Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

By: B. Kaur and K. Bui, staff writers



 On Thursday, January 27th, in Magruder’s cafeteria, Mrs. Jaeger’s Drama Class did a wonderful job performing the famous Romeo and Juliet.

Once upon a time, there were two families. They were rival enemies. Whenever they see each other, they would fight. One day, the two families met. They were about to fight but the prince of Verona (Zain Jaffri) stopped them. He said that if they start fighting again, the person in the fight will get executed. One night, Romeo (Brandon Vancour) and his friends (Robert Phillips), Benvolio (Taylor Proo), Mercutio (Joao Arboleda), Mercutio’s girlfriend (Alyssa Sarmiento), Rosaline (Tatiyana Allen), went to a masquerade. Romeo met a beautiful girl and fell in love with her. He soon found out that the girl was Juliet (Shayla Escudero), his family’s greatest rival.

Soon they decided to get married. They wanted it to be a secret because they knew that their families would disapprove of it. One day, Juliet’s mother and father, Lady Capulet (Zoe Bloomfield) and Mr. Capulet (Alex Dominguez) told her that she was going to get married to Paris (Esteban Alvarado). Friar Lawrence (Mason Therieau) gave Juliet a potion that would put her to sleep for 42 hours to make it seem as if she was dead. He told Sister Jane (Kathleen Nguyen) to give Romeo the letter to tell him about the plan. But, she was unable to give him the letter because she was busy. So Juliet drank the potion and fell asleep. When her parents found Juliet, they thought she was dead. The Nurse (Hayley Masai), Juliet’s friend (Alayia Kollie), her parents, and Paris stood there and cried.

Soon they put Juliet into a glass coffin and left weeping. As soon as Juliet’s family left, Romeo came to the coffin. He started to cry. Since the love of his life was gone, he wanted to go with her too. So he drank a bottle of poison and died. Soon after he died, Juliet woke up. She saw Romeo lying next to her coffin. Juliet also killed herself because Romeo died. The story of Romeo and Juliet was a forbidden love story. 

Mrs. Jaeger’s class did a great job on this updated version, including the dancing at the end.  Even though it’s not a comedy, there were some funny moments.  “It was one of the most hilarious plays I’ve ever seen,” says Lesley Saldana.  “I was incredibly proud of them and I will miss them!” says Ms. Jaeger.

Thank you to the art class that made all the props! And thank you to the other students who made this play possible. You guys did a great job in the play!!!

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