Texting: Good or Bad?

Texting: Good or Bad?

By: I. Morales, staff writer

       Texting. People all over the world of all races spend hours and hours texting. Preteens and teenagers may be spending much more time than the necessary texting on their cell phones. And its driving their parents crazy because they don’t get things like homework or chores done. But in reality, if they’re done with their homework and other things that need to get done, what’s the problem with texting?? Texting is a fast and easy way to communicate with your friends. It’s how we communicate with our friends now days. McKenzie Duncan says “ It’s okay as long as you’re not doing it for a long time”
          Elise Weikel says “ Texting is good, just don’t do it during school hours.”

          “Texting isn’t bad as long as you focus on your studies” says Kim Ramos.

          I think mostly everyone would agree with these opinions because they are so true. As long as you don’t text in class, and you’re not on your phone too much and as long as you focus on your studies and you get important things done, texting is good.

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