Going Somewhere?

Magruder’s Journalism Class Takes Fieldtrip to North High’s Journalism Class

By A. Pelayo, Staff Writer

Kim, Alyse, Abigail, McKenzie check out The North High Magazine

Wendoly and Irene with North Wind Staff

Hy and Adil with North High Newspaper Staff

Lisa gets advice from her sister at North’s Yearbook Class.
Heizel sits with her sister at North High’s Yearbook Class

“See you later!” is what many people in journalism were saying to all their 5th period classmates, as they left the campus for an adventure on January 6th. An adventure to North High that is. The journalism class went off to North High to see their yearbook and newspaper staff at work. We saw them making posters, their online newspaper, the North Wind magazine, and flyers to give to their fellow students. We listened and learned the about different things that they have to do in highschool.   Studets make a lot of the important decisions and put the paper together themselves.  They also have their newspaper The North Wind on Facebook, Tumblr, and MySpace.

 Many people thought it was a good idea like Rhea Patteri. She said, “It was a good experience. The high schoolers were nice and it was a lot of fun.”  McKenzie Duncan, another student said, “It was fun to meet other journalism students and see what they do.” Everyone had a good time and loved getting out of school. Even me, I admit. It was fun and a great learning experience.

 Now even if you thought our stories were good or bad, (hopefully good), we will write better stories. We’ll work harder and faster to get you the stories that you love. Our newspaper  is at www.mustangmessage.org, or you can also find it at the link on the Magruder homepage: http://www.magruder.tusd.org.

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