Helmets: To Wear or Not To Wear


By L. Saldana and W. Fabela, staff writers

Wearing helmets, safety or fashion don’t. You decide? If you think wearing helmets is a fashion don’t, well than is dyeing part of fashion. Think about it for a minute. You might not die but you might not be able to live a normal life, like others. You can always customize your helmet, because life’s not going to end because you’re not in fashion at times. How many times have adults told you “Wear your helmet, if you’re going to use your bike”. Well in a way they’re right. Even if you don’t want to wear your helmet, you have to because it’s the state of California’s laws.

 This law doesn’t just apply to bikes it applies to scooters and skateboards. Sometimes when people tell you to put your helmet on, they don’t tell you boss you around. What they’re trying to explain, is that people care about you and they don’t want to see you in comma or at your own funeral.

 Stop and think briefly the next time you’re planning on not wearing a helmet, even if you are popular this message still goes for you. Being safe doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

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