The Dance

 The Dance

by: Mckenzie D. Staff writer

It was officially a mission. Find a date for the dance or go with my cousin Lester. Not going to happen again. Oh I can just picture that last dance. Hahaahahaha look at Claire she is going to the dance with her cousin! I ran to the bathroom. Lester started to break-dance um what HE thought was break-dancing!


The memories started to fade. I have tried to block it out of my memories, but stuff like that you can’t keep out of YOUR mind! How am I going to find a date to the dance?! I just moved to LA a week ago. Then it hit me. No I mean it literally hit ME! I fell to the ground in an instant unconscious.  I woke up with a start. It was weird to have nobody to help me up. Then all of a sudden a boy and his dog approached me. He had an apologetic look on his face, and then he said “Sorry mate, I hit you in the head with a Frisbee. I just moved from the outback a month ago.” I couldn’t help it, but I gave him a really dirty look and sarcastically replied, “Oh that’s ok just because you moved from the “Outback” I forgive you!!” He had a really hurt look on his face and he just walked away.  Ok maybe I took it too far but, hey it really hurt!

  When I got home from my walk in the park, my parents asked me how it was to tour LA parks. I know it was really hard for everyone to just get-up and move for me. The next day was a Monday. I HATE Mondays nothing good ever comes out of them! I walked down the hallway and saw the guy who hit me with the Frisbee. Oh great he goes here. I looked at him then he WINKED at ME. Gosh he had NERVE. I glared at him. He walked away looking more hurt then ever. YES score one for Claire.

 During 3rd period I saw him again! The teacher told everyone he was from Australia and his name is Aadam. She asked him where he wanted to sit and guess where the little devil said. Right next to me.  Score one for Aadam.

The next week Aadam and I got to know each other through a series of contests like “I can walk backwards farther than you!” At the end of the week we became friends. Aadam and I were eating lunch when all of a sudden he stood on top of the table! Everyone in the Cafeteria started to stare then he yelled “Claire will you go to the dance with me?” I shrugged and replied,  “Is this how you ask girls to a dance in Australia?”  He got off the table and laughed then replied, “No, but there is a first time for everything!”  I laughed then said, “Pick me up at 8!”

At 8pm I saw Aadam next to a bike. My mouth hit the floor. He closed my mouth and said “This is not my ride that’s my car!” I replied “Uh yeah, I knew that!” He rolled his eyes then said “Fine, let’s GO!”

We got in the car got to the dance. It was decorated nicely by the school student body.  I bought a soda. I sat on a chair and slowly sipped Aadam was talking to one of his friends. Then a slow dance song came up. Aadam said “ Hey, umm do you uh wanna dance?” I laughed then said yes. Then we danced.

After the slow dance ended a huge dance circle started.  Everyone started cheering Lester, Lester, Lester!  I looked in the dance circle and I saw him break dancing.  This time it was actually pretty good.  Then it turned bad when Lester twirled right into the punch bowl.  Yeah, it was pretty embarrassing.  After that, Aadam drove me home.

When I got home I told Aadam I had the time of my life.  Before he left he said, “Wait until prom.”  That night as I lay in bed I thought that this dance was a moment I will never forget.

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