PTSA Fundraising with Darlene Bailey

Yay for our PTSA!

By: Alina Bocanegra, staff writer

        On January 14th, 2011 our wonderful PTSA Financial Secretary, Darlene Bailey, was interviewed by the Journalism Class and gave us some information which a lot of people might find  interesting.  If you got a planner in the beginning of the year, which most students did, you might wonder where Magruder got these wonderful planners.   Well, the PTSA bought them for us, and they cost $4,000.00  altogether!   The Adventures in Art program we have is not free –  the supplies actually costs $3,700.00.   That is a lot of money!   That is one reason why the teachers and adults want you to enjoy the drawings you make. Some other things they provide for the students are: The Laser Light Show, Operation Back to School, and the things WEB students need.  To keep our minds fresh at testing time in the spring, PTSA buys us refreshments before the CAT 6 tests.  And one more big expense is the 8th grade activities at the end of the year, including the dance and barbeque.  These are just some of the expenses.  Every year money has to be raised for these and other student programs.

     For our first fundraiser we made altogether $25,000.00, but they hoped to make $27,000.00.   It seems like a lot, but if we made that much money we wouldn’t have to cut out things like PTSA dances.  At least half of the money has to be spent on the cookie dough and fundraiser prizes. If you didn’t help out in the past activities, you can still help out in the future activities that are going to happen, like the See’s Candy fundraiser and the CPK fundraiser. If you really want to help out our PTSA then please tell your parents or grandma or grandpa to join the PTSA because membership is down. This hurts the PTSA because we need help with the school activities and with raising funds. 

    Parents need to know that our current PTSA president, Mrs. Stacey Navarro, has served us well and will be stepping down.  There are presently no nominations for president!  We need nominations of parents right now who could serve as our new PTSA president.  Nominations will be voted on during our Honorary Service Awards Dinner on February 23, 2011.  So we need parents to step up before February 23rd, to say they will run for PTSA president.  If our PTSA doesn’t have a president, because there are no nominations, our Magruder PTSA will get shut down!  Then all of our wonderful extra programs Magruder students enjoy will be gone.  So parents, please consider this wonderful opportunity to serve your community and child’s school.

   Well, now we know a little about the PTSA,  we should also know a little bit about Mrs. Darlene Bailey. She is the PTSA financial secretary and wanted to join PTSA because she likes seeing us happy.   She is a very important person in the PTSA and does a lot of things voluntarily for our school, including heling the Music department. So, if you see her around, go up to her and say thank you for all her hard work, and everyone’s hard work who is a PTSA member.  Thank you PTSA!!

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