Phones at Recess?

Phones at Recess?

By: Eric G. and Haskell M., Staff Writers

cell phones

Should we have phones at lunchtime? Well, let’s see what the students of Magruder Middle School have to say.




DSCN1021–  “No, because they could possibly be looking up inappropriate things.” – Owen N. 6th Grader





DSCN1023– “No, because they could be cyberbullying.” – Joseph D. 6th Grader






DSCN1024– “No, because it would most likely make it harder to focus in class [after snack or lunch].” – Jordan B. 6th Grader




DSCN1026– “Yes, because it’s better entertainment for everyone.” – Dylan C. 7th Grader





DSCN1028– “Yes, because you can take pictures with your friends, and access to ReplayIt. You can also check your grades.” – Deven S. 6th Grader




DSCN1030– “Yes, because there may be important things we need to do on our phones, like call someone.” – A student who prefers to be quoted as anonymous 6th Grader






– “Yes, because we need to call our parents sometimes.” – Tony Z. 8th Grader







– “No, because people will use it to go on Instagram and Facebook. Only if its used for schoolwork.” – Cameron J. 8th Grader



DSC01465– “Yes, because every lunch recess gets boring. I’d like to listen to music, take photos, and go on Instagram.” – Amber J. 8th Grader




All of these students bring up a valid argument, and we respect each of these students quotes. Some of the students believe that there should be phone at lunch recess, for more entertainment, and so they could have a better time. Others believe there shouldn’t be phones, due to the fact that students could look up inappropriate things, and so on.  At the high schools, students can use their phones at snack and lunch, but it is the opinion of the journalism staff that due to the age group and it being during school time, it is the wisest decision to keep our current policy of no phones at recess.








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The Battle Cats Review

The Battle Cats Review

By:Bryan L., and Tony Z., staff writers

Zepeda cat game

Do you like cats? Then, you should get a game called The Battle Cats for ios, android.  The Battle Cats is a free game made by PONOS. About cats that rampage the world. There are over 30 different cats but you can only hold 10 different cats either being the basic cats, rare cats, super rare cats, uber rare cats, and special cats.

For the gameplay, you tap on a cat to deploy them in battle. The cat then goes on the other side of the map to go attack the other base and destroy it, Once you destroy a base you will get XP. XP is used in this game to upgrade things, like for instance, cats or your base upgrades. In this game, once you upgrade a cat to level 10, it evolves into another cat with a better ability/attack in battle.  Like for example, if you upgrade Bird cat to level 10 then it will turn into U.F.O Cat which shoot lasers at the enemy instead of body slamming it.

In this game, there is a lot of variety in the cats. But, it can get a little weird sometimes. Like for instance Kotatsu cat evolves into T.V. Cat. This game can have some really weird cats.That is why it said,”The more cats you upgrade,the weirder it looks.” As you play the game, you will unlock more and more cats, but you can get all the basic cats which don’t cost cat food to unlock like the special cats.

Cat capsules are an important part of the game because this is how you get rare, super rare, and uber rare cats. You can also get basic cats and base upgrades which upgrade your cats on base upgrades by one for free. It will cost a silver ticket for basic upgrades and gold tickets will give you rare,super rare, and uber rare cats. It will also cost 150 cat food for one and 1500 for 10 of them.

The Battle Cats is a really fun game, although it can sometimes be really weird. I would rate this game a 9.5/10. This game didn’t get a 10 because it doesn’t have any multiplayer, but it still is a really good game and I suggest that you get it on ios and android. By the way, the game is free.

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The Lucky Poptart Catch

The Lucky Poptart Catch

By: Jordan N. & James S., staff writers


One windy day, there was three kids named Paul, Mary, and Randy. They were walking home from school. Paul was wearing green pants, Mary had a green skirt, and Randy had a green hat. As you can imagine, it was Saint Patrick’s Day.

“It says here in this book that there are Lucky Poptarts that gives you any kind of wish,” Mary said, who usually always had a book in her hands.

“Please, it’s just a myth. You don’t actually believe in that, do you?” Paul said.

“I have to agree with Paul, but it would be great. I mean, if I had a wish, I would wish for a pet dog,” Randy said.

“I would want to end world hunger,” said Mary. “Well, whatever you two want, it ain’t happening.” It seemed as if it had been just another ordinary day. All of a sudden the wind pulled rapidly. As if it was sucking all three of them into something. A vortex opened up. The three kids were sucked inside. Everything stopped, and the vortex closed.


I wake up to the color green. I see Mary and Paul still asleep on top of a patch of grass. Everywhere there was green. Cars were driving on the wrong side of the road. “What’s up with this?” I say. It seems as if I am in Ireland. Strange. This is scientifically impossible. I walk up examining everything around me. I look across seeing a green house, of course. It was very old-like. There were cobwebs on every corner of edges. “As I said, impossible. I am dreaming.” I don’t know why but I knock on the door. If I was going to have to be here for a long time, then at least I would get some answers about this place. No one answers, so I decided to walk in. Why not? This is a dream right? At least I hope it is. Anyways, as I walk in I see creepy pictures of a green elf. On a table, I see a nice little plate of salad, freshly made. I hear footsteps, so I hide.

A leprechaun shows up. Not those fake ones that are small and imaginary. A human-sized Irish-man talking to himself about, (What he calls) ‘Me pot-o-gold’. Yep. I’m dreamin’. This isn’t the first time I’ve dreamed about this kind of stuff. When I was about 5, I dreamed I had no smile. It was a long dream, because it started from when I was born, to my death. I lived a terrible life. Luckily most things in that dream didn’t happen. If it did, I wouldn’t be healthy right now.

“I.” says the leprechaun. “I smell,… Boy. Come out, come out, wherever ye is.” I make no noise. Absolutely silent. I reach into my,(what Mary calls) man-purse and bust out the dog whistle. “Ow-er-ah. Whoever is doing this-ah. I tink I goin-ah, er-um-ah lay down fer a bit.” He walks back from where he came from. Whoever does he think he is? A man in a costume, if this is real. Maybe this is real. Technically, this all is possible now that I think of it. Black holes could be created on earth, but then why would it send us to Ireland out of all places. I could have sent us to deep space. What year is it? Black holes can send a person anywhere in the universe, and any time in the universe. How did I not become noodle-ized from the gravitational pull? So many questions I have.


I wake up in patches of green grass. Paul was gone and Randy was asleep. I still had the book in my hands. Where did Paul go? Hopefully not looking for trouble. He always is. This isn’t a very bad place to land. It’s much better than the ocean. “Randy, wake up.” I say.

“Meh…” says Randy.

“Randy.” I say. “Hey, maybe something in this book will tell me where this place is.” I skimmed through the book. Ah Ha! Here we go. Legends say that there is a mythical place called Ireland. Within the greens, there are Lucky Poptarts that grant you any kind of wish you desire. There are three of them, so you must hurry. Long ago a leprechaun had made these incredible wonders. The leprechaun thought that it would be an incredible hunt to find these things. Once you find it, it’s yours. My eyes popped out. So it is true. Randy. Hope you are enjoying your sleep. That’s is about the time I start searching.


 I wake up to see Mary, and Paul are gone. “Where did they go?” I ask myself. What if I am the only one here? So many questions, and I have an answer for nothing. “Guys, are you around here?” I ask. What am I saying? Of course they‘re ‘round here, but where? I decide to look around. “ ‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello. Who’s-er ready for-eh-smack on the face?” says some figment of my imagination. Why does my imagination torture me so? Instead of looking around, I decide to stay where I am so someone will find me. I saw it in a movie once.


As I watch the angry leprechaun walk away, I make a run for it to the door. “What a creepy little house.” I say. Well, at least it isn’t real. This is a dream, is it not? I decide to go back to where I started, because, you know, it is a good idea, but before I leave, I notice that the leprechaun had left that book he was holding. I peaked through and saw it was the same one as Mary had. My eyes notice something very interesting.

It states that,”If you hold the book for 1 minute, you get sent to Ireland, but if you say, “Go Home”, you get sent back to where you came from.

So, this isn’t a dream. I need to get out of here. Oh No! It said I need to hold the book and say, Go Home, but wait, if this all isn’t a dream, then isn’t that thing about those Poptarts real too. This book is the key to it since it has all the information. I hear footsteps.

“He! Get out er here boy! That’s my book!” I ran fast out of the house and went back to the start of this place. I see a kid laying there. It was Randy! I ran up to him.

“Hey Paul!“ Looks like it was a good idea to go back to where I started.”

“Glad to see you.” says Randy. “What is this place?” asks Randy.

“I have no idea.”

“But you’re the smart one.”

“My best guess is Ireland.”

“Wasn’t Mary over here a while ago?” I ask.

“We should go find her.” Randy replies.

“She’s always running off like this.”


As I search on the wet grass, I find little bits of pop tarts spread across the entire open range. “What does this mean?” I ask myself. Could it be that I have to put all the pieces together like a puzzle? Well I might as well just look it up in this book.

For thee, whom I put the pieces together, shall have the knowledge of wishes forever.”

Aha. I knew it. I must put all of these pieces together.

“Hey, Mary don’t touch those. You don’t know where they have been.” says Paul.

“I know what I am doing. Back off man!” I say. “Please let me finish. I’m almost done.”

“Okay. Be careful.” Randy says.

Finished thee puzzled. With thy prize. Give thy wishes to thee children till death.” I say. All of a sudden, the pieces of the poptarts fused together to create some kind of sphere.

“A wishing sphere.” I say. “He who puts his hand on the sphere, shall get one wish and two others near.” I read.

“Does this mean we will all get wishes?” asks Paul.

“I don’t think I have ever heard you ask a question before.” I say.

“Well, maybe in life, I don’t have to grow up at a young age.” Paul says. “Maybe being an adult means being important and respectable, but if it takes the aspect of adventure out of life, I don’t want to grow up yet.”


As one of the three children touches the sphere, each child gets their wish. Randy with the ending of world hunger (totally stole the idea), Mary with the ability to understand any living creature, and Paul with the wish of having the ability to believe, love, and cherish.

As the days end, the curtains fall, the waves crash, the music plays, the birds sing, your ears ring, and returning journey is always made. Or maybe it was only a dream. You choose.”


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The Annoying Leprechaun

The Annoying Leprechaun

By: Sunbo A. and Alyssa M., Staff Writer



Well, as you all know, you might have noticed my insane and horrible appearance last week. This mishap was for a very valid reason. I have been annoyed , creep-ed up on, unlucky, and much more. You might not believe what I’m going to tell you, but all of this was because of an unlucky leprechaun. St.Patrick’s Day is known for being lucky and great, but that was not my experience this holiday.

This horror story started in the morning , when I was just about to finish getting ready. As I bent down to tie my shoes there was this horrible, hideous, and disgusting green creature under my bed. The one thing that amazed me about the mysterious creature was how short and tiny it was. All of a sudden it spoke,” Hello there! Do I look familiar?” I was so shocked and scared and didn’t know what to say. Never in my thirteen years of life have I ever seen something like this. I was just sitting there with my mouth wide open and my eyes filled with curiosity and shock. Then The thing said, “Hello? I asked you a question. You humans are very rude!” After being in shock for ten minutes my mouth was finally able to work. All of the questions flew out all at once.

The thing finally said, “ Hold on there lassy, first of all I’m a leprechaun. Second of all, I’m not a normal leprechaun.”

I responded, “ I thought leprechauns aren’t real.” To my surprise the leprechaun got really angry. You could see his little face turn red. It was actually pretty funny. What he said next caused me to go into another state of shock. “Of course were real, everything is real! Do you think people just make things up! Unicorns, Cupid, Santa Claus. I just had lunch with the Easter bunny last week!”

So once the little guy cooled down I asked him what he meant by he wasn’t a “normal leprechaun”.

He said, “ Well, you know how leprechauns usually love Saint Patrick’s Day, and they’re supposed to be really lucky? Well, I’m kinda the opposite. I hate Saint Patrick’s Day and I’m unlucky.”  He continued, “Since I was a baby, I have been unlucky. I was teased a lot in rainbow school.” He proceeded to tell me that he came here because the only way his bad luck would change is if he would help a human for one week and be successful at it.

As soon as he said that I went ballistic and started screaming, “There is no way, I am letting an unlucky leprechaun control me for a whole week, you have got to be kidding me!!!!!!! And besides, you can’t come to school with me, and my parents can’t see you, no one can.”   He began to portray these big eyes, and managed a little tear.   Then he said in a sniffling voice, “Well, I guess I’ll just be leaving, looks like I’m just too unlucky.” I felt so bad and thought about it one last time, I said to myself, How bad could a leprechaun be for just a week?  But I had no idea what I was getting into.

About two days into our week I was fed up and tired of this annoying leprechaun. He had the worst habits in history. He did things like pick his nose and wipe it on my walls, spit when he talked , didn’t take showers often, and ate all the food in the house. Since he was going to be staying with me I gave him a name, which was Albert. I said “ Albert get down here and clean up this mess now!!”  Of course he didn’t listen and said, “No, clean it yourself.” At this point I was ripping my hair out.  I got blamed by my parents for a lot of things Albert has done. Like, breaking the windows, food on the floor, and breaking my bed.  My parents were starting to suspect something, so I made a decision. I decided that in order for Albert to stay here, I was going to give him a makeover and ground rules in my home.

“ Alberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt, get up here.”  He came up with an attitude and said “ What?”

I began to tell him that my parents were suspecting that some stranger was in the house, so I had to teach you him to be more human like and to follow rules.  I told him the basic things about living in my house and its rules. We even made plans so that my parents wouldn’t find him.  I had to admit I had a pretty fun time with Albert that night, until he broke my favorite lava lamp.

On Friday, to my surprise, Albert actually helped me out.  So, for the past few months, there has been this new blonde chick who has made my life a living pain ever since she’s come. “She is the most vermin human being on the planet and I hate her.” I told Albert.

On Friday, she decide to play a prank on me, but Albert heard the whole thing before the prank was going to be done. He managed to sneak into my backpack and come with me. They were going to pour milk on me and then raw eggs in front of the whole school, but I already knew their plan, so I tricked them in their own trap.  This was the best day of my life and it was all because of Albert. Even though he broke my lava lamp and my bed, he really helped me overcome those bullies.  Now I have no problems in school. I owe it all to Albert.

Sunday arrived and Albert was finally going to leave. I was quite happy, but a little sad at the same time.  He gave me a lot of great memories that will be hard to forget, mainly because they were so annoying. But I’ll miss him very  much. That one week felt like eternity.

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The Mysterious Leprechaun

The Mysterious Leprechaun

(even though leprechauns are already mysterious)

By: Tony Z.and Bryan L., staff writers


Listen, up kids and I shall tell you a story. A story about why you never see any leprechauns in person. I shall tell you about the first human to EVER meet a leprechaun. For this is the story of The Mysterious Leprechaun (even though leprechauns are already mysterious.) This story begins at a school on Saint Patrick’s Day where a young boy is reading his project aloud to the class……….

“He was a mysterious little man, one that I would never forget, one with a big hat and a cranky attitude and a bad temper. He had an orange beard and red hair, plus a four leaf clover was sticking out of that big hat of his. Also, not to mention….” the young boy named, named Harry said.

“HARRY, you’re SUPPOSED to do a report on the history of Saint Patrick’s day, not some silly made up story about a tiny midget with a big hat THAT DOES NOT EVEN EXIST!“ Miss Crab yelled furiously.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” the class erupted with laughter.

“But, but…” Harry stuttered, “Leprechauns are an important part of Saint Patrick’s Day, because they……”

The class erupted with laughter, and this time it seemed that they laughed louder than before.

“Go back to your seat Harry.   Your time to read your project to class is OVER!”  his teacher yelled.

Harry sat back in his seat, knowing he just blew off this assignment with a BANG!

