Student of the Month Assembly Per. 3

Student of the Month Period Three

By Daniel Kiroloss, Staff Writer

          On February 4, the student of the month assembly was held for the third period class on the blacktop. It was a bright and sunny day, the perfect type of weather for the awards to be distributed.

            Before the awards were given out, Mrs. Judi, our school secretary, gave a speech.

            “Hey Mustangs!!! I wasn’t here at the beginning of the school year because I was at Jefferson Middle School…I was a Jefferson Jaguar – a cat, and it was great being a cat. Then I got to choose between staying a Jaguar or going back to being a Magruder Mustang. I chose to come back because I love the students here.” Mrs. Judi also encouraged students about the mustang horse. She explained that the mustang was majestic, intelligent, and courageous and how it has survived in harsh conditions. That is what we, the students of Magruder Middle School, are. We are as majestic, intelligent, and courageous as the mustang.

            First the awards were distributed to the sixth grade. For Ms. Evan’s class, it was Abigail Cash for outstanding academic excellence. For Mrs. Yung’s class, it was Cheridan Mataalii for being a strong academic student who shows maturity and sensitivity to others. For Mrs. Peterson’s class, it was Duyen Tran and Jeehoon Jim for having a great attitude, being helpful, participating in class, and having high academic achievement. For Mrs. Yaeger’s class, it was Karen Bailey for excellent participation and contributions in language arts. For Mr. Lee’s class, it was Adil Jawed for excellence in math. For Mrs. Lenore’s class, it was Tiana DiMassa for excellent effort.

            Next the awards were distributed to seventh grade. For Mrs. Levy’s class, it was Jony Confucious for exemplary performance in mathematics. For Mrs. Borowski’s class, it was Ehzazul Lone for being a great participant and taking academic risks. For Mrs. Ramos’s class, it was Nicholas Ortega for excellence in language arts. For Mrs. Mitchell’s class, it was Indigo Morris for being a “Great student, always on task and working hard.” For Mr. Rasmussen’s class, it was Christine Anne David “For excellence in academics and citizenship.” For Mrs. Davies’s class, it was Connor Abberton for great participation and Sabrina Rodriguez for she demonstrates excellent effort, achievement and citizenship and always being on task and available to provide extra help in class. For Mr. Porush’s class, it was Andrew Owens for writing an outstanding paper.

            Finally, the awards were distributed to the eighth grade. For Mrs. Mann’s class, it was Akari Nakajima for academic excellence in algebra. For Mrs. Stoddard’s class, it was Konomi Rodriguez for academic excellence. For Mrs. Fraga’s, it was Karan Vo for perfect overall grade in introduction to Spanish. After the awards were distributed to the eighth grade, the athletes of the month awards were distributed. For Mr. Alvarenga’s class, it was Joao Arboleda and Allison Farr for effort and willingness to push themselves and others to be better athletes. For Miss. Loftin’s class, it was Kelly Gordin and Del Tanio for always giving 100% in PE.

            Congratulations to students and athletes of the month. Keep up the good work in school!

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