Editorial: Sticky Situation

Sticky Situation

By Rhea Patteri and Alyse Pelayo, staff writers

Everyone loves to chew gum, but what if you got in trouble for it. That is what happens every day. Kids may come to school chewing gum and try to hide it but still get caught anyway. Do you think it’s really necessary?  Some people think that it’s a good thing that kids don’t chew gum at school but most don’t. A lot come and just keep chewing and get in trouble. Angelena Duarte says,” It helps kids relax and teachers shouldn’t judge all kids because some kids use it abusively and spit it on the ground.”

 Tons of gum is on our school grounds and is still building up because of people spitting it on the floor. Many people think that they won’t get caught. You people just wait until you have to talk and say something to a teacher because they will find it on the roof of your mouth or under your tongue. Did you know that most teachers can smell gum from a few feet away? Well, they can, most kids chew strawberry, watermelon, and flavors that have a fruity smell. No wonder children get in trouble.

One of the biggest reasons our public schools are dirty is because children leave gum practically everywhere. Let’s all try to keep our campus and world clean. We don’t want our future children living in a world filled with trash. Gum is okay, as long as you throw it in a trash can and not on the street or under a desk. Let’s keep our world clean.

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