Magruder’s Sixth Grade Spelling Bee

Magruder is on The BEE

By: Lesley Saldana,staff writer


The word is… Spelling BEE!!! The words were hard most of the time but our Champion and runners up could handle it.  Magruder’s very own Christopher Tran (6th grade) is our new representative at the Los Angeles county spelling bee on March 23rd. The top six spellers of this Bee were Chris Tran (1st), Kayne Toyosato (2nd), Darius Cooper, McKenzie Duncan, Babra Noor, and Tommy Youn (all 3rd). Even though the other five weren’t the winners, they’re still champions, including everyone who was in it because they had the courage to get at least one word right.

You could see it in their faces that they were really nervous. But at least they were confident enough to go up there and mess up… that’s the hard part. McKenzie Duncan says, “This was surprising to win 3rd place, since I’m not that good of a speller.” Our 2nd place winner Kayne says “It was really fun to go out and do this”. Maybe this will encourage the rest of Magruder to do something like this.

Some of these words were pretty hard. Babra Noor says, “This was a great experience!” Some words they had to face were: incident, foresight, raspberry, velocity, extinguish, revival, asthma, ailment, and terminate. Some of the easier words were: quest, estate, unstoppable, and kennel. These words weren’t that hard.  When you get a chance, you should give something like this a try. You might never know, you could possibly win.

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