Music Review: Kid CuDi

KiD CuDi + Singing = No Rapping?

By: Kayne Toyosato, Staff Writer

        Will KiD CuDi (pronounced kuh-dee) quit his rapping career to pursue singing? That’s what he supposedly announced on MTV news. He started a band and said that he is, “Over Rapping”. Though he will continue on with his new band, “Wizard”.  So he will continue on his music career as a lead singer.

        On his interview with MTV news, he announced that he was bored with the typical three verse rap song. Which leads him into his new career as a lead singer. Though his talent as a rapper is very apparent, we will still be able to enjoy music with the feeling of “CuDi” made into it. So there’s no reason for anyone to stop listening.

        His band “wizard” was made not too long ago. It was made for the purpose for after he quits rapping. For KiD CuDi fans, some might disappointed at the fact of him not rapping anymore.

        Though, Some fans might have seen this coming. For example, his guitar heavy song, “Erase Me”. And, even though with his help towards Kanye West by coming up with hooks for his songs, he chose to not make verses. Which would put into the mind of fans that he might do some more rock affiliated songs.

        So in conclusion, KiD CuDi may or may not be followed by his fans. As some rap/hip hop fans, do not like rock songs. But loyal fans will continue to follow his career as he transcends music genres.

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