Later, it was time for Harry to go home.  He had stayed at school late, redoing the project that he had blown off earlier at school. It was almost dark. Harry got on his bike ready to ride home. He looked at the time. It was 5:25. His parents always tell him to come home at 5:30. Normally, the bike ride would take 10 minutes to go home, but since he stayed at school late today, he needed to make it home in five minutes. I’m gonna have to take that shortcut, he thought nervously. He approached a forest which was rolled in tape which said CAUTION in capital letters. Also, there was a sign that strictly said the words NO TRESPASSING in big, black letters. “Oh, well,” Harry thought. “I’m going to have to go through this even though it said no trespassing.”

He hurriedly rode his bike into the forest and the first thing that caught his eye was the glint of gold underneath a bush. Harry stopped to explore the gold, when he noticed a little green person hiding behind a tree with a big hat and a four leaf clover sticking out of his hat. Harry ran as fast as he can to catch the leprechaun, but missed by a millimeter. Instead, when he jumped he landed in a tunnel going straight down. At the end of the hole, he landed in a house that was 3 feet high. There were pictures of leprechauns on the wall.

Finally, the leprechaun came out of the bathroom and screamed when he saw the human in his house.

“You stinkin’ HUMAN!” the leprechaun screamed. “YOU tryin’ tah steal me gold coinz?!!”

The leprechaun ran up to Harry and kicked him in the knee. Harry held his knee in pain, hopping on one foot.

“No, I must have accidentally fell down the hole from there.” Harry said as he pointed from where he fell.

Then leprechaun said, “Oh, then you can stay if you don’t touch me gold coinz.”

“Thanks and I promise to not take any of your gold” Harry said, assuring the leprechaun. Little did the leprechaun know, Harry had his fingers crossed behind his back as he spoke.

“Also, don’t tell anyone about me, OR me gold!”  The leprechaun claimed.

“Fine.” Harry said, still with his fingers crossed behind his back.

“Wait a minute,” said the leprechaun.


The leprechaun tries to pinch Harry but luckily Harry knew how fight back, so he kicked the leprechaun so hard that he was knocked out.  Harry then took all his gold and ran out of his house. He ran as fast as he could and got out of the magical forest.  He then ran home and showed his parents all the gold that he got…

“You’re home late Harry!” You’re grounded!”


“Wait, before you ground me, check out this gold I got”


His parents were shocked and asked,         “Where did you get this, Harry?”


Harry replied,” I got it at the park…the forest…where I met a leprechaun.”


“What!? OH MY GOSH! We need to report it to the government! IMMEDIATELY!”

Harry’s parents called the authorities. They told the government officials about the situation and showed them the gold. After a day, they decided to bomb the place and they did get a lot of gold from it. But the leprechaun barely managed to escape with his life when this happened. He never was able to trust humans again. From this point on, leprechauns never showed themselves to humans ever again.

That ends this story. The lesson is, to never tell the government that make believe creatures exist, because bombing would be the ultimate result. You see, this is why humans don’t see leprechauns anymore, just because of this one boy: Harry.

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Saint Patrick Has Weird Ways of Giving Me Fortune

Saint Patrick’s Day Fortune

st pat dayBy: Carly P. and Hong-Tran D., Staff Writers

It was the morning of Tuesday, March 17th. I (Carly) woke up with my hair all messed up. “Great St. Patrick’s Day. I wonder what kind of luck I’ll get,” I said sarcastically. I went to brush my teeth, but the toothpaste was all gone. Ugh!

As I went downstairs I tripped on the stairs. “OOF!” I turned towards my kitchen. What should I make for breakfast? I decided to heat up my dumpling from last night. As the dumpling was heating, I realized that my mom already heated it for me. I rushed over to the microwave, but it was too late. My dumpling was all shriveled up from so much heat. “Oh well, I don’t have time for breakfast.”

I walked to school, and was wondering about my luck today, I stopped and suddenly realized I forgot my homework at home. I remembered that I was working on it last night, but had forgotten to put the homework folder in my backpack. Ahh, I can’t believe how things are turning out already.  Isn’t this suppose to be a good day?

I entered the school building on my way to my locker. On my locker was a taped letter. All of the lockers had one too. I opened the letter, hoping that it wasn’t anything important. It read,

Attention all 12th grade seniors, your end of the year finals will take place today in classroom B5 from 2-3:10 pm. If you pass the required score, we will take your scores and enter it to your university computer system. Make sure you work hard and pass the finals.

I groaned. “Why, of all days, are the finals today???!!! Why couldn’t they make it the last day of school?!  I’m not ready!”

I entered my first class, which was Korean. I realized that I had forgotten my Korean notebook.  Is this the kind of luck I’m going to have today?

“Okay class, please take out your notebooks. I will be showing you a scene from “Heirs” and you have to explain what is happening.”

“Carly, where is your notebook?”

“Um, I forgot it at home.”

“*Sigh*, 3 points. Just make sure you bring it tomorrow.”

So, during the whole entire Korean class, I had to sit there and do nothing. Well, one class down, 5 more to go.

Suddenly, the loudspeaker came on “Reminder, due to final exams, there will be block schedules.” “UGHHHHHHHHHH, two hours in P.E. now?!  Why does today have to be so horrible?”   I headed to my locker to get my P.E shoes. Today is Tuesday, which is mile day. My P.E. shoes were all covered in mud from yesterday. I groaned. Things were hard, but not too bad, until 6th period.

“UGH, exam time. I hate this!!!” I entered the building where the exams were held. There was a person in charge who handed out the exam papers.

“Are you ready?” the teacher asked.

“Um, not really” I responded.

“Well, just do your best if you want to get admitted to a university.”

“Thanks.” I went inside to get started. Why must this be so hard?!!!!!!  I study all the time, but it never seems like it’s enough. When I finished my exam,  it was 4:00 PM. I went home after a tiring day. As I entered the door to my room, my parents suddenly said, “Oh we forgot that you had finals today!! We got an email from your school saying it was today! How was it?!”

“It was super hard, but I think I did OK.  I feel good about the test.”

“It’s okay, as long as you tried and did your best we are going to reward you. What do you want?”

“Um, I want some ramen and watch some movies.”

“Okay, let’s go celebrate your exams!”

So, after we celebrated, it was night time. Finally I can relax, after a long day.                                                                                                                                                                                           Even though my day started horrible, my misfortune turned into my fortune. As we all know, you never know what you’ll get.

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St. Patrick’s Day Comic

A Public Service Announcement About Rainbows

By: Dustyn C., Staff Writer

St. Pats Day Comic 001

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Inside a Video Game

Inside a Video Game

By: Haskell M., staff writer

Cyber City (1)


It was a normal Friday, when I was waiting patiently for my mom, to come and pick  me up from school. I kept on texting her, and kept on waiting. I was watching the cars go by, one by one. Soon my mom arrived, and I ran to the car. “Hello!” I said to her gleefully. “Hi, Jackson you seem to be happier than usual today.” My mom replied. “I sure am! Its a Friday, and that means no school for 2 days!” I said. “Well let me guess… you can’t wait to get home, and play your new game, Destroyers?”. “Yeah totally cant wait, that’s like the best game my friends said.” I said. “Well, we better get home, so you don’t have a heart attack.” My mom said, as we started driving towards the house.



            When my mom pulled up in the driveway, I nearly fainted. I wanted to play Destroyers so bad! I took off my seat belt, grabbed my backpack, opened the car door, and ran to the front door. My mom got out of the car, pulled her keys out, and unlocked the door. I ran inside throwing my backpack on the floor, and running into my room, shutting the door. I sat on the floor, grabbed the controller, and turned it on. Then the console turned on. I grabbed the disc case, and looked at the front. It said Destroyers. I could hardly breathe when I saw the game. I quickly opened up the case, and took a boy playing video gameout the disc. I slid it inside the disc slot in the console, and it started to load. I was so excited, that I could hardly wait any longer. I grabbed the controller, and stared at the screen, with glee. Then a title appeared in the screen saying Destroyers, from the Deep. Then the company names, and logos showed up on the screen. Then finally… the save slots. There were three save slots. I chose the first one, and it asked me to name my character. I named him, Jackson, my name. Then after I inputed the name, and clicked enter, there was darkness, and a loud high pitched noise.



            I awoke, thinking I passed out, from being too excited, but I realized I didn’t. I woke up in a battlefield. There were men carrying these huge guns, that shoot lasers. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I just couldn’t even  move. I just sat there for a minute watching jets, men, tanks, and explosions. It was a dream. I walked around, carefully making sure I don’t get in the way. I saw some men run towards me, and grab me by the shoulders. “Hey let me go!” I yelled as I struggled. “Just keep calm and be quiet kid.” One of the soldiers told me. I looked at him for second, remembering his face on the cover of the game case. I also saw his dog tag, on his character. What was it? Oh yeah! Blake! “Well Blake.” I told the man. “Hey how do you know my name?” said Blake. “Oh I just do.” Then I was thrown into the back of a big black truck. They shut the doors, and the truck drove away. Eventually I fell asleep, I was so tired from being excited.


            I soon awoke to a very bright light, that was blinding me. The men grabbed me and pulled me out of the truck. They took me inside this big building, and plopped me on this red carpet, in front of a throne. Then a deep voice said, “Who are you?”. I replied, “I’m Jackson, and do you know how I got into here?”. “No, sorry.” The deep voice replied. I looked around, and said, “Where am I?”. “You’re in the world of Destroyers.” The deep voice replied. I started to feel scared, and confused. I didn’t know what happened when I was at home, but I must have passed out or something. I stood up, and saw a big man in a metal suit. “You know, I’ve seen aliens, kajas, and men, but never small men like you.” The deep voice said. “So you don’t know what children are?” I said. “Children? Never heard of such a thing.” The deep voice said. Wow I thought am I in my new video game Destroyers? I can’t be, I thought. That’s impossible! “Well I am a child, just to let you know, and I guess I’ll be off.” I said as I walked away. “Well goodbye.” The deep voice said.  I walked out of the big room, and as soon as I did there was a huge explosion, right to the left of me. I looked over seeing a huge hole in the building. “Were under attack.” Yelled the deep voice. Then a bunch of troops with these huge guns came  to the front of the big building, and pulled out these portable riot shields. They held them in front of themselves looking like they were going to raid. Then another huge laser came hurling towards the troop, and then an explosion. I was inside the building the whole time this happened. I looked back seeing the big guy in the metal suit, with a worried look on his face. He told me to get back, and as soon as I did, another huge laser came, and hit him. He was knocked back not very far, but then fell to the floor, moaning, and I think dying. “Come over here child.” The man said. “Take this, and go home.” The man said as he took he took his last breath. Then I saw saw men wearing red suits come inside the building holding even bigger guns. “Search the area, and kill anyone that is in your path.” One of them said. “Move!” The same one said. I then slipped out the door, with nobody noticing me. I looked at the thing he gave me. It was a small little glowing blue orb. I slipped it into my back pocket, and knew that I needed to avenge the man in the metal suit.



            I looked around the big building just seeing small tents, and campfires, but nothing else. I went inside one of the tents quietly, and saw a huge gun, like the ones they had. I grabbed it, and I felt awesome, and strong. I snuck back out of the tent, and aimed the gun at the man standing in the doorway. I then pulled the trigger, and boom, I hit him. He fell to the floor, but when I walked up to him, I didn’t see any bullet holes or anything. I was confused, but didn’t care that much.I stepped over the man’s corpse and when I did he disappeared. Did he respawn? I thought, well whatever, as I ran to go after the other guys, but they heard me running. One of them turned around, and shot at me, and missed. The other pulled out a pistol, and aimed it at my head. He shot, but missed also. It was my turn now I thought, as I quickly shot both of them. They tried to dodge, but it still the laser still hit them. I saw them moan, and fall to the ground, and felt kind of bad, at least I avenged the men who had died. I walked out of the building, and threw the gun down. Know I thought, since that is done, I need to get back home. I first took the orb out of my pocket, and raised t up in the air, but that did nothing. Hmm I thought, maybe i might have to do with his throne? I walked back inside the big building, and walked up to the throne. I saw a little gem slot, slipping it in quickly. Then a huge laser whizzed right above my head, and nearly hit me, but ended up hitting the wall. Then a huge portal opened. It was aqua blue, and big. Then tons and millions of  laser bullets came flying towards me, but I dodged them, by jumping to the side. I then ran and jumped into the portal, as it closed.



            I woke up in my gaming chair, and with the game still in the home screen. I got up and walked around, feeling dizzy, and drowsy. Then my mom came in the room, saying, “Having fun sweetie?”. “Yeah I guess.” I replied. “Ok well I’m going to run to the grocery store ok?” She said. “Yeah ok mom.” I replied. “Be back soon” She said as she shut the door. I looked around just to make sure there weren’t any lasers, or heavy guns laying around. I sat back in my gaming chair, turning off the console with my controller, and set it down. Wow I thought, what a huge ride. I soon closed my eyes thinking of the epic battle, and drifting off to sleep.



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St . Patrick’s Day History

St . Patrick’s Day History

By: Jordan N. & Haskell M., Staff writers

    st pat       

Every year we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, on March 17th, which is the death of the patron saint of Ireland. It is an international celebration, to celebrate the Irish culture. There are parades, food, dancing, and lots of green, especially in cities with large groups of Irish-Americans. Feasting on the day features traditional Irish food, including corned beef, corned cabbage, coffee, soda bread, potatoes, and shepherd’s pie.  If you want to find a 4-leaf clover on St. Patrick’s Day go in a clover patch and look for a circle in the middle of the clover, and there you have it, a 4-leaf clover. Some churches may hold religious services and many schools close in Suffolk County, the area containing Boston and its suburbs. Chicago has a parade and turns the Chicago River green for a day.  St. Patrick’s Day to the Irish is celebrated in a big way every year.



St. Patrick was the missionary and bishop of Ireland. Saint Patrick is also known as the apostle of Ireland. Letters have shown that Saint Patrick was captured at Wales Scotland, and taken as a slave to Ireland. After what seemed forever Patrick escaped, going back to his home and family, in Britain. Patrick stayed there for awhile, but then went back to Ireland to do mission work. First he became a cleric, and then a Bishop within the Christian Faith.



St. Patrick’s Day was first celebrated in America in 1737. St. Patrick’s Day parades started in New York in 1762, by a somewhat big group of Irish soldiers. Today we still remember St. Patrick, and honor him with a huge celebration.



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The Lepre-spective

The Lepre-spective

by Lylianna L. & Jenny C.; Staff writers

Cao hetalia___leprechaun_ireland_by_sonixa-d4aso1c (1)


*Yawns* I smile. It’s that time of year again. Where we turn into half leprechaun, half human. It’s hereditary. It’s all because today is St. Patricks Day. I don’t really mind it. it’s that time of year Where I can be totally different from being the laid back type of person. I’m going to be able to prank people. I mean, I have to play pranks since I’m a leprechaun and all. I can’t control it. it’s kinda cool though, since I could just blame my troubles. Mom is gonna give dumb lecter about becoming trickster again like she does every year. ‘Play too many pranks bad things happen… blah blah blah.’

I brush my hair, thinking of all the people I’m pranking. I look at my usually blond hair, to see light rose colored hair. It smells just like freshly picked daisies too. I put my strawberry locks into two mini-braids, tying the two stands to the back of my head. Nice. I ignore my lonely beanie and get a nice hoodie, jeans, a t-shirt with an ironic phrase, and my combat boots.

*Crash* Great. Another failure by THE utter fail himself, Dave. I run down the stairs and see Dad already there at the crime scene to investigate the criminal, which just means he’s going to burst in a fireball and will yell at Dave, become tired, and tell Dave to clean up.

“DAVE! What did you do now!?” Dad yelled.

“Seriously Dave. You tried it again?” I said, mocking him. That clumsy nerd will try anything to make me fall, I swear.

