Are Video Games Good for You?

Are Video Games Good for You?

By: Hy Hoang and Aymen Kabir, staff writers

            It is true that video games are bad for you but some particular video games are good for you. Some video games can burn calories and some can even help you learn. Even the most violent games can help even though you can’t recognize it right away. The games that have gadgets are usually the ones the lose weight.

            One of the systems that gets you active one way or another is the the Wii, the Wii has  a ton of games that gets you active. Like for example the WII Fit where the main purpose is for you to achieve balance and lose calories, there are hola hoops, dancing, and running/jogging. There’s also the Dance Dance Revolution where it takes a whole lot of dancing skills and endurance. With every level you advance the speed of the game advances. Using the the Wii remote, most of the time you have to move, there are many other games like Wii Sports, Wii Sport Resort, and many more.

Violent games like Call of Duty and Halo are violent but if you really get into the game your eye vision will be push to the limit and when that happens your eye becomes better. Games like Call of Duty sure are violent but are based history and wars that have happened throughout the world.

   This proves that not all video games are bad for and some can even benefit you in more ways than one like exercising, learning, and having a great time with the whole family family. So if you’re parents are bugging about not playing games just let them read this story and many things will be better.

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