The Cupid Who Saved Valentines Day

The Cupid Who Saved Valentines Day

By D. Kiroloss, Staff Writer

           In the land of ancient Greece, there once was a cupid named Victor Valentine, grandson of Vincent Valentines. Victor was an intelligent and witty boy cupid of his kind and he had just graduated from the one of best of colleges, Cupid College. An accomplished cupid, Victor was now going to take on his grandfather’s job as the messenger of romance, an important job that can only be obtained by getting the highest of grades at Cupid College.

           Since this was his first time on the job, he asked his grandfather how the whole process is done. “Ah my grandson, how may I be of assistance?” Victor’s grandfather asked in a soft tone. “Oh granddad, please tell me about how you were the best cupid of our time and can you help me with cupid arrows of love,” Victor asked. “Well, I can tell you about my younger life, but why do you ask me to help you with your cupid arrows? Surely your father can help you with such a task,” he said. “Well, I wanted to learn from the very best,” he said.

          “Okay. When I was young, I, like you, was at the top of my class. When I graduated from college, I became the number one cupid in all of Greece and was nicknamed  “The Messenger of Love and Romance”.  Everyone called me that because I delivered love to everyone in Greece,” Grandfather Valentines said. “Wow that is awesome to have a number one cupid in the family. So, now can you help me with my cupid arrows,” Victor asked politely. “Oh alright, even thought I may be a retired cupid, I still know the basics of cupid arrows,” Grandfather Valentines said.

          So Victor’s grandfather took his grandson to the attic of his home. In the attic, there were all sorts of equipment everywhere; old bows hanging on the walls, spare bottles of love dust, a box of arrows, a small box with a couple of holes that bound in chains and a lock, and something covered with a piece cloth. “Okay, here are the essential things a new cupid would use; your bow and arrow which is the basic tool of spreading love and a bottle of love dust which is very useful to keep with you at all times,” he said. “Well what is in that box that is bound in chains and what is under that piece of cloth?” Victor asked in a curious tone of voice. “Under that cloth is my latest invention, the Rain-Bow. It’s like your standard bow, only if you shoot an arrow at the sky, it makes a beautiful rainbow, only I haven’t got it working yet and in that box is a dangerous creature, the Love Bug,” he said.

          “Can I have a look at the Love Bug, please?” Victor asked politely. In response, Victor’s grandfather replied, “All right you can take a look, but be careful, the Love Bug bites.” He pulled out a key and unlocked the lock on the box and took off the top. “The Love Bug can’t affect us cupids, but they do affect humans,” he replied.

          “Oh, it looks so cute! Granddad, she doesn’t very dangerous,” Victor said to his grandfather. The Love Bug was like a small Lady Bug, only it had hearts instead of spots on its body. “Looks can be deceiving. Check its teeth, then you will realize it’s not so cute,” he said. So Victor checked the bug’s teeth and found out that his grandfather was right. The Love Bug had fangs that were sharp enough to pierce the skin of a human. “Okay, maybe the Love Bug isn’t all that cute,” Victor replied.

          “Now that you have seen the Love Bug, I will just put it back in its box,” he said. So, Victor’s grandfather took the Love Bug and locked it in its box. “Now that you know basics of cupid equipment, it’s time for you to get back home, it’s going to be dark soon,” the old cupid replied. “All right granddad, I’ll go home. Tomorrow is Valentines Day; have to get up extra early. Bye,” Victor replied. Then with a flutter of his wings, he flew home. What he and his grandfather didn’t know was the Love Bug was chewing its way through the box with its fangs.


          The next day, when Victor was just about to fly down to Greece, he noticed that the Cupid Police were at his grandfather’s home. “You’re sure you locked the box securely, sir?” one of the officers asked Victor’s grandfather. “Yes I was sure I locked the box last night. Wait here I will show you,” Victor’s grandfather replied. “Well here is the box. Wait a minute, I never noticed this hole before,” he then examined the hole more closely. There were teeth marks around this hole. “Uh-oh, I think the Love Bug is on the loose in Greece!” Indeed the Love Bug was on the loose.

          In Greece, the Love Bug was biting every person in sight. Soon almost everyone in Greece was bitten by the Love Bug, except those who stayed inside their homes. “How do we stop the Love Bug, granddad,” Victor asked in a worried tone of voice. “Well, first we must catch the Love Bug, then we must use an arrow to make the clouds rain and use the rain to stop the love effect on the people of Greece and then everything will go back to normal, or the Love Bug’s effects on the people will become permanent,” Victor’s grandfather said.

          “So how do we catch the little bug? He asked. “By trapping it in a steel cage,” he said. “The Love Bug’s teeth may be able to chew through wood, but not through metal and the bait we will use to catch it are roses because this particular flower releases a fragrant scent that attracts it.” So the both of them flew to nearest rose bush, picked a few roses, then they flew again to get a steel cage from Victor’s grandfather’s attic, and then they flew to Greece to set up their trap in the town’s square.  

          “Uh granddad, why do we have to shoot an arrow at a cloud,” Victor asked in wonder. “Well , we would use an arrow to open the clouds so they will let rain fall which will then wash off the Love Bug’s venom on the humans,” Victor’s grandfather said. “Quiet, I think I hear something.”   

          Soon they heard the buzzing of the Love Bug as it flew towards the town’s square, smelling the fragrant smell of roses. As it flew to the trap and started eating the roses, Victor’s grandfather pulled a wire and then the Love Bug got trapped in the steel cage. “You have had more than enough time to fly, you little scamp,” Victor said. “Now Victor, use your bow and shoot an arrow at the clouds,” Victor’s grandfather said. He then handed an arrow to Victor. Victor took the arrow and fired it at the nearest cloud. The arrow flew through the cloud and then it started to rain. Then everyone in Greece went back to there usual self.

          “Now Victor, you better hurry, it’s Valentines Day and your first time on the job,” he said. “Oh my goodness, I totally forgot. I better get going and thanks for reminding me granddad,” Victor said. Then Victor flew off to Greece to spread romance to the people. In the distance, Victor heard the words “Make our family proud.”

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