“Um… yeah.” I slightly feel bad for him, as I normally do, but I will never show that. “I was planning to have you slip over the butter and fall… but I fell because Maggie was licking the butter and I didn’t pay attention to where I was walking. So I slipped and fell on my face.” Wow. Good job Maggie.

“Dweeb.” I leap over him I grab a PopTart. My sympathy for him vanished. People have no idea about how much energy it takes just to be in the same room for a day, much less for my entire life.

“Young man. You are grounded for a week for buttering my floor! Not to mention playing pranks on Rose. You know what time of day it is.” A silence fills up in the room, making me feel a weird aura. These are the times that my dad makes me feel guilty about pranking.

“Clean the floor, you’re going to ruin it.” I let Dave clean up by himself and I enjoy my PopTart.

Dave and I walk out to get to the bus stop. I hear snickers behind me.

“Hey tweedle dum. Move over.” Bully One said. This is starting again.

“Hey duckhead, give me your homework.” Bully 2 said. My little brother ignores them and starts planning out his pranks, as I see a tear drop.

“Hey! Don’t you ignore us nerd!” Oh god. I am feeling very sympathetic today.

“Hey dweeb-ettes. Shut up and ignore this one here. It’s annoying me.” I glare at them with my violet eyes, seeing their freaked out looks.

“Y-y-yes boss.” They both run off into the opposite direction, away from us.

“Thanks Rose.”

“Don’t say anything about what just happened, ok dweeb?”

“Ok.” He looks to the sky, his back facing me.

“Hey. If you didn’t move Maggie and fall, I would’ve fallen instead.” I feel slight good saying that. I look at Dave and he is smiling as if he won the lotto. I guess it’s a miracle for him to hear that from me. We step into the bus,  with me sitting in the front with my friends, and Dave, sitting in the front with his nerd friends. 

As I get off the bus, I glance into my backpack. Good. I haven’t forgotten anything for the pranks. I’m gonna start off with some old school pranks as a warm up, and then at the end of the day, the biggest of all.

“Rose, you ready?” I turn around to see my partner-in-crime, Vick.

“Yep. Ready for the warm-ups?”

“Let’s do this!” Vick yelled, pumping his fist in the air. I smile. This is why Vick’s my partner-in-crime. We walk to my locker, waiting for the right moment to begin the prank. I get out the bucket of water balloons, enough to  drench the teacher, and I place it on the door crevice. As I start setting up, the janitor walks passed us and winks. I wave at him, thanking him for helping us. He mouths no problem at us and continues to walk.

“All set.” I said, fist bumping Vick.

“Let’s rock!” Students surround us as the bell rings. No one really cares about the teachers being pranked. We all count down in our minds, waiting for our Geometry teacher, Mr. English. Here he comes!

“Morning class, I’ve-”

*Splash* The students and Vick and I all laughed as Mr. English gets drenched in ice cold water!

It’s so cold! H-h-help!” he yelped, shivering as if he was in a glacier.

“W-w-who d-d-did t-t-this?! Tell me!” Mr. English was starting to turn red with anger and his veins were popping out.

Teachers start emerging out of their cocoons of classes, peaking out to see what the commotion is about. Instead of being shocked and mad with Mr. English, they were laughing with the students! No one said anything about Vick and I creating the prank. At least, I hope they don’t. I walk into the classroom, laughing with everyone. We all take our seats as Mrs. Cassanova looks over our class for awhile until Mr. English “cools down” abit. He totally deserved that one though. He always gave Vick a disgusting look, as if he was a wretched bug that has beady eyes.

I notice something peculiar. The class nerd isn’t here. I have a feeling something is up. I raise my hand and ask Mrs. Cassanova if I could go to the bathroom. I stand up and sneak out of the classroom. I see the class nerd and the enraged Mr. English talking. I crouch down and listen attentively to their conversation.

“So, if I tell you who did the prank, you will give me an A for the rest of the year, even if I don’t do my projects or homework and you will give me $20?” the nerd said, cleaning his glasses. Ugh. I can’t believe Mr. English, no, that rat, would be so desperate to find the out that I pranked him.

“Yes. Now, tell me who did that horrendous prank and the deal will be sealed. Anyone that helped that awful person should be said too.” Oh no, I can’t let Vick get in trouble!

“It was Rose and Vick helped her! Now give me my prize.”

“It was those two rats. I should’ve known better. I’m going to tell the principal what happened afterwards. Here.” He shoved the money to the nerd and added,

“If you tell anyone, your grade plummet down to a D, you understand?”

“Sure.” I sneak away to make sure they didn’t know I overheard their conversation. I slide back into my seat and I sleep for the rest of the class, trying to forget what I heard.

*Ring!* I get all my stuff and walk with Vick to my next class. I told him about all the thing Mr. English did to get us in trouble.

“That skunk. Bribing that kid with money and grades.”

“I know, but we should be worrying more about what we should be saying then how to get back at Mr. English. He’s planning to tell the principal that we did a prank on him.”

“Well, don’t worry Rose. We’ll get out of this somehow.” Vick always finds a way to calm me down. I heard footsteps behind me and turn around to see a smirking Mr. English and the principal, Mr. Sanchez. He has this blank expression on his face, which makes it even harder to read it.

“Vick. Rose. Come to my office right now.” We walk to the office, synchronising our steps.

Wow. That was so surprising. I had no idea Mr. Sanchez was a leprechaun too. it just doesn’t seem like because his hair is always the rose color, saying that it’s different today is absurd! His hair covered his pointy ears and he told everyone that he had natural looking ears. He gave us each a private talk, especially to me, knowing what I am. Will people stop warning me about becoming a trickster!

“I’m guessing that you are a fellow leprechaun, Rose.”

“What are you talking about Mr. Sanchez,” I said, trying to look surprised at what he said.

“Don’t pretend Rose. I can sense people who are leprechauns. Dave is one too, I know that. He isn’t really trying that hard to hide it anyways. He told everyone that he was cosplaying as a leprechaun…” That idiot. Of course he would say that he is cosplaying. He’s such an idiot, that it wouldn’t sound like he’s making it up.

“I never knew you were a leprechaun Mr. Sanchez”

“I’ve always been a leprechaun, I always will be, since we live forever, right?” Mr. Sanchez jokes. He chuckles and gives me this warm smile. I return the smile back at him.

“I know, it’s hard to resist the urge to prank, but doing too many pranks will cause you to become a trickster. It is not fun, I assure you.” My smile falters.

“I will try to keep my pranks at a low amount sir.” I stand up and excuse myself, giving him a quick wave good-bye and walk out.

Over the next few hours, Vick and I create pranks that no one could ever forget. We pranked the cheerleaders with putting paint inside their pom-poms, so when they shake them, paint spews everywhere. That I promise was a pure classic.

Ms. Ortez, the P.E. teacher, gets a bit of, what I call, the “flip”. What Vick did was he placed some olive oil on the ground, polishing it so he wouldn’t notice the oil, and place an invisible string to the wall, so when he slips, he trips. He then would fall over and trip once again on a banana, flipping him into the ground. It surprisingly worked out well, with Ms. Ortez actually giving us a standing ovation for pranking her.

All of the other pranks were miniscule compared to those three, such as taking this fake spider and placing it on this girl’s arm while she was resting. At the end of the day though, we looked at each other and waited for our huge prank yet. This had something to do with yet again, Mr. English. We all know he has a ever-dying crush on Ms. Granser, our resident science teacher. So, we had her help us with this prank. She agreed mainly because she was so freaked at the fact that he would endlessly stare at her and follow her.

Who doesn’t find that creepy?

We got her to write this note to Mr. English saying that she would meet him up at the abandoned gym shed. We told her to write in to wear these onesies that see also sent to him. I set up the cameras everywhere while Vick connected the cameras to the school wide broadcasting T.V.

“Ready to broadcast on 3, 2, 1…” Vick counted.

“We’re on!”

We had Ms. Granser calling him and telling him these weird commands. Little did he know though, that it was all broadcasted live. The students loved it! There was no one that did not see since it was connected to every broadcasting T.V. set around the school.

Oh god. I feel bad right now. It’s as if someone punched me in the stomach. Maybe it was something I ate.

As the bell rings, we all see Mr. English blushing as he passes us. We all laugh as we see him and he looks as us all as if we are some mental group of kids. He doesn’t have a clue, does he?

Ouch! The pain is increasingly more painful than ever. Suddenly, everyone faints around me. There seems to be this death everywhere. My head is feeling as if I’m dying right now! My mind is turning blank…

“SOMEONE! ANYONE! HELP ME!” I scream, tears running everywhere on my face.

“STOP IT! STOP THE PAIN!” My mind is morphing into something else…

“What is happening here?” Mr. Sanchez said.

“Please. Help.” I kneel down and wished that this was over…

Clouds surround me as I change into something I never was. This is what a trickster was.
Screams filled the air around me as I took control of what was always meant to be mine. This is my destiny. This is my fate. My moment has arrived and this will become the rise of the new age of tricksters since they fell from power long before time, before life, during the age of the gods. I shall spread corruption and and pain throughout the land as lead my armies across the world. I am the transcendent one.

“ROSE! THIS ISN’T YOU!” a cry filled the air from that lowly human, Vick. “REMEMBER OUR PROMISE!” a promise he speaks of… what promise? “YOU SAID YOU’D NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE! YOU SAID I’D NEVER HAVE TO BE ALONE AGAIN!” WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS SPEAKING TO ME AS IF I WAS AS LOW AS HIM?!

“I-I remember…” That’s my voice, but-but it’s not my words… I’m not speaking… It’s her… She got free! This is my Earth! My new chance! I failed… I failed my only purpose…

It’s alright Dolus. You don’t have to be alone either. You can stay here, with me. I won’t leave you behind like the others. I’m in it for the long run.

But I hurt you. How could you not hate me?

We all do things we are not proud of.

You are the single greatest being I have ever met and I have met all.

We start to go back to normal. Back to what we used to be.

“Rose I thought I lost you!” Vick said while openly sobbing. “ We both would have ended up alone…” He doesn’t fully understand what just happened and I think it’s better and safer for him like that.

“Vick I’m never alone. Not anymore.”

“Are you saying you’ll always have me?”

“Not exactly.” This is going to be a long year. I agree.

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One Piece Treasure Cruise Review

One Piece Treasure Cruise Review

By: Tony Z., staff writer


If you didn’t know already, One Piece is a classic anime/manga. The manga was released in 1997 and the anime aired in 1999. Both the anime and manga are going on today with the anime having 17 seasons! Of course numerous One Piece games were released, including a recent game for mobile devices(ios, android) called One Piece Treasure Cruise, made by Bandai Namco Games.

onepieceOne Piece Treasure Cruise play like an RPG. For the gameplay, you play as a total of 6 different characters. You tap their icon to attack an enemy and when you attack them, words fly out. When all these words go to the middle, you try to time it perfectly to tap another character, who will then do their attack and you keep on doing this until you use all 6 of your characters.

If you don’t time the attack correctly, you will miss the chance, but you must tap a character instantly after that, or your turn will be over. The attack is judged by 3 ways, good great and perfect or miss. The gameplay is simple and fun to do, because you can pull off some really cool combos. There are many characters in the game and you unlock them by getting a wanted poster while playing the game or you can get them from the tavern. You also have a ship, which you can upgrade. I have to admit, I like the gameplay.

In this game you go through the story of the One Piece series. You face the same villains and you can play as the same characters in the anime/manga. The story of course is, Luffy is a young guy who is determined to become king of the pirates. As a child, he ate the Gum-Gum fruit which gave him the power to stretch his arms and legs just like rubber. He sets off on a awesome adventure to the Grand Line, determined to gather up a crew and find the legendary treasure, called the One Piece. The story is shown through cutscenes in the game.

One Piece Treasure Cruise is an excellent game for fans of the anime or manga. The only real flaws I can find with the game is that the gameplay can sometimes be really easy to play and you you first start playing the game there are long loading screens. Because of these flaws, this game gets a 9/10.





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Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Review

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Review

By: Haskell M. and James S., staff writers


Storyline – Five Nights at Freddy’s is a series of unfortunate events leading to a pizzeria closing down. An undiscovered restaurant left and forgotten, until found 30 years later in the year 2015. After the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria closed its doors, it became nothing more than a memory. After years of neglect, and ruining, this family restaurant is down to no animatronics still ‘online’ and operating. Or so we think, that is. Fazbear Fright is determined to revive Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria into a horror attraction,Springtrap, and all that is remaining.

freddy6Your Job – Welcome to your new job kid. After years of a holes in the hearts of children, our company has decided to buy this here lot, and give this gift to adults who have been here before, and children who have never even seen the place. Why did this place close it’s doors? We honestly don’t know, but whatever the reason, our staff is investigating it all as we speak. Now you have an important job here in Fazbear’s Fright. You are to see if anything is ‘moving’. If so, tell us as soon as your shift is finished. We want to collect anything still remaining and use it in this here horror freddy7attraction. You have a tablet that will see everywhere we have cameras, and get this. With it’s latest technology, it has the ability to give sound to the user, and you can open and close air vents with it as well. If there’s an error while trying to do one of these action, don’t worry, just reboot them. We also found one very old animatronic working, though he is all torn, and basically junk, but he is still operating. Oh and try to keep calm, this place can be really creepy possibly leading to hallucinations, especially at night. Otherwise you should be as good as gold. (Literally). See you tomorrow!


freddy4Release date/Compatible Devices/Producer –  Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 released March 2nd 2015, on Steam, and it released on March 7th 2015 for Android. You can play this game on PC. Download it at Steam, or download it on android. The producer is Scott Cawthon.


Commentary – “They have already made a Fnaf 3?” Says James S.

“Most of us thought the star of the games (Freddy Fazbear) wouldn’t even be in the game. Although no real animatronics are really in the game except Springtrap, hallucinations of past animatronics are given to you.”

“Scott Cawthon is a one of a kind producer. He creates these games like it was a breeze. I love how Scott makes these games so realistic, and incredibly tense. A 5 star game.” Says Haskell M. “Most of us don’t really know the correct story to follow. If you say game two is a prequel,(Which it most definitely is) I may throw off the story. Where are the toy animatronics in game one? This game confuses me, yet I can’t stop playing it.” says J

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SOMA Period 4

Student of the Month Assembly for Period 4

By : Jenny C. and Hong Tran D., Staff Writers



Magruder’s outdoor stage was packed with students, and proud parents, at the Period Four Student of the Month Assembly, on February 27th, 2015. The assembly started with Esther C. leading the Mustang Cheer. It seems like the 8th graders were the best this time at the cheer. Jr HRA leaders started announcing the names of 6th graders and Ms. Nunez handed out certificates.


Starting off with the 6th graders :

DSCN38591 : Mrs. Le ~ Judel A. for outstanding Academic Achievement & citizenship in Math.

2 : Mrs. Le ~ Joseph D. for excellent class participation & work habits.

3 : Mrs. Le ~ Andrew Y. for outstanding academic achievement & citizenship in Math.

DSC_05354 : Mrs. Takano and Yung ~ Sohaib B. for always being enthusiastic and ready to learn

5 : Mrs. Takano and Yung ~ Savannah L. for always being a hard worker and putting forth amazing effort

6 : Mr. Vermette ~ Jiro (Wayne) C. for best sportsmanship in Physical Education

DSC_05447 : Mr. Vermette ~ Ignacio H. for best effort in Physical Education

8 : Mr. Vermette ~ “Haskell” Thomas M. for best sportsmanship in Physical Education

9 : Mr. Vermette ~ Joanna M. for best effort in Physical Education

DSCN385110 : Mr. Vermette ~ Mervy P.-M. for best sportsmanship in Physical Education

11 : Mr. Vermette ~ Makaela W. for best sportsmanship in Physical Education

12 : Mrs. Jaeger ~ Julio C. for excellent participation in Language Arts

13 : Mrs. Jaeger ~ James E. for excellence in writing in Language Arts

14 : Mrs. Jaeger ~ Joslyn H. for excellent achievement in Language Arts

DSCN386815 : Mrs. Jaeger ~ Jaelyn S. for excellence in Language Arts

16 : Ms. Thompson ~ Viviana G. for being a great scientist

17 : Ms. Thompson ~ Dynelli H. for dedication in participation and citizenship in Science

18 : Ms. Thompson ~ Kimberly Q.for dedication to participating in Science

19 : Mrs. Ramos ~ Fernando S. for excellent attitude about school work

20 : Mrs. Ramos ~ Kayla W. for excellent attitude about school work

Afterwards, one of the Jr HRA members, James S., talking about this months character trait.

