Student of the Month Per. 4

S.O.M.A. Per. 4 

By: S. Hu and A. Kabir

 The Student of the Month Assembly for Per. 4 was on March 11, 2011. The best student from each of their 4th period classes were rewarded with a student of the month certificate. There were many kids with brilliant minds that were chosen for the skill, participation, and effort in their 4th period class. First up were the 6th graders.

For 6th grade there were many good students that have talent to be presented with this award. For Ms. Peterson, Babra Noor for excellence in academics in social studies. For Mrs. Smith, Spencer Hu for outstanding achievement in science. For Ms. Evans, Kathleen Nguyen for academic excellence and effort. For Mr. Lee, Daisy Adame for excellence in math “she is always on task and is a hard worker.” Says Mr. Lee. For Ms Takano and Young, Lauren Le for excellence in language arts. For Ms. Loftin, Breanna Wilson and Aaron Nguyen for having a great attitude. These awesome 6th graders have won this award for having a good grade.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         For 7th, the proud students won for having the academic push to get these wonderful awards. For Ms. Davies, Madisyn Mahoney and Nick Ortega for always being so helpful, cooperative and such a hard worker. For Ms. Borrowski, Scott Perkins for making history real with creativity. For Ms. Aulenta, Emily Cookes for outstanding effort, participation, and achievement in language arts. For Mr. Burgner, Giselle Hoy and Lance Bello for always giving 100% achievement in science. For Ms. Ramos, Jacqueline Hernandez for excellent effort and achievement in ELD. For Ms. Rambo, Jessica Aguilar for excellence in technology education. For Mr. Rasmussen, Christine Anne David, for excellence in academics and citizenship in Pre- Algebra. For Ms. Fraga, Joe Hernandez for excellence in Spanish 1.  The 7th grade students have worked hard for this award and the people earned the award.

For 8th grade, these students have done the work for their award and they are rewarded for it by using. For Ms. Mann, Karen Vo for academic excellence in algebra. For Ms. Stoddard, Rebecca Nicola for academic excellence. For Ms. Rosechild, Jonathan Hua for being an outstanding teacher assistant. For Ms. Schwafaty, Samantha Caponpon for excellence in achievement, effort, and citizenship. For Ms. Ramos, Grace Kim for excellent citizenship and effort in ELD. For Mr. Porush, Nick Banta for keeping his music organized. For Mr. Magnus, Ignacio Dominguez for excellence in social studies. For Ms. Levy, Kimberly Villacreses for effort and improvement in algebra. For Ms.Fraga, Mimi Vo for excellence in Spanish 1. The 8th graders have come a long way so this award is special to their families.

          So with all those winners with great talent our Magruder student body was very proud. Many pictures were taken of the winners and people were very happy. But it wasn’t just academic skill but also there was an award for the Ms. Loftin’s 4th period P.E. class. Also, the winner, Christopher Tran and finalists for the sixth grade spelling bee received awards.So Mustangs, reach and achieve high, and earn yourself a student of the month award and maybe even a picture in the yearbook.


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