The 2011 Honorary Service Awards

The 2011 Honorary Service Awards

Mrs. Navarro

By: Rhea Patteri and Babra Noor, staff writers

The Honorary Service Awards, on February 23rd were an absolute “sweet” success, which was also the theme this year. These  awards are given to diligent parent volunteers, teachers, and administrators who wholeheartedly dedicate their time to help Magruder’s students. This is the one time of the year that we recognize these dedicated adults for the extra time and effort they give. Marissa C. states, “Magruder is such a wonderful school, because of the caring volunteers who help create a great environment for us students.”    

Recognition for dedication, service, and sacrifice went to the following people. Mrs. Stacey Navarro, the PTSA president, who has given so much, was honored with a surprise service award.  The three other awards for service to Magruder went to our very dedicated teachers Mrs. Elaine Wixom and Mr. Kurt Burgner, and hardworking parent volunteer and Adventure in Arts docent, Mrs. Cristina Sukal. We appreciate these three winners for all their efforts and contributing so much to our students.

Mr. Burgner

Mrs. Wixom

Mrs. Sukal

Students from North High School JROTC came and proudly executed the raising of the flags. The sweet success theme was performed by Melissa Smith and Gabby Sukal in their song, Candyman, and the drama club performed a song and skit from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Towards the middle of the HSA Awards, there were diverse performances by the splendid band of Magruder led by Mr. Porush, and North High School’s Orchestra led by Mr. Cooke. Some of the songs they played were The Aztec Sunset, Hoe Down, Fire Bird Berceuse and Finale, and Copper Creek March.  Camryn said about the performances, “The music was amazing and really showcased everyone’s great talent.”

North High's JROTC

Mr. Porush's Magruder Band

Melissa and Gabby

Reflections Winners

Drama Club singing


Geography Bee Winners

Mr. Cooke's North High Orchestra

Geobee Finalists

The HSA’s also recognized numerous winners for diverse school wide competitions such as the Geography Bee. These winners include First Place: Darius Cooper, Second Place: Akane Okumura, Third Place: Sam Yun, Cathy Tran, and Nicolas Lipari. Finalists recognized were: Amber Goldson, Adil Jawed, Sophia Metheney, Karen Vo, and Pamela Nguyen. Congratulations to all of you!

            Every year students create and perform, showing off their talents. The Reflections theme this year was “Together We Can”.  The winners of the Reflections Contest were as follows: In Literature: 1st was Cameron Westmoreland, 2nd was Abigail Cash, 3rd was Julissa Aceituno.  In Visual Arts: 1st was Kathleen Nguyen, 2nd was Matthew Arman, 3rd was Shendey Casas. In Photography: 1st was Darius Cooper, 2nd was Phoebe Bloomfield, and 3rd was Emma Ikediashi.  In Film Production: 1st was Pamela Ramos and 2nd was Esteban Alvarado.  In Dance Choreography: 1st was Alaiya Kollie and 2nd was Glenn Searcy.  Congratulations to these winners.

            This HSA ceremony was only possible through numerous hours of preparation by Mrs. Stacy Navarro, Mrs. Barbara Smith, Mrs. Darlene Bailey and so many other PTSA moms. A big thank you goes out to them and Mr. Voigt and the teachers and students who also helped set up and prepare to entertain Magruder’s families with their performances.

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