something… do you want to hang after school or something?”

“ Yeah, sure I would love to how bout I meet you Tuesday at the Spinning Cycle” replied Rochelle. He had agreed, and then as soon as David walked out, she jumped up and down with joy. Her dream of about two minutes had come true. Rochelle considered her date as her grand prize!!! What luck?!?

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