Valentines Day Poem

Break-up Poem

By: K. Toyosato, staff writer

This is a story about a girl and a boy on Valentine’s Day,

But it ends differently in another way,

Then what most people would think it would,

And most people would think it should,

In the end, there’s two broken hearts,

Who should’ve used much more of their smarts,

Because there decision was just very dumb.

They started eating each other (metaphorically) until there was not even a crumb.

They suffocated each other with too much time,

Now the boy is looking for a brand new dime,

The girl is home crying,

And the boy, in the inside, is dying.

Now they’re talking about another try,

But others fail to find out why,

The girl’s a total wreck

And the boy can’t help but fret.

So they decided to wait until they’re both ready,

To keep a normal relationship steady.

Though it’s sad and some may whine,

That love stinks and is more sour than lime,

It’s all apart of love, so don’t hesitate to try a second time

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