Girls in Engineering at CSU Long Beach

Engineering Girls at CSU Long Beach

By: Kim Bui and Alyse Pelayo, staff writers

Girls love math and science too!  On March 18th, Ms. Jaeger, Ms. Barker, and Ms. Levy took a large group of 6th grade girls to California State University in Long Beach.  The purpose of the field trip was to get girls interested in the engineering profession, which involves math, science, technology, and building things.    They went to a Robotics Workshop, a Binary Workshop, a Slump Check Workshop, and a lot more!  Through a lot of fun and hard work, the Girls in Engineering field trip was a success. Student were divided in into numerous groups. This would help students stay organized in order to enjoy the program. Some groups were called Omega, Alpha, Sigma, and Iota… altogether a total of seven groups. Madrona, Casimir, Prairie, Calle Mayor Middle School, Edison Elementary, and many other schools attended this event.

The Slope Check Workshop was about building cement and to see how sturdy it was if we were to put a building on it or run a car over it. You’d have to mix all sorts of special rocks together and add water and viola! Second, you’d have to scoop it into a cone. Not the ice cream cone, but a special metal cone. You fill it 1/3 way to the top and get a stick and churn it 25 times. 3rd fill it ½ ways and churn it another 25 times. After that, you fill it up to the tippy top and churn it another 25 times. After doing all that hard work, you flip the cone and let all the cement pour out. Then you’d put the cone next to the blob of cement and put the sick on top of the cone and over the cement, and get a yard stick and measure. If the cement was 6 inches away from the stick, then it’s a good mix of cement, if it’s further than 6 inches then it’s too watery and it wouldn’t make good cement.  

The Binary Workshop was about figuring out Digital Hieroglyphics. Digital Hieroglyphics are numbers in a computer that programs a robot what to do. The volunteers passed out mini computers the size of a computer mouse, maybe smaller. The tiny computers had four switches on it. They also passed out papers with codes on it. All you had to do was to figure out what they meant by switching the switch down when it is a zero and switch it up when it is a number one. After figuring out all the codes we had to go on a treasure hunt for the chaperones. We had to figure out which way was north, south, east, and west. Everyone was running around looking for the chaperones. “No! North is this way! Hurry!!! Let’s go!!!!!”

After we finished our two workshops, we went outside to do activities. There was a cotton candy and popcorn machine. We made slime, windmills, tinfoil boats, and many more! The best part of all was LUNCH. We got to eat Dominos Pizza. Mmmmm. After lunch, sadly, we had to get back to Magruder. It was a fun day that we all will remember.

          “It was a good experience and I had fun learning new things,” says Rhea P.

          “I think it was a really nice experience and it made me think about the career,” says Babra N.    

          “I enjoyed learning new things and I hope I’ll be able to go again if I have the chance,” says Kim B.

          “O my gosh, I loved it! I really really want to go again!” says Alyse P.

Again, thanks to Ms. Barker for taking us all to Engineering Girls at CSU Long Beach!

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