Should I Wear a Helmet?

Should I Wear A Helmet?

By: A. Bocanegra, staff writer

           If you want to be safe and have that pretty little face of yours unscratched or with no stitches on your head, you should really wear a helmet. Why? Because if you don’t you can hurt your self. Sometimes people think they are too cool to wear helmets when in reality they are not cool because they can really get hurt , or even die, if you get injured that badly. A lot of students here think they are too cute or too cool to wear helmets and think that it will hurt them in their social life with others because people will think they are lame, when they are doing the right thing.

          It’s better to wear your helmets because I don’t think anyone would want to be in a coma or end up a little crazy, that won’t be cute or cool. If you are riding a bicycle and you get in an accident for example you could crash into another bike or a car crashes into you. A fireman cam to operation back to school and demonstrated to the 6th graders what could happen if your head hits the street without a helmet. He threw down a watermelon and it splattered all over the blacktop.

            It would be a good idea to wear your helmet while riding your skateboard, bicycle, or scooters. Don’t take chances. Wear your helmet, even though it might mess up your nice hair, or make you look so lame. Helmets are like hats, so you can actually rock them if you know what looks great with them!

So you should really wear a helmet if you don’t want to end up with a rearranged face or a funeral. You should really think about it!

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