From you Jr. HRA and Renaissance – with great grades come great possibilities. This month we are focusing on the character trait of Fairness.

Fairness is the state, condition, or quality of being fair, or free from the bias or unjustice; evenhandedness. Play by the rules – Take turns and share – Be open-minded; listen to others – Don’t take advantage of others – Don’t blame others – Treat all people fairly.

DSC_0555After the character trait, Ms. Ramos talked about the ELD program and how one student, Dylan, managed to succeed and tested out of the program. She then talked to the 8th graders about the bilingual certificate at the end of high school. For 8th graders to earn this, they must be able to speak, write, and read a language besides English.


Here are the 7th graders :

1 : Mrs. Peterson ~ William B. for excellence in Social Studies

DSC_05502 : Mrs. Peterson ~ James S. for excellence in Social Studies

3 : Mrs. Peterson ~ Jenny T. for excellence in writing and research in Social Studies

4 : Mrs. Peterson ~ Abigail V. for excellence in Social Studies

5 : Ms. Kawahara ~ David C. for being a hard-working Mathematician

DSCN38776 : Ms. Kawahara ~ Amanda d. for being a hard-working Mathematician

7 : Mrs. Davies ~ Dylan C. for outstanding achievement and participation in Science

8 : Mrs. Davies ~ Carly P. for outstanding achievement and participation in Science

9 : Ms. Loftin ~ Monica K. for always giving 100% in Physical Education

10 : Ms. Loftin ~ Xerxes R. for being a great runner in Physical Education

DSC_054811 : Ms. Loftin ~ Sana S. for always giving 100% in Physical Education

12 : Ms. Loftin ~ Nyla S. for being an amazing runner in Physical Education

13 : Mrs. Aulenta ~ Riley L. for excellent achievement and citizenship in Language Arts
15 : Mrs. Aulenta ~ Miguel L. for excellent effort and citizenship in Language Arts



Finally, the 8th graders :

DSCN39021 : Mrs. Ji ~ Andrea A. for academic excellence in Science

2 : Mrs. Ji ~ Christian L. for academic excellence in Science

3 : Mrs. Ji ~ Rachel L. for academic excellence in Science

4 : Mrs. Johnson ~ Mia C. for incredible growth in commitment and mastery in Math class

5 : Mrs. Johnson ~ Thatcher L. for being the most dedicated and improved Math student

DSC_05626 : Mrs. Johnson ~ Bryan R. for being an extremely focused and high achieving Math student

7 : Mrs. Johnson ~ Michelle V. for being the most outstanding Mathematician.

8 : Mrs. Schwafaty ~ Melissa D. for outstanding effort and participation

9 : Mrs. Schwafaty ~ Jessica N. for academic excellence and outstanding participation

10 : Mrs. Schwafaty ~ Jessica W. for academic excellence and outstanding participation

11 : Ms. Worthge ~ Kobey D. for excellence in effort and achievement

12 : Ms. Loftin ~ Danny E. for always giving 100% in Physical Education

13 : Mrs. Kim ~ Alex G. for excellent perseverance and determination to be a successful leader

14 : Mrs. Kim ~ Justin S. for excellent effort and citizenship

15 : Mrs. Fraga ~ Ramzy I. for excellence in achievement, effort, and participation

16 : Mrs. Fraga ~ Rita “Phuong Uyen” N. for excellence in achievement, effort, and participation

17 : Mrs. Fraga ~ Tuyen T. for excellence in achievement and effort

18 : Mrs. Fraga ~ Armando V. for excellence in achievement and participation

19 : Mr. Burgner ~ Claire K. for excellent historical analysis

20 : Mr. Burgner ~ Marla M.-C. for excellence in Social Studies

21 : Ms. Thompson ~ Marla M.-C. for excellence in Science

22 : Ms. Thompson ~ Anton p. for dedication and worth ethic in Science

23 : Ms. Thompson ~ Virginia “Gina” R. for continued growth and curiosity as a scientist.


After the students, we moved on to the teachers. A teacher is chosen, by students, from each grade level to receive the award which is a bouquet of flowers and a certificate, for making their class especially interesting and enjoyable. It is called the Staffelty of the Month.


First was for 6th graders, Mrs. Smith was chosen for making Social Studies and Science fun and easy. Next, Mrs. Aulenta was chosen for 7th grade for her ability to understand her students and find special ways to teach her students. Finally Mr. Burgner was the 8th grade Staffelty of the Month for his achievement on making the lessons entertaining and interesting for his students. Magruder proudly recognizes our teacher for all of their hard work.

So this was February’s S.O.M.A. Magruder will continue to recognize students for their hard work.



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California Junior Scholarship Federation

College Bound? Join CJSF California Junior Scholarship Federation

by:Carly P. and Khanh P., staff writers

sealEver wanted to get a headstart in college? Well, now’s your chance, because at CJSF we volunteer, tutor, and offer service to the school and community.  The benefits include getting scholarships, and of course make new friends that enjoy school as much as you do.

First of all, The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) was started in 1921 by Charles F. Seymour, who recognizes students living in the state of California who have high standards in academics.

Members of the CSF are able to get a tuition scholarship available at universities and colleges nationwide. Regional sub-committees nominate several members as Life Members based upon character, leadership abilities and volunteer service.  Fifty students will receive $1,500 each, and five of these (one from each region of California) is awarded an additional $1000 toward their college fund.tassles

There are at least one thousand chapters located in different schools across the state. The organization continues to promote education-motivated students, encouraging them to get involved in their communities through volunteer service.

sashCSF also has a subdivision called the California Junior Scholarship Federation which awards scholarships to middle school students who also possess high standards.

Starting this program in middle school gives a person an advantage because you have the ability to start in the high school CSF your first semester, enabling you to have four full years. If you complete four years of the California Scholarship Federation then you can possibly get the scholarship, and in graduation earn the “Senior Swag.” The Senior Swag consists of tassels, graduation cap, and a medal showing that you completed the high school with all A’s and B’s.

In order to get into this program in middle school you have to get no C’s, 2 B’s at the maximum, and the rest A’s. Up for the challenge? If so, come and join. Get an application in Ms. Kim’s class, room 19, right away.

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Math Counts Competition 2015

Math Counts Competition

by: Carly P. and Khanh P., Staff Writers

mathcounts competition1

The exciting and inspiring Math Counts Competition, sponsored by Northrup  Grumman, was held on Saturday, February 28, 2015. The Magruder Mustangs, went to Northrop Grumman Building S to compete with 19 other schools like Manhattan Beach, Richardson MS, Casimir MS, Wolverine Cross County, and Whitney High School.  This competition lasted until 8-2:20 and, even though we didn’t do math for this whole entire time we still had a blast.
math counts partyFirst of all, during 8-8:55 we had a team check in which Mrs. Johnson signed us in and then we put on our name tags hung out with the other teams. And then at 9:00 everyone received instructions in how the math competition and then at 9:20 we reviewed the instructions. Now it was showtime, at 9:35 the sprint round begin which you had to solve 30 problems in under 45 minutes which everyone took that, counted for the individuals score. Afterwards at 10:15, we had our morning snacks which consisted of muffins. That rejuvenated our brains; then at 10:50, the Target Rounds began. The Target Rounds were a (8) questions that you had to solve under an 8 minute time constraint.

mathcounts team3

Secondly at 11:35, the Team Rounds began. The Team Rounds were a set of 10 questions that a group of individuals, (Christian L., Max M., Victor W., Carly P., Jordan N.,Virginia G.) and the team (Ramzy I.,Yadira L., Esther C., and Rita N) had to solve under 30 minutes. Afterwards, at 12:05, lunch started and it consisted of 4 boxes of pizza, a bottle of Coke and Sprite, chips, and cookies. Next, at 12:30, we didn’t get to do the Fun Round, unlike the other groups did on Friday due to the noise levels that they created last time. At 1:15, the Countdown Round began, where two people each from the top ten contestant from their individual scores from the Sprint Round went against each other, trying to solve problems the fastest than each other in a 45 second time lapse. The faster person went on to go to the Upper Round until there was 1 person standing, who then moved on to the State Regionals. The awards and trophies were then handed out to the top 5 contestants (Oxford, Whitney, Harvard, Manhattan Beach, and Casimir) at 2:30.

Overall this math competition was a very interesting experience even though we didn’t win. Magruder can take this experience to heart and know that even though we didn’t win, our accomplishment was having fun and making new friends who enjoy math as much as we do. The most important thing was that we had fun throughout this math competition. We, as math competitors, look forward to the next competition and will continue to work hard and enjoy math and use this experience for future references.


Once again thank you to Northrop Grumman for allowing this to all happen, to Mrs. Johnson our wonderful mentor who strives to lead our math army, and to Christian L., Max M., Victor W., Carly P., Jordan N., Virginia R., Ramzy I., Yadira L, Esther C., and Rita N. who are our brave mathletes leading and represented Magruder in this competition.

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Lucky or Not?

Lucky or Not?

By: Khanh P., staff writer


PAT3-1920x1200I wake up to a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day morning, the sun is shining on me, blanketing me in warmth as I arise. “Stephanie! Come down for breakfast!”

I hurry down the stairs, but unfortunately, I slip down the last few stair steps. Luckily, I didn’t get majorly hurt. My older brother came up and asked me, “Did that hurt? Did you slip on something that was ‘accidentally’ left there?”

“Luke, I can’t believe it, I could’ve been seriously hurt!” I retorted.


I sit down for breakfast, as Luke, the one who helped me slip down the stairs, joins me for breakfast. My mom made me waffles, eggs, bacon, with a bit of syrup on the side to eat. Mom then asked me, “What are you going to do today Stephanie?” I thought for a quick second, then replied “ I’m gonna stay home with you today.”

I lost my dad since I since I was two, it has been 12 years since, now, so I promised myself to spend as much time as possible with my mom. My brother added, “ I guess I will stay home at home too.” Wait, what? Why is he staying home too?


I finish my breakfast and hurry up to my room. Why does Luke want to stay home? He usually goes out with his friends on holidays. Does he want to make this an unlucky day for me? One day like this can quite possibly ruin the rest of the month for me. Gosh, this thinking is killing my head right now. I need to think of something else and relax. Right at that second, my door burst open!


“Hey! Don’t you knock!?” I screamed really loud as Luke barges in to my room. Luke replies to me, “Sorry, I just want to reassure you, I’m not going to ruin this day.” What did he just say? Did I imagine this? Luke quickly adds, “I want to spend a good day with this family today, this day has to be lucky, at least for me. I’m going to buy some ice cream, want to tag along?” Wow, this was surely unexpected, I guess he really means it. For the rest of the day, Luke buys ice cream, popcorn, and rents a good movie to enjoy with mom and I. Today was full of unexpected things. In the end, everything turned out great!

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Robotics and Tech Club Goes to Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman Field Trip

By: Sunbo A., staff writer


The last week in February is National Engineer’s Week.  The Magruder’s tech and robotics teams had an incredible opportunity and went to one of the greatest aerospace companies in the world called Northrop Grumman. This was a great experience for both clubs and taught us many valuable things.  Our amazing journey began as soon as we stepped off the buses and straight into Northrop Grumman.

As soon as our journey of exploring began, we split into two groups and met our amazing tour guides, who led us through everything.  Their names were Keith Burton and Eliza Velardez. These two guided us on the tour with information and much more. One surprising detail is that Eliza actually went to our home school Magruder, and so did her two sons. It was nice to have someone there from our home school.

After we were introduced to all of the tour guides, we immediately proceeded to a short video about Northrup Grumman. We were all seated in a very nice mini movie theater, with very comfortable chairs. DSCN3746During the video we saw commercials about Northrup Grumman’s evolution from the B2 bomber, to a new wing-shaped drone, to the new Long Range Strike Bomber (the bomber of the near future).

After we saw the movie, we moved to the next stop.  Our next stop was the Ingenuity in Motion and the hands-on Game Room. The Ingenuity in Motion also included a very educational hall that provided information on all the aircraft made at Northrop Grumman over the past decades. In this hall there were lots of displays of model airplanes and things to read and watch.  It was very interesting, and incredibly realistic.

We also went to the hands on game room. This game room consisted of many mind blowing technology. There were lots of games and activities to do. They all had to do with aerospace technology.  Both of  these places were brand new, they haven’t even been open to the public yet, but we were the first to actually get to experience what it was like to be in such a historical but modern place.

DSCN3764The next thing on our list was the James Webb Telescope. This telescope is not yet launched project.We actually got to see inside of the clean room where they were making the telescope.  It will take about 5 years for it to be complete. A clean room is a room where everything is clean and sanitized, even the people were wearing full body suits.They wore these so that there human bacteria will not affect anything. The reason they need to keep everything clean, is to protect the project. Any bacteria or dust can harm the object and cause major problems. Everything has to be perfect before the telescope goes to space. There is no turning back after it is launched.

After we saw the telescope we went directly to the “fab lab”. The fab lab is basically a place for fun experiments for the people working at their company. They try new things and test out different ideas. It’s really just a fun place for the engineers. The fab lab had lots of great ideas and inventions in there, but they were not yet finished.


DSCN3794Soon it was time for lunch, and everyone was anxious to see what we were doing next. When we arrived at the lunch area, there was a burger section, drink section, condiment section, and chips section. We had a great lunch and also a little surprise while we were eating. The company was having an egg drop competition. There were lots of teams and very brilliant ideas. They even had cool names like, The Breakfast Club, Eggtastics, Eggsterminator, named for the container the engineers designed so they could drop an egg without it breaking. The egg drop competition was very interesting. Employees received prizes for the best design and dropping it closest to target.

After the egg drop we toured the composite manufacturing building. This building was huge and consists of very creative things that we have never heard about. We saw how they cut material for planes, where they store these chemicals, and so much more. One surprising thing that we saw was the cutting of material. Did you know that you could cut material with water or with lasers? The reason why it is possible with water is because the air pressure in the water is so high, that it is able to cut through things. The lasers are high tech and are able to get very hot and cut through anything.

DSCN3798At the very end of the tour we took a final stop to see the manufacturing of the F/A -18 E Super Hornet Fighter.  We saw many people there putting together the pieces to make such an extraordinary object. There were many different techniques that people used at different stations, but it is amazing how everything soon comes together.They all worked as a team.

Over all this was one of the greatest field trips we have all been on. It showed us many things. They showed teamwork, great history, safety, and much more indescribably things. We would like to thank Northrop Grumman for providing their funds and their time so we could have this great opportunity during Engineers Week. A big thank you to Mr. Keith Burton and Ms. Eliza Velardez for their time and efforts in making this happen. They are also the individuals who had Northrup Grumman give the robotics club $2550.00 to improve our robotics program. We greatly appreciate this grant and the field trip.  This tour of Northrup Grumman motivated a lot of us to become a part of serving our country through engineering.

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Tech and Robotics Club Field Trip

Tech and Robotics Club Field Trip

By Dustyn C. and Eric G., staff writers


On Tuesday, February 24, both the Tech Club and Robotics Club took the unique opportunity to visit the Northrop Grumman Aerospace System to celebrate Engineering Week. There were a lot of things to interact with and many places to visit. From the museum of history of Northrop Grumman to the FA18 assembly line, there were a lot of sights to see.



