Bike Helmets: Are They Lame?

Bike Helmets: Good or Bad?

By: A. Cash and M. Duncan, staff writers

            Helmets: uncool, uncomfortable, unfashionable, lame. But would that really matter if it saved your life? It wouldn’t! 75% of children are disregarding helmet laws! It’s 2011! W need to improve this! Alyse Pelayo, a 6th grader at Magruder, said, “It makes me shocked, but also sad, because at any moment, kids all over the world could loose their lives. Rhea Patteri said, “It’s dangerous and, who cares if it’s popular or not!” Tatyana Allen voiced her opinion. “It’s sad how many people don’t wear helmets.” Obviously, helmets are a big concern to people at Magruder.

            If you don’t wear a helmet, then you’re breaking a law! And if you run into a police officer, those excuses at the beginning aren’t going to work. The law is that you have to be over 18 to not wear a helmet. IF you are caught, the fine is over $50! You also can’t ride your bike to school if you don’t have a helmet. “What I see a lot is kid’s bringing their helmet and not wearing it home!” said Rhea Patteri. Babra Noor agrees.

 So what will you do? Wear your helmet? Not wear your helmet? Well, like they say in words of wisdom, “The choice is YOURS!”

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