The Horror From Ireland

The Horror from Ireland

By: McKenzie Duncan, staff writer



           Let’s welcome our newest member!  Leprechaun Finn O’Neil!  Finn, it’s your turn to do “the dirty work”.  Put this mask on and go to this address….



Kate looked up from her school desk. H.W. for math: pg 200 problems 10-50. Kate shut her binder and walked to her fourth period. As she walked she thought “School these days, sometimes I want to go back to kindergarten!” Kate’s friend Kim ran up to her.  These days Kim seemed to not want to hang with her anymore. Kate thought for a moment then said, “Hey, Kim want to come to my house for a sleepover!” Kim nodded and went to her class.

 After school Kim and Kate walked home. When they got home Kate explained her mother was on a business trip so they would be home alone for the weekend. Kim silently nodded her head. Kate got irritated and yelled, “Dude!!! Why are you not talking to me anymore?!”  Kim whispered, “I thought you didn’t want to be my friend anymore!” Kim and Kate quickly forgave each other and hugged. Just then the lights went off……..

 Kate sighed and said, “Must be a problem with the electricity in the neighborhood tonight.”  Kim screamed and grabbed Kate.  Kate’s heart had a sinking feeling something bad might happen as her fear began to rise. Kate quickly asked, very loudly, what was wrong. Kim ran to Kate and said “Kate! Something or Someone is at the door.” Everything was pitch black because of no electricity.  Kim whispered and pleaded, “Don’t open the door! DON’T OPEN THE DOOR!!”  Kate opened the door.

 The door opened to reveal a smallish man wear a mask…in his hand was a small revolver. Kate immediately started to scream. She ran to her attic and hid under the attic bed.  

(Don’t they know not to answer the door when your home alone!)

Kate quickly said, “Kim! Run away from the door! That man has a gun! Trust me he is not our mailman!” Kim ran to Kate. Kim whispered, “This man could be a police officer!” Kate quietly replied, “Shut up! He is coming! They heard foot steps running along the floorboards. The man said, “Girls, make this quick, your death will be short and nice, but if you make this hard, well, I think you know what will be coming. Kate gulped.

  He quickly said, “I only need one of you dead! See the other one of you could live!” Kate all of a sudden sneezed. “Ha!” he said.  I already found one of you! He grabbed Kate’s jacket hood and pulled it tight around her neck. Kim crawled out of the place where she hid and screamed at the top of her lungs. The man was shocked and almost fell to the floor.  Kim saw a baseball bat and grabbed it. She hit the man on the leg. He was scared and ran out of the house yelling, “I WILL GET YOU TWO DON’T FORGET THE NAME FINN O’NEIL!” The police came by after the girls dialed 911. They searched for a Finn O’Neil, but never found one.

“Guys! Finn came back empty handed. You know what that means……..terminate him.” The leprechaun society shall prevail!                                

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