Once we arrived at Northrop Grumman, our first destination was at a theater. In the theater, we watched commercials that were shown during the Super Bow. These high quality commercials showed off the original B2 Bomber and the Long-Range Strike-Bomber, which is the next-generation bomber.




After watching the commercials, we entered the “NGenuity in Motion” museum where there are a lot of things to interact with and watch. Model planes were installed at the sides for others to observe in its quality glory. Visitors were given the option to watch different videos about the history of Northrop Grumman. Games were available to play that centered around fighter jets or planning airstrikes. There were plenty of things to do for everyone to enjoy.


Once the fun of “NGenuity in Motion” was done, all the lucky students traveled to the clean room, where the James Webb Telescope was being assembled. The James Webb Telescope is the newer model of the Hubble Space Telescope and planned to be launched on October 2018. This telescope is supposed to see back in time! (How can that be? Thinking about it, if you are staring at the sun, you are staring at what it looked like 8 minutes ago.) DSCN3770They say if the telescope goes far enough, they could see the big bang!

After our experience in the clean room, we went back to the school bus on our way to the Fab Lab. That is where they come up with and follow through with ideas. They are currently working on a 20 feet tall Tetris game using robots! The Fab Lab also had 3-D printers that are used for different projects creating 3-D models of objects.


Lunchtime began once our session with the Fab Lab concluded. While students talked and ate, an egg drop competition was happening. Several teams would use different materials to drop eggs onto a target without cracking the egg. Just like a game of darts, where the dart lands is a key point to winning alongside keeping the egg safe. Teams would be rated based on maintenance of the egg, the points a team received, the materials used to keep the egg safe, and the team name.

Once the competition has begun, the audience was up on their toes! Everyone would cheer, sigh, and chant in response to the egg drop. The people were truly a part of the game. In fact, the team names were rated based on how loud the audience cheered. Everyone was clearly having a blast during the competition!

The conclusion of the egg drop competition was only another transition to another epic part of the field trip. Once the eggs have been dropped, the lucky students went to visit the Composite Lab. In the Composite Lab, the materials for the different parts for the fighter planes are made. Each part is made with the utmost quality and care, which is why the products Northrop Grumman makes are top of the line!


After our visit in the Composite Lab, we arrived in our last destination in the FA-18 assembly line. In the assembly line, the parts that were made in the Composite Lab are built into the Super Hornet and Growler fighter planes. The attendees of the field trip got to see all the hard working men and women building quality planes for the future of technology! Several plane parts and stages of construction were also explained in detail by the DSCN3797helpful tour guide. We never looked at planes the same after our trip to the assembly line.


On our way back to Magruder, everyone chatted away about the destinations we visited. From NGenuity in Motion and the telescope in the clean room to the Egg Drop Competition and the assembly line, the field trip was still as awesome in the end as in the beginning!

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Honorary Service Awards

Honorary Service Awards

By : Jenny C. and Joy M., Staff Writers


Did you go to Honorary Service Awards? If you did, well, great!  But if you didn’t, you missed out on this delightful night. Honorary Service Awards was held at North High, Saxon Hall at 6:30 pm. Teachers, students, and parents surrounded the entire gym and waiting to see the students and teachers up in the front. The place was so crowded that some people had to stand the entire time!

DSCN3839          The Honorary Service Awards kicked off with a small PTSA meeting. Afterwards, we gave roses and honored 2015 PTSA Honorary Service Award Recipients. They were Mr. “Ziggy”, who had graciously volunteered for us; Mrs. Peterson, the force behind the yearbook, the Mustang Message, and the founder of Robotics Club; Ms. Nunes, our amazing Assistant Principal; Mrs. Barker, our loving counselor, Mrs. Spellman, and Mrs. Banda, who has helped us out so much with our school.  Magruder students are very thankful to have them.

DSC_0440  There was a small PTSA meeting after the H.S.A. recipients. Afterwards, we announced and congratulated the students who have gotten honor roll 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, or both. They announced the 6th graders first, then the 7th graders, and finally 8th graders were announced. They each got a high five from Mr. Sheck personally.

There was a small break for all of the attendees and parents to get cupcakes, fondue, ( it was clumpy, but surprisingly delicious ), pretzels, marshmallows, strawberries, and pink and yellow punch. While that happened, they announced and gave awards to the Robotics Team, Olasunbo A., Carly P., Kennedy G., Eric G., Owen N., Orion O., Dylan F., and Jordan B.; the History Bee winners, Joel D. as the champion, Eric F. in 2nd place, Htet T. and Nicholas K. tied for 3rd place, and Annie C. in 5th place; The Spelling DSC_0494Bee winners, Eric G. as the emperor of this competition, AJ H. in 2nd place, and Vincent M. and Salaidh P. tied for 3rd place. And finishing it off, the Reflection Awards winner, the mighty Hannah J. whose entry went on to compete in the district and county levels. At the end, everyone exited the hall with smiles on their faces and a night to remember.

DSCN3893DSC_0486DSC_0424 DSC_0460DSCN3783 DSCN3845



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College Fair at West High

College Fair at West High

By: Alyssa M. & Sunbo A., Staff Writers


College may always seem so far away, but in reality you should always start to plan for the future. That is why people save money, look into lots of great colleges, and scholarships for their children. Last Saturday at West High School, there was an incredible college fair. This was a great opportunity for middle school and high school students, to check out and gather information on colleges they wish to go to. It doesn’t hurt to start a little early.


Different students from Magruder attended the college fair at West High. There were several different colleges such as, UCLA, USC, Stanford, and Arizona State. These colleges provided multiple sources of information for each college. They showed you many majors, their athletic department, sororities, and certain things you need to do to get in. They also handed out many useful brochures about their college and pamphlets.


Some of the kids that went from Magruder had a few things to say about their experience and so did the school counselor, who also attended the college fair. Mrs. Barker says, “The annual college fair at West High was a huge success. There were over 80 colleges and universities that held workshops and many important topics”.one student that also went, also had something to say. Sunbo said, “This fair was a great opportunity for all ages to get started on learning about colleges.  It was a lot of fun”.


You might be thinking well why should I attend the college fair if college is so far away? The answer to this question is, you absolutely, positively should. Just because college is far away does not mean that you shouldn’t think about it. Time flies by very fast, and soon before you know it your child or children will be taking off to college. It is always a great idea to plan ahead. It is better to be early rather than to be late. So definitely plan ahead. There are also lots of websites to check out so you can start learning about collages.

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The Misadventures of Sir Bike and Mr. Sweden

The Misadventures of Sir Bike and Mr. Sweden

Lylianna L.; Staff Writer


The year was 1836, Sir Bike and Mr. Sweden were arguing, as usual, during this activity. Mr. Sweden hated the walk to the bakery and Sir Bike never quite understood why. Mr. Sweden refused to talk about his loathing for the thing, but Sir Bike just wouldn’t let it go.

“I demand to know why you hate the walk!” Sir Bike yelled.

“It is none of your business Sir Bike,” Mr. Sweden quickly responded.

Sir Bike wanted to know what happened that made Mr. Sweden hate it so, but they had arrived, so he saved his questions behind clenched teeth. The door creaked open.

“Ms. Owl are you here?” They called out in unison.

“It was my turn to ask!” whined Mr. Sweden.

“You said that last week!” Sir Bike retorted.

“Here so soon? I only just started preparing your pie orders,” Ms. Owl asked as she stepped out of the kitchen in her small bakery.

Sir Bike almost instantly let his anger drift at the thought of Ms. Owl’s baking. She always had something a little extra in her cooking that made it worth the long walk here with Mr. Sweden. No other bakery could even capture the essence of what Ms. Owl did.

“Ms. Owl, didn’t you get our orders from us last week?” Mr. Sweden questioned.

“Of course I did, but you’re a day early. They will be done tomorrow,” Ms. Owl said kindly.

Sir Bike and Mr. Sweden headed for the door. “You can’t leave at this hour you’ll never make it home before dark. You’ll have to stay here, with me,” Ms. Owl reminded.

“I do apologize for any inconvenience we have caused you Ms. Owl, but I simply cannot accept,” Mr. Sweden pleaded. Ms. Owl walked over to Mr. Sweden and flicked his forehead.

“I said stay,” Ms.Owl said soundly. She just wouldn’t let the duo leave. “I can’t let you leave because you could be taken by the cold or by criminals. We wouldn’t want that now would we?”  They agreed, and so the two, Sir Bike and Mr. Sweden sat down in her small apartment above her bakery. She gave them tea and fresh bread for their troubles.

“Ms. Owl why are you being so kind to us?” Sir Bike questioned.

“I was always taught to be kind. It’s the one of the only thing my parents left me when they disappeared. I can’t stop being kind or sell this bakery because running the bakery and acting this way is now my only connection to them. I don’t want to lose that,” she quietly replied staring into her cup of tea.

“I’m sorry I asked,” Sir Bike said apologetically.

Ms. Owl was actually happy he asked, she didn’t have to carry as much of a burden being the only one that knew her parents were gone. No one noticed because the bakery was still open and Ms. Owl was still her cheery self. Nothing changed, so why would they care? It was only a baker and his wife, not someone important like the butcher or the blacksmith. Ms. Owl had been alone for a very long time. She was very young when they disappeared. She woke up one day and they were just gone. No way to know where they went, just gone and they never returned. Here she is six years later and Magnolia Owl is still here, waiting.

Sir Bike stood, setting down his tea, “How can you live like that? Not knowing what happened to them. You’re alone! No one should be alone in the world! Ever!” he almost shrieked at the end.

“Sir Bike, I’m not alone. I know that they’re out there somewhere. As long as I have hope and believe that I’m not alone, I’m not really alone,” she calmly protested.

Sir Bike understood where she was coming from, but he couldn’t let her be alone in this world. He would do everything in his power to make her experience happiness again… true euphoria. Her eyes were slowly becoming dull and he never wanted to see her with all her hope gone. Sir Bike vowed to himself he would never see that sadness in her eyes, if he could help it.

Mr. Sweden started apologizing for Sir Bike like he always has to, but Ms. Owl hardly paid any attention to him.  She was still looking at Sir Bike, waiting for what he would say. Sir Bike then broke the silence between the three, “We have to go on an adventure!”

“Now?” Mr. Sweden asked questioningly.

“Of course! We must find happiness!” Sir Bike yelled.

“Happiness is not something you find Sir Bike, it is felt,” Ms. Owl reminded.

“Fine. We’ll find something that makes us happy! We must start right away. Get ready for the time of your lives!” Sir Bike said before stepping out into the dimming sun.

“He’s as mad as a hatter,” Ms. Owl whispered to herself.

“All the best people are,” Mr. Sweden said before following his obnoxious cohort.

Ms. Owl sat for a while thinking about what Mr. Sweden said before he disappeared into the night. She had never met anyone so interesting, so amazing, so free.

She decided she would become like Sir Bike. She will stop waiting for her parents and go out into the world and find them. No more meaningless waiting. She will be somebody. The bakery was easily forgotten. She had a true purpose now and she would take it. She ran into the rising sun to find her friends.

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STEM Conference for Middle Schoolers at El Camino

S.T.E.M. at El Camino

By: Bryan L., staff writer

stemstuconf_tn_200Did you go to the STEM Conference at El Camino in January? The STEM Conference was for middle school students and was a one day event to inspire students to see how interesting and fun math and science can be.

El Camino Community College actually has a lot of STEM programs for young students.  One is the STEM Young Scholars Summer Program for high schoolers, which is a free four week program offering presentations, field trips, activities, workshops, and guest speakers from related science, technology, engineering, and math fields.


The one day annual January conference for middle schoolers is  part of “The El Camino College STEM Project” and“Upper Hand to College”, and both aim to increase the participation, retention, and advancement of students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)”.

On Saturday, January 31st,  I attended the STEM conference at the El Camino bookstore building.   Students, grades 5-9, experienced a fun, inspiring, and motivational day of “empowerment”.  We engaged in hands-on STEM related activities and seminars, met and connected with STEM role models (people working stem4in STEM careers), and we became aware of the wide variety of career opportunities in STEM.

The student workshops we attended included:

Hot Air Balloon Design

Fun, Science & Root Beer

Engineering Design Challenge

stem2Crime Scene Investigation

Parents were invited to join our parent workshop “From Student to Scientist: Paving the Way.” This workshop provided best practices for helping students transition from middle school to high school and prepare for a career in STEM.

We listened to a scientist who examined evidence to find out who did what crime, such as murder and stealing. She told us about the ways they solve the crime cases. We then had a raffle of two prizes like gift cards and college clothes.

We then went to our first activities, mine being the cool idea of making a ball made of borax and glue. There was one activity that I wished I could do: they show how to make our own root beer.

After our first activity, we had another raffle and then had lunch.  We then went to our second activity, which was our choice. I participated in a competition of engineering: protecting as much water in the cup as possible. We then got prize of our choice. After that activity, we did a survey to see what we enjoyed and what they should improve on.

I would say that this was a great experience, since we learned new things while having fun. This is a great event to come back to if you are in the 5th through 9th grade. Come next year to the second floor of the bookstore, but you’ll need to sign up first on El Camino’s website. There is an admission of $10.00, but it’s worth it.

Come next year to see what they have to offer!

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Spongebob Sponge Out of Water Review

Spongebob Sponge Out of Water Review

By Eric G.; staff writer



As you all know, the new Spongebob movie is out.  People are anticipating finally seeing the group out of water, but don’t expect it to be as it was advertised.  The movie was around one hour and thirty minutes.  So, in the movie, this pirate gets a book that whatever he writes in it comes true.  Underwater, plankton tries to steal the formula using a tank/plane/giant robot and fails.  He tries to bribe him, but realizes he only has one penny left. Plankton uses a decoy and hides in the penny to get into the safe, gets out, but Spongebob catches him touch footand while he is taking it away, it disappeared.  The city thinks Spongebob teamed up with plankton, and Spongebob blows a big bubble and they float off. Because there are no Krabby patties, Bikini Bottom goes apocalyptic.


tajThey travel back in time, trying to take the formula back, but they fail. They try to go further back in time, and meet a dolphin that watches the universe.  The dolphin named Bubbles trusts Spongebob and Plankton to watch the universe while he went to the bathroom. While he is in the bathroom, Jupiter and Saturn crash into each other and explode. Bubbles realizes, and almost get killed. They go back to the apocalypse, and they try to ‘please the sandwich gods’ by sacrificing Spongebob. Mr. Krabs stops the sacrifice because he smells a Krabby patty.


They go an adventure and see that it was coming from the surface. They start walking up, but they remember… THEY CAN’T BREATHE AIR!! They turn around, but Bubbles goes to them, thanks them, and gives them the power to breathe air. They get banished to Pelican Island with a page of the magic book. They write on the page, get superpowers, and went back to get the formula. They went back with the formula, lost their powers, and everyone was happy.


Sorry to burst your bubble Spongebob, but your movie was not that good! The plot was decent, but there was so much false advertising that it was so hard to tell! The movie was too complex for kids 6 and under. I give it 6.5 out of 10.  My final suggestion- a lot of people hated this movie for good reasons. It wasn’t the worst, and I’m not stopping you from seeing it, but there are many reasons you shouldn’t.

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The 6th Grade Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee

By: Jordan N. and Tony Z., staff writers


S-p-e-l-l-i-n-g B-e-e. For all those who seem to have a knack for spelling correctly, it’s that nerve-racking time for the sixth grade kids to spell some words. The moment you have been waiting for, it is time for THE 2015 MAGRUDER MIDDLE SCHOOL SPELLING BEE!

