Magruder Receives a Donation From Honeywell

Honeywell Gives to Magruder

By: Christi Peterson, teacher

On March 3rd, 2011 Honeywell gave a large grant of $5,000.00 dollars to Magruder Middle School.  Honeywell has been located in Torrance for 50 years, and has made donations of money, office equipment and office supplies to Magruder over the years.  This donation is a part of Honeywell’s community outreach program called Honeywell Hometown Solutions, “which is dedicated to improving the communities where Honeywell people live and work,” said Ms. Tracie Wurlitzer, Director of Human Services.

Honeywell’s website explains Hometown Solutions. “Efforts are focused on four important societal needs that align with Honeywell’s heritage, products and people: Science and Math Education; Family Safety and Security; Housing and Shelter; and Humanitarian Relief.”  According to Wurlitzer, Honeywell has, for instance, helped families in Torrance become better prepared for fires with their fire-safety program.   An example of their humanitarian relief is when they took donations to Haiti after the earthquake.  As for their focus on science and math education, Magruder and other schools on Torrance’s Northside, have received donations.

The magazine Fortune 500 has voted Honeywell one of the most “admired” companies in the Aerospace Industry, because of  this community outreach.  Magruder’s families can be aware that this grant has been received and it is very much appreciated.  We just want to say thank you to this company for their generous financial support.

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