The WORST Saint Patrick’s Day Ever!

The WORST Saint Patrick’s Day Ever!

By: Sabrina Bradford, Staff Writer


 I was up in the middle of the night wondering if leprechauns were real. Until I thought, “Hmm, we will find that out tomorrow.”  I went to bed thinking tomorrow will be the BEST Saint Patrick’s Day ever.

The next morning I woke up and smelled a great scent in the air. It must be the green waffles mom promised to make! I got out of bed thinking about leprechauns, and still wondering if they were real. “I think it would be really AMAZING! Leprechauns are short, cute, and well, just a little cute.”  But as I was getting ready to go downstairs my mom yelled from downstairs, “Priscilla! Get down here right this instant!”  I shouted back to her. “Okay, I’m coming!”

 “Sometimes she gets on my nerves,” I thought to myself.  I was slipping on some clothes when I saw a shiny light at my window. I ignored it for a second.  I had the Saint Patrick’s Day spirit that made me want to wear green.  I finished putting on my green clothes and doing my hair and that normal stuff. The bright light was still glaring into my room and when it did again, I couldn’t take it anymore so I just looked out the window. It looked like a dazzling gold coin on the dirty ground. I ran downstairs so fast I don’t even know what my mom said. All I heard was “Here.” I’m guessing she was going to say “Here is your breakfast.” I ran outside  and the shiny gold coin made a sparkle in my eye. As I was reaching for it, something pinched me. I screamed, saying “OUCH!” I looked back, and saw a weird creature. In the shadow it looked like an elf. In the next couple seconds it was gone.

 I ran back into the house and showed the coin to my mom. She thought I was crazy! That night I put the shiny gold coin in a very safe place. In the morning there were shiny gold coins everywhere. It was a dream come true. I loved money and everyone knew that. The next night I couldn’t sleep – I kept tossing and turning. I also felt something tickling my foot, and then there was a very hurtful pinch. I yelled, “MOM!” She quietly yelled in a exhausted voice, “Yes? Is there an “elf” pinching your foot again?” I heard her giggle, as she went back to sleep.

 I was terrified. I heard a creature saying in a strange voice, I will stop bothering you if you give me back my gold, little girl. Mwahahaha. I screamed saying “No, I like money too much. I will NOT give you back your gold.” In a silence, he glared & smiled at me. He said calmly, “As you wish.” I screamed in terror. He grabbed two of my shiny gold coins, pinched me with them, and to my horror…I turned to gold!

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