Interview With John Coleman

John Coleman!

 By: Alina Bocanegra, Kayne Toyosato, staff writers

              Who runs faster than a cheetah on fire?  It is John “The Beast” Coleman.  When the mile was timed, he finished in 6:11. Let’s see, a cheetah beat that. Even at his slowest mile time (6:50) he sweeps the competition away with his beastie broom of justice. Being born with athletic talent, isn’t it normal for him to be this amazingly fast? Not really, because that speed is his what he’s most proud of.

               This speed is what he utilizes in basketball, his favorite sport. But that’s not his only sport. He plays basketball and football. Though, basketball is the sport he’s playing right now, because football season is over at the moment.  But next season, he will more than likely play football again.

               Right now he is thinking of doing something with songwriting or with making music. If he doesn’t succeed with music he would like to play professional football or basketball.  Either way, we expect he will indeed do something great with his talents.

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