Interesting Students: All About Abigail

All about Abigail

By: S. Bradford, Staff Writer

          Abigail’s first two names are Abigail Loraine. Her birthday is August 17, 1999. She was born at Los Alamitos, CA and she has also lived in Long Beach and Cypress. Abigail is 11 years old, NOT OLD AT ALL!

        One thing you may want to know about Abigail is that she is a COMPUTER GEEK!! One interesting fact about her is her secret, she’s never told anyone, or so I have been told. She doesn’t like any guys at Magruder Middle School. It’s not a secret anymore. A couple of her special talents are acting, singing, & dancing. She played the lead role in a stage production of Annie just this past fall


        Abigail is the first born in her family; she has exactly one brother and two sisters. Her brother’s name is Judah. Her lovable sister’s names are Esther and Sarah. Judah is only 2 years old, how cute!  Esther is 9, & Sarah is 7.  I remember when Sarah was a baby. Seems like just yesterday she was born! I, Sabrina Bradford have known Abigail ever since kindergarten, (that’s just a little fact I decided to add), and she is a great person to know.

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