Editorial: Should Kids Have a Facebook Account?

Facebook for Kids?

By Irene M. and Balpreet K., staff writers

        Do you have a Face book account? Many students would say yes.  Well, did you know that it is illegal for people under thirteen years old to have a Face book account? What do adults think about kids having a Face book account?

          Mrs. Peterson says “You should follow the rules of Facebook.  The rules protect you.  Kids under thirteen may not be mature enough to handle an account because there may be potentially dangerous strangers. The Internet is like a highway.  It would be like letting your 10 or 11 year old wander around Crenshaw or Redondo Beach Boulevard without supervision.”  On the other hand, if you are old enough and ready for the responsibility, it can be a fun way to stay in touch with friends.  It can even change your life in a good way, like it did for the people in Egypt when they used it to express their country’s opinion to gain new leadership.

          More importantly what do kids think about this? Students Kim Bui and Alina Bocanegra both think that it is very addicting but its fun and that it is definitely okay for kids under thirteen to have an account because there are games and you can communicate with your friends. You get friend requests from the people you know and you have the choice to approve or disapprove it. It is also good because you get a chance to communicate with family and friends around the world, if they have a Facebook account.

          In our opinion, Facebook is fun, but you should use it appropriately and follow their rules. There are many dangers like people pretending to be people who they’re not, people hoping you will give out your personal information, people posting inappropriate pictures or comments and people being mean and cyber bulling others. Anyone can easily get hurt, so make sure to not misuse Facebook.

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