The Valentine’s Day Dilemma

The Valentine’s Day Dilemma

By: B. Noor and R. Patteri , staff writers

           Rachel was worried. She was dreading Valentine’s Day. She had a crush all right, but he was in eighth grade and she was only in sixth. Uh, this was foreign territory to Rachel; she had never felt this way about anyone, ever. She didn’t know what to think. Of course she had had other boys like her, but I mean come on, this was an eighth grader. But Rachel was super pretty. She had black straight hair that she always tied up in a ponytail, rich brown eyes, well, she was just pure beauty. And her crush, he was pretty cute. Bryce had black hair too, but he kept it cut short and shaggy. He had glittering, blue eyes, and was really athletic. Don’t they just seem perfect for each other?

          Sure Rachel was a tom boy but, isn’t that what every guy is looking for? Some want a fragile flower while other boys like athletic beauties. Back to the story, Rachel would always catch Bryce looking at her, and when he went to his locker, he always took the long way and went by her locker. Cute, huh?

          Rachel wasn’t the only one worried about their love life. Even Bryce had his problems. Fortunately, he liked Rachel back. But he would be leaving for high school next year. He was devastated. He needed to make sure that she liked him before he made his move. Maybe he would ask one of her guy friends if she liked him. No, too cliché. Maybe he would have to come right out and ask her. Yeah, that’s what he would do.

          So, the next day, in the morning, she came and found Bryce waiting by her locker. He was unmistakably there for her, no doubt. She knelt down to open her locker, as she did, Bryce said,” Hi, Rachel, right? Well anyways, I’m Bryce, but you probably don’t know me right?”

          “No I have PE with you, and well, yeah. We’ve never talked before, why now?” said Rachel.

          “ I don’t know, don’t think of me as weird for saying this, I mean I know you’re two years younger than me, but I really kind of have a major sort of crush on you.” said Bryce.

          “You do?” she asked. He said that she was a vision of true beauty and she was basically perfect. Then, out of nowhere, Rachel started crying. “It’s ok, tears of joy, don’t worry.” Of course she was happy, finally after all these long and hopeful months, he finally asked her out. So no doubt she said yes. But that’s the end. Sometimes fairytales can come true in real life, if you really like someone, gather up all your nerves and make a move. Hey, what do you know, there is a 90% chance that they’ll like you back, did you know that? So good luck to all you lovers out there!!



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