This Spelling Bee is a competitive and an intense competition where kids spell the letters of words. Ms. Jaeger, Mr.Ross and DSC_0074Ms.Yung were the ones who were doing the competition. Ms. Jaeger and Mr. Ross were the ones who were saying the words. Ms. Yung was the one who was seeing if the words were correct. There were some hard words, but these people were able to get through it. This year the competition was very intense, but now I present to you the winners:



1st place

Eric G.


2nd place

DSC_0088A J H.


3rd place

Vincent M.


DSCN0953Salaidh P.


4th place

James E.


Joelle J.


Haskell M.


Sharallene T.


Justin W.


Eric’s winning word was “hospitable.” A J missed the word “vivacious.” This was in round 7. The 2nd place winners got out in round 5. The third place winners got out in round 4. The total number of contestants was 48. “It was intense and I didn’t die,” Eric said. “Everyone in the Spelling Bee did a good job, but some words were just too much to handle,” Haskell said. No matter who won or lost, everyone tried their best to spell out words and it’s not easy spelling words in front of everyone. Sometimes you just have to spell the word how it sounds. The point is, we should congratulate everyone who at least made it to the cafeteria competition.

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Henninger Flats Comic Strip Story

Henninger Flats Comic Strip Story

By: James S., staff writer


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Valentine’s Day Confessions

Valentine’s Day Confessions

By: Jenny C. and Lylianna L., Staff Writers


          *beep* *beep* *beep* *slam* Oh, pumpernickel. It’s today. The day, where I, Mia Stephans, will pronounce my love to him. Yep, Danny.


I get out of bed, gulping down some water. I think about how I’m going to do this crazy thing. It’s so scary, thinking about all the ways I can be rejected. Mia! You have been planning this for a month now! It’s been four years since you’ve had a crush on him! You can do this, I thought to myself.

I spent a solid 20 minutes getting my hair tamed and curled, and then another 10 minutes trying to make my teeth as white as those Colgate commercials. Ugh, the effort to making yourself pretty….I now understand the pain of beauty. Gosh, how long is it going to take me to do my make-up, hair, and figure out a decent outfit?!

I wobble into the kitchen, trying to break in the heels without killing myself. Gives me some height though, turning me from 5’2 to 5’6.

“Mmm… Do I smell some chocolate pancakes with bacon on the side right now?” I say, almost hovering to the stovetop.

“Yep, you sure are.” my mom says, eyeing my outfit. “Why are you dressed as if you are going to a party?”

“Um… I can be pretty when I want to be! Is it illegal or something?”

My mom gives me a skeptical look, questioning me. “Anyways, what are you going to do for Valentine’s Day?”

“Just go out with Dylan, shopping. That’s all.” I say, making sure I didn’t say too much. “Thanks for the pancakes and bacon though.” I savor each bite, thinking about how the day can end.

Ah, here I am, at Carmelo High, standing in front of the steps. As I walk up, my palms start sweating. Oh pumpernickel. Did I go over-the-top? What should I say? What happens if I say something so dumb that he just stares at me? What happens if I trip while walking up to him?! I should’ve picked flats.  My best friend, Dylan, ran up to me and hugged me.

“Holy jujubes! You look so pretty! I have to take a picture of you to commemorate this day!” my friend screams, looking frantically in her forever big purse to get her mint Polaroid camera. “Pose!”

“Is this really necessary? It’s embarrassing…” I say, posing.

We walk to our first period, Chorus, talking about how I’m going to confess to Danny. We have 5 more periods until we have one with him. Good thing we have the same classes together. I wouldn’t be able to wait without her!

Snack starts, and Dylan ushers me to my locker, which is conveniently next to his! Oh pumpernickel, he’s coming.

“H-h-h-hi Danny!” I say nervously.

“Hey Mia! You look, nice today.” he says. Nice? Is that good? Bad? Oh pumpernickel, I’m way too confused.

“Thanks. Um… can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, what do you need?”

“Um… I-I-I-I’ve… l-l-l-liked…” I stammer, when all of the sudden, Lyli pops out of nowhere.

“Hey Danny! I need to show you something from my locker, now!” she says to him, giving me a look over. “Go before me though, I want to talk to Mia for a sec, OK?”

“Yeah, sure. See ya Mia.” Danny says. He walks away, looking a bit confused at what just happened. Lyli turns to me, giving me this nasty smirk.

“What were you planning to do with Danny, huh?” she says to me. “Look at you, you look barely different from usual. Were you planning to ask him out or something?  Because if you did, he’d say no right off the bat.  Listen, he’s mine, and mine only, you understand- loser?”

“I’ll never know unless I try, Lyli. I’ll bet he’s gonna say yes,” I say, standing up a bit straighter.

“Well, I’ll bet he’s going to laugh in your face and walk away!” Lyli says, laughing at me.

“Let’s set a deal then, if you’re so sure. If he says yes to me, then you have to go and ask out Stewie, the hairy freshmen, on the school speaker.  On the other hand, if I don’t get accepted by Danny, I’ll be the one who has to do the punishment. Deal?”

“Deal. I’m so going to win this. Get ready to ask out Hairy Stewie, loser.” Lyli says, flicking her bright red hair and strutting to her locker. Oh god. What did I get myself into?! As I stare into my locker, I see someone running to the other hallway. Great, soon everyone will know that I stupidly challenged the Lyli Evans, queen bee of the school. Pumpernickel, I’m such an idiot.

I’m walking to 6th period in my gym clothes, getting really nervous. Should I have brought him something to get him to say yes? A thought pops up in my head about Lyli. Ugh, I absolutely hate her. She stopped me every time I tried to sit next to Danny or ask him something. At the library, she’s there; at the lunch benches, she’s there; at his locker, she’s there! I’m grateful she’s not in this class; it’s my only chance to ask him.

Dylan and I run around the field, gasping for breath, yet talking about how annoying Lyli can be, when we see Danny.

“Go! It’s your chance! Shoo!” Dylan says.

“Wait, do I look like a mess, or good?” I say, worried about my hair.

“Nope, you look amazing. Now get over there girl!” Dylan says, pushing me and slowing down. I start increasing my speed, finally catching up to him.

“Hey Danny!” I say, waving to him. He slows down just enough to catch up to me and my pace.

“Hey Mia!”

“Can I ask you something? I haven’t gotten a chance to.”

“Yeah sure, what is it?’

“Well, um…will you meet me up at our lockers at the end of the period?”

“Sure! I’ll be waiting for you. Anyways, how hard was the test for you? It was so hard.” We keep talking until it’s the end of the period. I quickly get my stuff and run to my locker. I get there earlier than I expected, so I open my locker to put some extra perfume to make me a bit less ‘after PE’. It’s been about 5 minutes, so I feel a bit anxious. Wasn’t Dylan distracting Lyli?

I turn to the corner when I see Lyli and Danny talking to each other. My heart instantly sank. My mind goes through so many insecure thoughts. I feel tears forming on my eyes, and I don’t care anymore about my make-up.

Danny turns around to see me crying, running towards me.

“Mia, you don’t understand I-”

“I get it, you like Lyli, I get it. She’s amazing and pretty, so she is your choice.” I just want this day to stop; this is too much for me.

“Mia, I like you. I’ve always liked you, ever since the first day we met. I want to go out with you.”

“R-r-really?” I sniff.

“Yep. Let’s wipe your tears.”

“OK.” I say, instantly smiling.

“OMG! I am not going to ask out Hairy Stevie!” Lyli says, stomping away.


So, I guess I’ve learned my lesson. Straight up ask your guy… and he might just say yes!

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All Is Fair In Love, War, And More War

All Is Fair In Love, War, And More War

By Dustyn C.; Staff Writer

kiss a geek

Chapter 1: The Beginning Of An End


Valentine’s Day. Otherwise known as “Keep Calm Because Love Is In The Air” day. Today’s the day when missiles, in the forms of flowers and cards, become ninja stars. Pink, instead of red, sheds from the losers who remain single. And I’m bound to be a victim.

“Hey, mom! Where’s the pocket knife!” I yell as I get ready for the apocalypse to come.

“Oh no! You ain’t goin’ to school bringing any weapons!” She yaps back at me.

“Can I at least bring my shield?” I ask, confident.

“Oh no! You ain’t goin’ to school cosplaying!” She yaps at me.

I leave the house a few minutes later, vulnerable. I look around the neighborhood to see if any people are readying themselves for war. One person from sixth period brought a rose and cheap cologne. I could tell it was cheap by its misspelled label: “Good Clogne 4 Hoot Men.” Maybe he bought it in an alleyway.

Another person from my fourth period brought a box of chocolates. It was gold and heart-shaped. I could tell that the box was expensive. The person even brought a letter with him. I couldn’t make out what the words were, but I was eventually able to read a few words: Or Else. I could tell that he was desperate.

I finally arrived at my school. Winteress High School. The time it took to get there was quicker than I imagined, but that’s probably time itself telling me to walk back home. I sighed as I walked into the entrance, with only the sight of hearts to see.

“Hi, guys! Principal Tinder here with your morning announcements! As you can see, today’s Valentine’s Day! The day when being stereotypical is actually a good thing and sappy poetry becomes relevant again! School will resume as usual, but remember, Valentine’s Day is how you want to celebrate it!” the speaker said, as I sat down in my assigned seat, moaning and thinking of the events to come.

Weirdly enough, school did resume as usual. There were no spin-the-bottles in odd corners of the school or PDA for teachers to eradicate. No student passed a card to anyone in class nor was chocolate eaten in secret. Everything was sane, which made me feel insane. The school couldn’t be this quiet, especially on Valentine’s Day. Until lunch, that is.


Chapter 2: Jason & My Love Life


Silence. Pure silence. Love might be in the air, but the cries of single men is bound to be much louder.

The bell rings for lunchtime. All the kids run out the doors of their fourth period, leaving behind the scent of perfume and cologne that smelled like something from the Dollar store. Chaos is going to happen.

As I walk to the cafeteria, guys and gals are seen flirting and confessing one’s affections. What kind of an idiot says that they love someone beside the principal’s office? Once I walk in the cafeteria, I realize that I’ve spoken too soon.

“Um. Uh. Hm. Let me think for a very long, non-suspicious, time,” my friend, Jason, responds to a girl who confessed her love for him. Jason’s cool. He’s fit, and kind, and outgoing, though his grades are as bad as a baby’s impersonation of dubstep.

“Hey, friend. Brother. Companion. Can you give me hand with the situation?” Jason asks me, pointing at the girl who wants his affections.

“Um, Monica. There’s a man selling illegal candy by the hallway.” I say to her. In response to the mention of the fake event, she restlessly races out of the scene and into the hallway.

“Thanks for that. I’m not good at rejecting others softly without going to the hospital and explaining my love life to a doctor who doesn’t know what an iOS is,” Jason praises, ”Hopefully I don’t have to suffer through that scenario again.”

“You just jinxed it,” I say with a sigh, “Don’t worry about it, though. Just say that there’s some random older teen celebrity in need of CPR or something. They’ll run out of your vision in the blink of an eye.”

“Thank you so much for that advice,” Jason expresses, ”Now, do you need help with your love life?”

“Nope! Leave me out of this psychopathic warfare!”

“Aw, c’mon! As cliché as it sounds, there are tons of fish in that vast ocean we call life!”

“What makes you think that I’d be fit to date one of the many stereotypes in this school!?”

“You know, you’re a stereotype yourself! You have a sweet core behind all that coating of sardonic attitude. I bet I could find you a gal to run to the sunset with by the end of the day!”

“Yeah, right. Welp, I’ll see ya later. Good luck with finding a girl to fall in love with my critical viewpoint of society!” I leave the cafeteria, walking backwards without a single weird look from anyone because they’re too deaf with rejection.

For the rest of lunch, I simply walked around the hallways, looking at all the dumb attempts boys make to woo girls into their arms. Some won, but most of them lost. I’m not surprised that almost all the boys would attempt to pursue the plastic blondies of Winteress High School. No wonder we have a bad reputation.

I was simply minding my own business watching valentine fails consecutively, and for the most part I was amused. I liked being alone, watching rejection happen before me. Nothing could stop me!

“Stop right there!” Jason exclaimed from a distance behind me, “You aren’t going anywhere!”

“What do you want?! I’m trying to entertain myself with the sorrows of others!” I ask angrily.

Jason grabbed a wrinkled paper from his pocket and replied, “I found your dream gal!


Chapter 3: Dream Girl?


“Wait? What?” I ask, confused, “How could find a girl so quickly?!”

“Well, she came up to me! She was all like, ‘Where is he?!’ and it was so cute in every way!” Jason explained. I was skeptical, but intrigued nonetheless.

“Who are you talking about?” I slowly asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Monica!” Jason said with bright enthusiasm, “She clearly want you!”

“Yeah! She wants me dead! You know she hates liars!”

“C’mon! She’s cute and smart! I bet your relationship could last at least a month!”

“You are decreasing chances of me dating someone just by saying that a relationship can’t last a lifetime. If a couple is destined to fade faster than the relevance of the Backstreet Boys once the early 2000s started, why should a couple be made in the first place?” I explain in severe detail.

“Fine, whatever. Live a life without love!” Jason says in frustration, “I don’t care! I give up! Raise all the white flags!” He walks back to the cafeteria, grunting softly. I don’t know what his problem is. I think it’s completely fine to live a single life. No obligations with a wife and children. No extra taxes to pay for a child’s future. Just me, myself, and I for eternity!

“There you are!” I hear from a distance. The angry, feminine voice sounded all the more familiar. It was definitely Monica.

Monica dashes up to me with an angry smirk on her face. She was apparently carrying a soup spoon that was obviously from the cafeteria kitchen. I attempted to run away, but there were dead ends all around me. I’m done for.

“This is what I do to liars like you!” Monica yells as if it were some kind of battle cry, which it was, in a sense. She holds the spoon in the air, ready to strike. All I do is crouch down in fear. What a coward I am. When she just inches away from me, still yelling in anger, she does the unthinkable.


Monica, reluctantly, gave me a soft kiss on the cheek.


That. Was amazing. It felt weird. Insane. Like a TV show that’s cancelled right after its last season ended on a cliffhanger, except this was different. The feeling of her soft lips on my cheek wasn’t what weirded me out. Her cute but still furious smile that she pulled off for about half a second after kissing me wasn’t what weirded me out. The fact that she kissed me in the first place was the shocker.

“Liar!” Monica yapped at me, walking away to her fifth period classroom. The bell rang soon after that. I was going to be late.


Chapter 4: The Aftermath


After what happened at lunch, we couldn’t talk. Normally, she would come to me to be her anger management consultant or therapist, because of her obvious anger issues. Sometimes I might come to her for advice on how to stand up for myself, or for self-defense actions. Now, I can’t talk to her without a heavy amount of blush sprouting across my face and neck. It drove me insane!

In the end of the day, I had to talk over what happened between us. After school, she had detention for punching the janitor for judging her mismatched sock.  So when she’d go out the entrance, that’s when I’d talk to her. Luckily, that’s exactly what happened.

“What do you want?” Monica asked, looking away.

“Why did you do it?” I asked her, “Why did you do… the thing?”

“What ‘thing’?”

“The thing that happened at lunch!” Mentioning ‘lunch’ caused her to blush hard.

“I…I don’t want to talk about it!”

“C’mon! I’m like your anger management guru! Your teacher in sanity! You can tell me nearly everything!”

“Nope! Not budging.”

“Ai! Okay, can you at least list any influences for you to do the ‘thing’?”

“Um. Uh. Hm. Well, your friend was one of them.”



          “Thanks for the info! Now, what was the deal with the spoon?”

“Oh, that! Well, I was going to use that to hit that friend of yours after he told me to do it!”

“Do you still have that spoon with you?”


The End!

