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Tragedy in Japan

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By: Rhea Patteri and Babra, Noor staff writers

We were all struck by the disastrous earthquake that occurred in Japan. It might have happened many miles away from your home, but right now, it’s affecting everyone. Lots of people all over the world are constantly worrying about their family members in Japan. We know some of these people and they are definitely grief-stricken. Laila, a fellow Japanese student states,” I am really worried about my family in Japan, and I am willing to do anything to help.” Not just the relatives of the people in Japan want to help; numerous amounts of people want to contribute to Japan, whether they have family there or not. Even with all the help we have given so far, we still can’t accept the fact that thousands have lost their lives due to this natural disaster. So we should all take a few minutes to recognize the victims of this deadly tsunami and earthquake. We should also be grateful that millions of people survived.

Kayne Toyasato, another Japanese student states,” I am deeply worried about the nuclear radiation infecting my family and friends in Japan.” Countless organizations and websites are giving all they can to support Japan. If you have a phone, you can text 90999 to the American Red Cross. Your text will donate ten dollars to the Japanese Red Cross and you will feel the love of Japan. There’s also a website that is called and it will give you a choice of how much money you would like to donate. They will then donate that amount of money to Japan. The New York UNICEF is trying their hardest to donate money to children all over Japan, the kids are starving, cold, and have no water. Many of them are still trapped beneath the rubble that fell due to the earthquake. Various companies and groups are putting in all their effort to help the Japanese come back to their daily life, even if it takes a few years, we are willing.

If you want to help Japan, you can also do it by sending mail. Just send your donation and mark it Japan earthquake relief and send it to:

The Salvation Army

P.O Box 1959

Atlanta, GA


Some people might want to send their contributions to organizations. Here are some groups that you can send them to:

  • Save the Children
  • International Medical Corps’ Emergency Response Fund
  • The Salvation Army
  • Global Giving’s Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund


But these are just a few units of people that help you assist Japan. Apple has also posted a support fund. Not just the USA, but everyone around the world would like to help Japan in these, their darkest hours. Kim Louise Ramos said,” I am worried about my friends and family near the earthquake epicenter.” So, we should all take some time from our lives to lend a hand to Japan after nature’s reign of terror.

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