February Mystery Students

Mystery Students

By: B. Noor, staff writer

Answers are at the end, but guess first.

6th Grade:

1.  This unspecified student enjoys indulging scrumptious Pasta.

2.  Her favorite color is pink due to its bold and feminine appeal.  

3. This mysterious student enjoys singing melodious harmonies.

4. She has chocolaty brown eyes, dark brown hair, along with a perky, uplifting attitude.

5. One of her favorite sports is football due to the anticipation of finding out which victories team won.

Who am I?


7th Grade:

1. This unspecified student enjoys devouring mouthwatering spring rolls from her Vietnamese ethnicity.

2.  Her favorite color is white as it portrays an artist’s opportunity of endless possibilities.

3. She has medium brunette hair, soulful chocolate brown eyes, along with an energetic, witty personality.

4. This anonymous student enjoys watching horror movies.She is willing to endure the terror of epic scenes in order to enjoy a euphoric sense of relief at the end.

5.  This unidentified student might be seen hanging out with some of her best friends such as Heizel Z., Daniel Vu, and Alex Nguyen.

Who Am I?


8th Grade:

1. She enjoys indulging delectable Vietnamese food belonging to her ethnicity.

2. Her favorite color is purple due to its royal and elegant appeal.

3. This anonymous student has short black hair, creamy brown eyes, and braces along with a considerate, sincere personality.

4. She enjoys watching dramatic romance cinemas because they always lead to a joyful ending.

5. This unidentified student might be seen with some of her close friends such as Kaylah, Amie, Michelle, and Angela.

6. One of her favorite hobbies is swimming due to maintaining a healthy lifestyle by exercising in an amusing way.



6th grade Answer: Irene Morales

7th grade Answer: Lisa Pham

8th grade Answer: Mimi Vu

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