Magruder’s Service Club Reads to Edison’s Preschoolers

The Service Club Field Trip to Edison

Evan and Shane read to a preschooler.

By:A. Pelayo, Staff Writer

Darlynn and Katelyn reading to Edison preschooler.

        The Service Club has done it again, helping to make the community a little more fun. We went to Edison Elementary to read to the preschoolers, and looked foward to being like “big sisters and brothers” for a short time. First we all gathered up at Ms. Smith’s class, we counted and made sure we had all our money, and checked if we were in a good spirit. Then, of course, we went out into the world outside our school gates. We read to the little pre-k kids in Ms. Talleda’s class. We read three books, then swapped two more, and then when they got bored, we started playing! There were sand toys and red bouncy balls and had fun playing with the kids. After some time we had to leave because it was their lunch time.

 We were hungry so we went to Steves!! Everyone ordered almost the same thing: fries, soda, shake, and a burger. Even so, people were getting refills and more fries. Everyone was so full! Then, sadly, we had to say goodbye to all the delicious food, except for our drinks. We got to take those back to school until 5th period. Everyone tried to take soda and ice from us. Thank you to Ms. Smith, Service Club and the pre-k kids for a fun trip.

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