Valentines Day

Valentines Day

By I. Morales, staff writer

           Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jason and he had a pretty popular girlfriend. Jason was a sweet hard working Mexican boy and he absolutely adored his girlfriend. Her name was Brittany, she was beautiful and she was a very popular girl because she was a cheerleader and she had very good grades. Jason played football and he had a part time job working at a pizza place. He was 18 years old so he could drive and he had his own car.

            It was February 13, the day before Valentines Day, the most important holiday that represents love. Love not only for your couple, but for your friends and family as well. Anyways, he was freaked out because he hadn’t gotten Brittany a present for Valentines Day and he was determined to get her the best present ever. The thing was that he had no idea what to get her and he wanted to pick it out himself. So, he went to the mall in search of the perfect gift. He went to a lot of different stores and looked at everything from shoes to purses but he couldn’t find anything as special as Brittany was and as she deserved. As he was walking, he went by a jewelry store and saw the most gorgeous necklace in the display window. He went in the store and took a better look at it. It was a silver heart necklace. He thought it was perfect so he bought it. He went to Hallmark and got her a card and a teddy bear as well. 

            As he was driving back home he thought about the items he had gotten Brittany. He added up the total he had spent: $35 dollars on the necklace, $5 on the card and $10 on the teddy bear which came to a nice total of $50. But then he thought, “Did I spend too little money on her??” He had no idea what to think so he just kept driving and patiently waited for the next day to come.

            Valentines Day was here and he drove to school with the gifts. On his way to school, he stopped at a flower shop and bought her some roses and a balloon that said I love you. In the car he organized the items; he put the necklace on the teddy bear and tied the balloon and the card to it too. When he arrived at school, when he stepped out of the car his girlfriend jumped at him and gave him a huge Valentines Day hug. She handed him a black box and he handed her the gifts. She was so happy as if she won the lottery and she thanked him. He put the necklace on her and they told each other that they loved each other. Brittany had given Jason a very nice watch and a letter. They were very happy and in love but they had to hurry and get to class or they were going to be tardy.

            In the school hallway during snack, Brittany showed her spoiled greedy friends the necklace Jason had given her. One said it was pretty but she said that he probably had bought it at a very cheap price. Brittany was offended that her friend had insulted Jason so she said “Listen, I don’t care if it was cheap or if it was the most expensive gift in the world, I love it and it’s not about how much it costs, it’s the thought that counts and that’s what makes it special.” At the exact moment she said that, Jason was behind her. He was so happy about what she had said and he thought it was the best day ever and they kissed.

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