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I Want Candy on Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day Candy         

By: Khanh P. and Hong-Tran D., Staff Writers


valentine lolli

valentinesd day choc







Valentine’s Day is coming up! That means candies and roses! The most important thing for most of us is candy during Valentine’s Day. There are many types of candies to eat during Valentine’s Day and many ways to present your candy. There are lots of candies out there, that is why you should always choose wisely.We asked a couple of people what their favorite candies are they said.“I like the heart shaped candies because the messages make me feel happy” says Carly P. “I like the chocolates because there so many types to eat” Jenny C.


valentine decorated            The most common type of candy during Valentine’s Day is the candy hearts. You might see many people eating them. Some people give out heart shape boxes of chocolates. Hershey’s sometimes make a Valentine flavor version chocolate. There are other types of candies that can be good for Valentine’s Day. Candies like fun dip, pixy sticks, heart shaped lollipops, valentine’s day rice krispies treat! You can enjoy all these treats during valentine’s day. “I like fun dip because they’re fun!” Khanh. We conducted a survey with chocolate, candy hearts, and lollipops. Chocolate valentine heartswon by 8 votes, followed by candy hearts with 3 votes, and lollipops with 2 votes. Chocolate is indeed the most common type of candy

So there are many types of candies to pass out for your family, friends, and loved ones. Enjoy your valentine’s day with chocolate, candy, strawberries with chocolate, lollipops, the possibilities are endless. Spend time eating all these delicious sweet valentine chocvalentine rice krispytemptations on valentine stawberriesValentine’s day. Most importantly, spend time with your loved ones eating chocolate and candy together. Give out gifts like roses and hand made items. Your family will enjoy the handmade gifts. You can give out candy with a handwritten card. You can insert a heart shaped lollipop inside the card.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy those sweet treats! Enjoy your gifts from your loved ones!



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History of Valentine’s Day

History of Valentine’s Day

By: Joy M. and Lylianna L., Staff writers


Did you know that nearly 150 million cards are exchanged each Valentine’s Day? That makes Valentine’s Day the second most popular card-sending holiday, after Christmas!

“Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special valentine. The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia,” according to writers.

Is this a holiday that usually reminds you of love when you hear it? Well, the origin of it was more about a man wanting to keep the sanctity of marriage! Father Frank O’Gara of Whitefriar Street Church in Dublin, Ireland, tells the real story of the man behind the history of Valentine’s Day, Saint Valentine.

Most people believe that Saint Valentine was a priest who lived around 270 AD and he found disfavor with the Roman emperor, Claudius II who lived around this time. Romans were shocked when they found out a new law where Claudius banned marriage from Rome. The emperor had trouble recruiting enough soldiers into his army because soldiers couldn’t marry. Claudius banned marriage in hopes of encouraging soldiers to take on numerous loves without commitment, so potential soldiers wouldn’t worry about wives and children when off in battle. When Saint Valentine saw the overwhelming sadness that young lovers were facing and that they lost all hope on getting married he was greatly disturbed. Therefore, he planned to help them. Though the law said that marriage was prohibited, Saint Valentine could not bear to see others in such misery. So Saint Valentine chose to help young lovers marry secretly and he performed ceremonies for them at a Christian church in hope that Claudius wouldn’t find out.

Saint Valentine eventually was caught and was imprisoned and tortured for performing marriage ceremonies against the command of Emperor Claudius II.  “In the year 269 AD, Saint Valentine was sentenced to a three part execution of a beating, stoning, and finally decapitation all because of his stand for young lovers to be joined together in marriage.”
As Saint Valentine was in prison, he was approached by Asterius, his jailor. Saint Valentine wrote his last words to Asturias’s daughter because he was aware that she was blind. It appears that Saint Valentine actually helped in some way, healing the blind daughter. The Catholic legend indicates that he did this through his strong faith. He inspired today’s admirers by signing a letter to her saying, “from your Valentine.”

According to, “The idea of encouraging them to carry on their vows within the Christian church was what Saint Valentine was all about. Saint Valentine has come to be known as the patron saint of lovers because he wanted to help people marry in Christian churches.”

All Saint Valentine’s intention was to get couples to have a Christian marriage and have a relationship with God. Over the years it changed and it became to be known as a love holiday because Saint Valentine was encouraging young lovers to be joined marriage.




History of Valentine’s Day. (2009, January 1). Retrieved February 13, 2015.

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A Mysterious Valentine’s Day

A Mysterious Valentine’s Day

By: Alyssa M. and Hong-Tran D., Staff Writers


It was the week of Valentines Day, and I was at my locker.  I opened my locker and something strange fell to my feet. It was red and had pink hearts on it. There was also a rose attached. At that moment I froze and became terrified.  So many questions popped in my head. Who was this from? Were they watching me? How did they know this was my locker? My mind was filled with unanswered questions. What am I going to do?

After the whole incident happened I was in a state of confusion all day. I wasn’t really worried, but I was curious. Who could have sent it? I wonder if my friends just sent it as joke. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did pull this prank. They’re always playing jokes on me. I think they’re trying to get back at me because I also put a fake valentine in their lockers. It was the end of fourth period and I was on my way to the lunch area. I see my friends and asked them if they were the ones who put the valentine in my locker, but they just said no and started laughing. Even though they said no, I still had a suspicious feeling.

The next day I got to my locker as usual and once again a valentine fell to my feet.  To my surprise it was anonymous again. I shoved the valentine in the back of my locker and walked away angrily towards the girl’s bathroom. To my surprise my friends were there. As soon as I walked in they all questioned me, rapidly.  They asked why I was so mad, but I just began to walk away. The whole day went downhill from there. I failed my science test, forgot my math homework, and stepped in mud during PE.

I went home and made a list of possible suspects. At the top of my list was my group of friends. They were always doing stupid stuff like that. Next was my older brother. He’s an eighth grader and he’s probably trying to embarrass me, as usual. The last person could be someone who actually likes me. So I’m not sure yet.

The next day I went to my locker again. A paper heart falls out. Who could have sent this? People started staring. “What are you staring at?! I exclaimed.  Mind your own business! PLEASE!” I slammed my locker.

A girl suddenly came up to me and asked “Who’s that from?” I was so mad I tore it up.  Then suddenly, my brother comes out. He says,” What’s going on?” He gives me a funny look. He notices there’s a crowd and sees the torn up valentine. He then says, “ Um, I might have put that in your locker.” I am filled with anger and I feel like screaming. Then I can see he knows I’m not playing around. He says, ‘ It was only supposed to be joke. I didn’t think it would go this far.” He apologized to me and said he make it up to me by buying me a chocolate bar. I was still mad, but I was relieved that I finally found out who was sending the mystery valentine.

This is one Valentine’s Day I will never forget. All of the confusion was exhausting. Don’t worry, I’m definitely going to get him back. It’s going to be something way worse. I always had a feeling it was him.

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Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air

Staff writers; Jordan N. and James S.

holding hands

It was a chilly and cold February. I looked at the calender, and I nearly fainted. The day marked the 14th of February. I just couldn’t get her out of my mind. Every time she walks by, I start day dreaming.

My name is Jonathan. It was Valentine’s Day and I am worried that I will stay friends with the girl I like. The friend-zone is a terrible place. Especially with Gracie.

At home I was making Valentine cards for everyone. When I made Gracie’s card, I put on hearts and stickers. Ironically, I forgot to put my name on her card. It’s dumb luck that Gracie likes to find out who her ‘secret admirer’ is. Point being, I often accidentally do something right, and mess something up when I try to do something good. When I walk into the kitchen to eat my breakfast, I notice that my cellphone was on the counter. It was on.“Someone called you this morning.” says Mom. I wondered who called me. I was getting curious. Wait! What if it was her?

Well, I wasn’t about to stick around to find out. I grabbed my stuff and quickly left.  The bus arrived and I walked on the bus. I found a empty seat. I glanced up a bit and saw Gracie. She was on her phone, as usual. I wonder if she will ever find something better to do. Texting is very addicting in my grade. It is like you are in a different world once you press that first button. The bus arrived at school. People were still on their phones while walking. Dangerous, huh? I remember when a car almost hit a crowd of kids when they were on their phones doing nothing but texting. At least I don’t get a phone till I turn 13.

As I enter the building I see someone getting stuffed into a locker. Nothing unusual here. Suddenly, I feel the need to stop the bully from this inhuman act. I walk up to him and say,“Hey kid, knock that off. It’s the 14th, so show some love, will ya?” Gracie sees me do this, which is very ironic, since I always mess things up when she’s around. The bully just grins and walks backwards into a mop water container. Gracie starts laughing, and so do I. Man that moment was so awkward. I almost died of embarrassment because of it. The bell rang, and we ran to our first period.

“Okay class.” says Mrs. Redwood. “Time to pass out valentine cards to your fellow students.” I nearly explode. I forgot my cards in my locker! I raised my hand. “Um, excuse me, can I get my Valentine cards?” I said nervously. “I’m sorry, but you need to be more responsible,” Mrs. Redwood said. Well, at least the world isn’t ending. I still have 5th period to give it to her. What a relief.

Finally it was lunch, and the first thing I did was get my Valentine card for Gracie. I ate my lunch, waited till the bell rang, and went to class. There she was. I walked up to her. I didn’t know what to do. If I give it to her, then she will know I like her. I panicked a little. I was just standing there, looking like a fool. I handed it to her quickly and walked away going inside the class. Many thoughts filled my head. I couldn’t concentrate on Social Studies, not that I cared, but it was better than what I’m experiencing now.

What will happen when she finds out I have feelings for her?  I looked at her, and she glanced at me. It was a long period. I didn’t really get what the Egyptians even did in their life. I walked out of class and saw that Gracie was talking to her friends. I froze when she looked at me. She started walking towards me, and I started choking. I didn’t know what I was going to do, so I just quickly walked over to my next class.

I was exhausted after the emotions I have gone through, but then I realized that my last period is P.E.  When will this pain ever end? Running and more running. It seemed as if I was going to faint. I was finally finished my mile. I was catching my breath as soon as everything was dark. Everything was very faint, like if I was going to sleep.

I opened my eyes and find myself in my bed. I hear scared voices outside of my room. My parents must be worried. I walked out of my room. Next thing you know it, my parents start running at me giving me the tightest hug. “We were so worried,” said mom in relief. Well, I’m fine now, but what happened?

“You see, you fainted during P.E.,” my dad said. I couldn’t believe it. I never faint from exhaustion before. I guess today was very stressful with all the valentine cards, but not only that, I still don’t know what Gracie was trying to say about my card. I just wish I could read people’s minds. But that’s not how we were made, but I still remember as a young kid how I’d wish I could just somehow know what my mom and dad is thinking. It started when I was five. All these thoughts would fill my head. Not my thoughts, but other people’s thoughts. I wondered if I still could do that now, with Gracie. Anyway, I needed to rest. If only I knew…knew how she felt about me.

The next day is Saturday. Ahh. Finally, it’s the weekend. I can take a break from everything that has happened to me in the past days. I am also going to the movies, to watch a movie titled, Alone. The creator of this movie is Jason Stewart, who seems to be making a movie about kids my age.  I wonder if this movie might just help me with my social problems. As I pull up at the movie theaters I think about all the snacks in the food court. I can pig out all I want just as long as no one I know is around. I walk into the doors I see Gracie standing right in front of the ticket line to the movie I am watching. How anti-climactic. Usually my life stories aren’t this great. The only con of this is now I can’t pig out. Oh well. When I sit down, I unexpectedly sit down right next to Gracie. “Hey, aren’t you the one who gave me the valentines card with all the stickers?” I freeze. I can’t say another word, or I will ruin my chances (Like I have any). “Well, are you?” she asks.

“M-may-ay-be.” I manage to say. “Don’t we all get them on Valentine’s day?” I ask.

“Yeah, but the special one that had the fancy fonts and hearts and stuff.”

“What if I said yes?” I say.

“I don’t know.” she says.

“Then why bother ask if you don’t know what you’ll say next?” I ask.

“But are you?” she asks.

“Yes, I, I, uh, I did.” I say.

“Well, I liked the card.” she says with a smile. I’m thinking, “Man, just imagine how nice it would be to call her my girlfriend. She’s nice, smart, and honest.”

“Well, what kind of people do you like?” I ask.

“I like people that are nice, smart, and honest.” she says.

“Hey, I do too!” I say. (No, I didn’t really say this, but I wish I did.)

“I don’t like those people that play games on the courts and out on the grass. They are mean, ignorant, and liars. They curse, cheat, lie, and steal. Are you like that?” she says.

“No. I-I would never do that stuff.”

“Good, because you seem like a pretty nice guy. We should hangout more often.”

I’m thinking, “Man, I just can’t believe the words I am hearing from this woman. She thinks I am nice, smart, and honest!”

“Okay.” I say.

“Oh, and I don’t have any snacks for this movie. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted my sister to get them.”

“Hey, I can share these snacks with you.” I say.

“That would be nice.” she says.  I’m thinking,”Yes! I fulfilled her first quality: being nice.”

“Well, do you like popcorn?” I ask.

“Yes.” she says.

“Well, here. We can share this.” I get out a bag of popcorn and put it on the armrests next to us. The movie goes on. I like the movie too. It’s kind of sad. Our hands make contact when we put our hands in the bag of popcorn. I start crying in the middle of the movie.

“Don’t cry.” she says. “It’s just a movie.”

“I know. I’m just sensitive to these kinds of things.” I say.  I’m thinking, “Thank goodness Mom is waiting outside of the theaters and going to pick me up at the end of the movie. She would’ve embarrassed me.”

“Well, I think you are a really good person.” she says.

“Well-uh-um-uh thanks.” I say.

“Well, we could do this again, maybe?” she said.

“Well, we had a good time, so…” I say. “So, possibly.”

“Well, maybe we should stop starting our sentences with W words.” she said.

“Right.” I said with a smile.

The movie was over, but I wish I had more time to spend with Gracie. Suddenly, Gracie comes up to me and kisses me on the cheek and says,“See you on Monday.” I didn’t see that coming! Wow!

I feel like I’m floating on air. I can’t get over the fact that this “unexpected date” went so well. Maybe this love business is a good idea.

To be continued…


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Celebrating Valentines Day

How to Celebrate Valentines Day

By: Alyssa M. & Sunbo A., Staff Writers


This February it is all about Valentines Day, the most loved time of the year. During this time of the year everybody is decorating their homes and getting gifts for the people they care about. Getting Valentines Day cards from your friends and the people you care about is always fun. When you think of Valentines Day you always think about the four basic things; party do-it-yourself, gifts filled with love, places to go, and activities to do.

You can always throw a little Valentines Day get together with your friends. To decorate you can do some cute and easy d0-it-yourself decorations, that will make your party pop. One decoration that you can make at home that will not cost to much is heart banners to hang up. You will need paper and scissors to cut out the heart shape. Another great and easy d0-it-yourself is a mason jar with a flower bouquet inside. All you need is a mason jar, a few flowers, and paint. You could also add your own touch of a red ribbon tied around the top.  Another thing that you always need in a party are party treats.  There are many treats that you can choose from and make yourself.  For example; chocolate covered strawberries, red velvet cookies, heart shaped cinnamon rolls, and much more. All of these ideas for party treats and how to make them can be found at You could make these treats at home with your friends.



One place you can go and visit during Valentines day is the Banning Museum. The Banning Museum holds its annual Valentines Day Tea and Tunes. It will take place in the historic stagecoach barn from one to three. They will serve tea and sandwiches on antique tea sets. There will be live music and special tours of the museum.

Another thing that is also available on Valentines Day is the El Capitan Theater. They will be screening Lady and the Tramp. They will also be serving a candlelight dinner before the movie. It will be catered by Micelli’s. You can choose between spaghetti with marinara sauce or spaghetti with meatballs.  To accompany that, you will also be given garden salad, mini rolls, and canoli. The cost will be between 9-13 dollars. This lasts from February 13-19. For more information you can go to this website,

It doesn’t matter how you spend your Valentines Day, as long as you spend it with the people you care most about.  Hopefully you can use a few of these ideas, that will definitely make your valentine happy.

