Technology Review: The New iPad2

Tech Review – The iPad 2

By Adil Jawed, Staff Writer

Apple’s successor to the much-acclaimed iPad launched on March 11th. Not surprisingly, it is the iPad “2”. When it was thought how a technological marvel can be dramatically improved only a year from its birth, the iPad 2 defies all preconceived notions of what a small tablet can and cannot do.

The iPad2 is a marvel of modern science and technology. This small, mobile computer is capable of many amazing feats, and Apple’s App store multiplies the fun exponentially. It offers tremendous capabilities for its usage in every imaginable field. Thinner. Lighter. Faster. Now with two cameras. And now available in two colors. And with the basic model starting at $499, it still costs the same!

Apple is touting their product as the all-in-one device a person of any age or demographic needs. They are showing off their use in schools, highlighting how it has assisted in raising test scores by being used as the ultimate interactive study tool. Both students and teachers have loved the gadget in the school districts that have provided them iPads for testing, such as the city of Chicago. It appears that in the near future, the iPad 2 will become indispensible in our daily lives. Apple is also boasting how the original iPad worked in hospitals, claiming how it is allowing doctors to be more engaged with their patients, and how it will “change how doctors practice medicine,” according to CNN Money.

Over one hundred competitors have launched iPad rivals over this past year, but none of them could match sales since they can’t offer all of the features the iPad lineup does for the price. With an even better device that can be so much fun yet still so useful in real life, Apple has struck gold once again.

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