Magruder’s Geography Bee

Magruder’s Geography Bee

By: ADIL JAWED, Staff Writer 

 Magruder’s Annual Geography Bee took place the week of January 10, 2011. The Geography Bee is a great way to encourage competition that motivates students to learn all they can about the world they live in.

As a Finalist in the event, I was a part of all aspects of the competition – from preliminary group matches after school, all the way to the one-on-one final.  I, along with other students, really enjoyed this wonderful competition.  Overall, the Geography Bee is one of the best events that Magruder offers to its student body compared to other schools.  We should have more competitions, in other academic subjects, such as spelling, math and science.  These competitive events compliment and even further encourage learning at Magruder, making it one of the best schools in the South Bay.   

A special thank you to my family who helped me get ready for this big event, my teachers for always giving me the knowledge and motivation I needed to do my best, to be my best, and everybody who participated in the event – without you we would not have all the great memories!

Teachers at the Geography Bee

Geobee Preliminaries

2011 Geography Bee Winners and Finalists



Congratulations to all winners and finalists:

1st Place: Darius Cooper

2nd Place: Akane Okamura

3rd Place: Sam Yun, Nicholas Lipari, Cathy Tran

Finalists: Adil Jawed, Amber Goldson, Sophia Metheney, Karen Vo, Pamela Nguyen


GATE Geobee Winners

GATE Geography Bee

Second Place Winners at GATE Geobee

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