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Valentine Comic

Valentine Comic

By: Dustyn C.


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Before Spring…

Before Spring

Lylianna L.; Staff writer

amazing-photography-winter-1Before spring there is winter. People take winter for granted because it’s frigid temperatures and dark skies, but it can be beautiful.

Winter isn’t bad,  it’s transition. Winter is between the times of autumn, the harvest, and spring, the time of new life. Winter is the time of rejuvenation, when the animals rest and the flowers wither and fade only to sprout again months later more vibrant and with a stronger fragrance.

Winter is that refreshing breath of cold air that chills all the way down to your lungs.

Winter is snow and wishes. Winter is the end of a long year of goals that need to be reached dreams that need to be fulfilled.

Winter is original. Winter is unlike any other thing I have ever known. It creates beautiful works of art in nature.

Winter is for those who like the cold and the feeling of having a hot cup of tea in their hands while watching the sun rise. Winter is what you make of it and it is the most important season there is. Winter is not for the faint of heart. It is the time of year for the dreamers, the ones that know that there is something more, just out of their reach.

Winter is for those who haven’t given up that dream of something more, something better. They are optimistic. They are so energetic and very inspiring. They know what they want to be. They know who they are. They are the best version of themselves.

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Crossy Road Review

First Crossy Road Review

By: Bryan L., staff writer



“Want to play an interested game called Crossy Road?” Be careful, just warning you -it’s super addictive!

This extraordinary game, made by Hipster Whale, is like Frogger, with a twist of its own. The new twist is that you can get characters through a prize machine that gives you characters, but you must get 100 coins. The difference between Frogger is that it doesn’t have individual levels, but it does have different environments like: day, night, desert, snow, etc., depending on what character you use. For example, the Disco Zoo brings a bunch of animals that do block you on the way, but once in a while you will get a disco ball to come out and every animal starts dancing.

What is your objective? Your objective in this game is to get a high score of any number avoiding cars, trucks, the eagle, and the water. You try to collect coins on the way while you dodge every obstacle. Need to know how to earn coins?  Well, here is the first and simple step is to collect your prize after you die once. You will get a random amount of coins.  The other way is by going in the game and looking for coins on the map and land on it to obtain it.

How do you collect characters? You can obviously collect characters from the prize machine, but the other way is when you play there may be characters on the map which you can collect if you land on it like the hipster whale, gifty, and more. Sometimes you may find them but not all the time.  And you can get the same characters over and over again,but it will say Try Again !

The graphics are pretty good because it is in HD.  I am sure that you will enjoy the graphics and be pleased with no bad lag.

There was a new update that added three new characters called the fortune chicken, xi, and Cai Shen.When you use these characters it brings you to a new biome that brings you to China.

Here is a few tips about the game because I know you want to hear about the flea. In my opinion, the flea is not the best because- first, it cannot go under the cars and second, it has a higher chance of getting hit.  My favorite character is the xi because you can see fireworks blow up and collect these New Year’s money packages are on the ground. A final tip is that you should wait until the cars are gone and calculate the amount of times you tap the screen to get across the street.

I would rate this game a 9 because you don’t get a new character every time, but it makes it more challenging, so it doesn’t get too boring unless you have all the characters.

Second CROSSY ROAD Review

                        By:Tony Z., staff writer

 Zepedacrossy road 2.0

Why did the chicken cross the road? About everyone in the world knows the answer to this cheap joke, but a game recently came out called Crossy Road made by Hipster Whale, where you play as a chicken who…um…well… crosses the road.  This game has a lot of similarities with a game called Frogger which is an arcade game released in 1981.

You play as a chicken in this game who for some reason wants to cross the road. Maybe it’s to get to the other side? Ha, ha, ha! Jokes aside, this game is fun to play. Although I did mention that this game  is a lot like the game Frogger, it also has a lot of its own unique gameplay mechanics, like for instance you get coins from playing the game and you can put these coins toward buying new characters from a winding machine, these characters are selected randomly and it cost 100 coins to get a character. You get coins by playing through the game because you can collect them when you see the coins. Also you can collect them after you die, because a free present is available which allows you to get a random number of coins and you can also watch a video to get coins too, but you usually don’t get that many coins from the video.

crossy road (1)

Another unique feature with this game is the characters. Now, with a game like this, you would expect only one playable character, but NO, there are sooo many characters to play as, I can’t even name them all(there are over 70 characters). There are animals, people, and monsters, also not to mention a new update recently came out which lets you play as Chinese New Year characters. But the cool thing is that some of these new characters can have a unique ability, like for instance the dragon can sometimes breath fire on cars. Or the celebrity makes people with cameras appear taking pictures of her. Or the Fortune chicken can set firecrackers off. Also the environments. Depending on the character, you can get different environments, like the zombie which makes the environment dark or the ghost who makes the background dark, except for him because he’s glowing. Or Frankenstein makes everything black and white. Or the koala, which make the whole place a dessert.

The graphics have sort of a Minecraft style but it looks more 3-dimensional than Minecraft. I think that the graphics fit this game perfectly. Now, the gameplay. You are supposed to cross the street without getting hit with a car. Also you have to cross lakes on logs and lily pads and sometimes, even train tracks. Your goal is to get the highest score by how much you move. The gameplay is very simple but is really fun to play and has a lot of replayability. I also can’t find many flaws with this game.

Now, lets get on with the flaws in this game. One flaw is the fact that you can sometimes get a character that you already have from the winding machine. This happened to me before. Also, not to mention the game could get repetitive if you play it for too long. This is a game that you might not play for 3 hours straight, but you play for maybe 30 minutes to have fun.

So, now the question everyone is asking, should I get this game on my mobile device? My answer is, YES. If you have a apple or android device, what are you doing right now reading this, GET IT RIGHT NOW! C’mon it’s a free game to get and it is definitely worth it because its very addicting. It also teaches us one thing. Don’t walk in the middle of the street while cars are going by without a crosswalk.


Don’t Be a “Chicken”-Get This Game!








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Ultimate NES Remix Review

Ultimate NES Remix Review

By Dustyn C., staff writer



Are old games old? Of course they are! Why not make them new again? That’s what Ultimate NES Remix does with numerous first-party games from the 80s and 90s for the famous Nintendo Entertainment System! With tons of games and challenges galore, today’s the perfect time to get this game for your 3DS (if you have one)!

The core gameplay of Ultimate NES Remix is doing small tasks from classic games from Super Mario Bros. to Excitebike. Sounds simple, right? However, the game does plenty of things to mix up how you do the tasks. You might need to play a level of Donkey Kong in the dark or play Super Mario Bros. 3 with clones around you. Whatever the game does, you need to be up for anything!

Ultimate NES Remix is fun. Simple as that. The challenges the game throws at you are always fresh and exciting. The classics the game “remixes” are all well-known, so if you’ve played some NES games or at least seen them, you’ll be right on track! Newcomers to the NES would feel right at home with the game, since Ultimate NES Remix is easy to control. The tasks you complete are short and simple in many instances, so people shouldn’t feel pressured.

However, Ultimate NES Remix is not without its flaws. The game lacks content in some areas, since some of the “remixed” games have as little as 10-13 stages! Because the short length of some games, the game could be finished in a few hours. Luckily, the game has some really good replay value.

The extra modes of the game aren’t that special, either. One mode, Speed Mario Bros., is basically Super Mario Bros. on fast forward, and another mode, Championship Mode, is just “how many challenges can you complete in a few minutes” with all the games.

Even with the lack of effort on extra modes and small amount of stages for some games, Ultimate NES Remix has enough fun to justify a $29.99 price. The game has tons of tasks to complete in its main mode, and will keep you glued to your 3DS for plenty of sessions. Because of the fun factor and challenges throughout the entire duration of the game, Ultimate NES Remix deserves an 8/10!

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PTSA Cookie Dough February Fundraiser

PTSA Fundraiser

Staff writer: Jordan N. and Sunbo A.


       You might wonder why hasn’t Magruder had any field trips lately? Well, the reason is because we did not meet the goals of our Fall Fundraiser. The first major fundraiser, which PTSA counts on for the majority of money for the student body, did not make the goal of $25,000. We, as a school, need to participate in our fundraisers and try our best to sell so that we can have great programs. Think of it, as kids we want field trips and fun activities. Hard work always pays off. Our next fundraiser will be next Thursday. We will have cookie dough as sales items, and much more. The PTSA Committee has put cookieDSCN2850 dough back in the market because it makes great sales. In our Fall fundraiser, we replaced cookie dough with gift items, but it turns out that we didn’t have a big success. We need to make $8,000 to pay for field trips, plus $2,500 for the 8th grade gowns.


During our Fall fundraiser we made $15,000., but our goal was $25,000. total. During this February fundraiser we need to sell, sell, sell. Everyone has approximately 2 weeks sell as much as they can. With the cookie dough there are a few pick up times and locations. The cookie dough will be delivered March 19th, and should be picked up by parents or kids after school. If you don’t pick it up within three hours, it will thaw out and it won’t be good anymore. Other gifts will also be available at the pick up sites.


Our fundraisers will help out with some upcoming events like field trips, dances, the move-a-thon , Magruder Madness Day, 8th grade events, and much more. This fundraiser will help us get all of these things and even more, so I advise all of us as one big team to come up with the money to improve our school. All you have to do if you don’t want to go all out is sell 8 items just to improve your school. Lastly, if we don’t get at least $8,000, all three grades won’t go to the LACMA field trips.

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Blood of Olympus Book Review

Blood of Olympus Book Review

By: Khanh P. & Carly P.;staff writers


download    An adventure book just released in Fall of 2014, written by the one and only Rick Riordan! This is one of the books that many people have been waiting for. To avoid spoiling this book, I won’t include major details of the book. The Percy Jackson Series is one of the best series in the 21st century. Many people still debate today on which series books is better, Percy Jackson, or Harry Potter. And this is not the last book Rick Riordan will write, don’t worry. Rick Riordan will be writing a new book series, which is notified in the last few pages of the Blood of Olympus. It is still unknown if Rick will continue the Percy Jackson series, but his career of writing great adventure stories won’t end, at least not just yet.


the-blood-of-olympus-cover            Many people probably expect that this book is like the Divergent series, but it’s not; this is an adventure fantasy book. Unlike the Divergent and Harry Potter series, Blood of Olympus takes you through many unexpected things, where your breath can be taken away as you read. For those who never read the Percy Jackson Series, it is highly recommended for you to read this book. At the end of every single book, it’s a cliff hanger, luring you to read the next book. Many people on campus enjoy the series and are looking forward to reading the Blood of Olympus.


The Blood of Olympus will take you through one of the best adventures that Percy Jackson experiences along with his friends, Annabeth, Jason, Frank, Hazel, and Nico. This book will conclude the blanks that everyone is dying to know. Along with that, new unraveled mysteries will appear, causing you to be on the edge of your chair the whole time you read.


The Blood of Olympus is quite possibly the last book in the Percy Jackson series. Join Percy on his last prophecy adventure. You won’t be disappointed when you read this book, with it’s many endless surprises and expected factors.

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Maze Runner Movie and Book Comparison

Maze Runner Movie and Book Comparison

BY Ayssa M. & Carly P.; staff writers

Have you ever wondered if books and movies are similar? Well, movies and books do have similarities and differences. The Maze Runner is a series. There is a total of three books and a prequel. This is the order of the series The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, and The Kill Order. These books are basically about a group of teenagers who are trying to find their way out of a huge maze. All of these teenagers lost their memory and all they can remember are their names.

One of the major differences between the book and the movie was that Thomas and Theresa are not able to communicate telepathically.For example, in the book while Theresa is in a coma she’s able to communicate with Thomas where as in the movie the first they talk to each other is when she’s out of the coma. Talking about Theresa she didn’t stay in the coma as long as the book because stays unconscious throughout a third of the book. In addition, the last major difference is that when the Grievers attack they kill about half of the Gladers because in the book the Grievers take out one Glader a night.In the movie the night when the grievers attck they kill Alby, but in the book Alby dies when they are fighting off the Grievers trying to make it to the Griever Hole.

Secondly, novices of movies should get your pants on because were naming the minor differences to impress your friends. In the movie Alby and Thomas get along pretty well compared to how Alby treats Thomas in the book. In the book Alby treats Thomas pretty harsh evry since he arrived to the Glade.In additon, when Alby,Thomas, and Minho are in the maze during the night Minho is braver in the movie than the Book. Because in the book Minho automatically leaves Thomas to fend for himself even though Minho knows the Maze by the back of his hand. However, in the movie Minho stays to help Thomas secure Alby before fending for themselves.

In conclusion, the book and movie of The Maze Runner is a great way to relieve stress because it’s action packed along with a fun spot the difference game between the movie and book. Enjoy watching and reading the series.

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Dumb Ways to Die 2 Review

Dumb Ways to Die 2 Review

By: Bryan L.; staff writer



What is Dumb ways to Die 2? It is the second game by Metro and is based off olympic and regular sports. There are 5 places you can go to, but Adrenaland is construction based on extreme sports. The other areas are called Freezerville, The Dumbest of the Dumb, Dumb Dome,and Drown Town.This game is for people 10 and up. Warning! This game does have blood if you lose a life that is why you must be 10 and up!!!

In this game, you always start with 3 lives and you want to try your best to get the most points and see how well you did in the world.

In Freezerville, all the challenges are related to a winter olympic sport except for don’t lick the pole, yeti grooming, and swipe/tap to close all the doors and windows. Every game you do it will tell you what you are supposed to do.Every time you complete a certain amount of games, the time and speed will go faster. It is the higher the points, the higher the speed. My favorite game in Freezerville is Don’t Lick the Pole because you just have to leave your screen alone and it is the most simplest game there.

In Dumb Dome, it is based on olympic sports based on athleticism. The funniest game is the baton relay because you give T.N.T and you just watch him blow up. One game that isn’t based on athleticism is where you try to tie someone’s shoe. My favorite game in Dumb Dome is the lightning pole vault because you have to swipe up on the yellow area unless you want to get struck by lightning.

In Drown Town, the sports are based on swimming and what you should do to follow pool and ocean policies. The games there are strange, but very fun. The games that are the best are the 100m piranha freestyle and shark jumping because they have a funny ending when you lose. The hardest game there is Dolphin Rodeo because you have to balance by tilting to stay on the dolphin.

In Dumbest of the Dumb, you are tested to see how many points you can score get a character with the use of tickets. You must score the amount it says to spin the wheel of misfortune to get your character to go on your map.All games in here are all the games in the whole map.

I would rate this game a 9.5/10 because this game would receive a 10 if adrenaland came out, but overall the graphics and gameplay are good. Last but not least, you can get this game for free on  ios and android.

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The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies Review

The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies Review

by:Tony Z; staff writer

The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies

Warning! This Review spoils the first 10 minutes of this movie!


After seeing the second Hobbit movie in the Hobbit movie trilogy, I was excited to see the next movie, which would be the final movie in the trilogy. This mostly was why I was excited to see it because of the fact the movie was left off at a cliffhanger with the dragon, Smaug. But in the new movie he is only in for 10 MINUTES in the beginning of the movie. This sucks because the dragon Smaug was one of the main reasons why I wanted to see this movie, but now that you’ve heard this incredibly long backstory, let’s get on with the actual movie review.

This movie starts right where the other movie left off, which was The Desolation of Smaug. As you recall in the last movie, Smaug was going to the village Laketown to attack it, so that’s where this movie starts. He burns down some buildings, people run away, but he is eventually killed by Bard with an arrow that goes through the one part in Smaug’s chest that isn’t covered with a scale. This is only 10 MINUTES into the movie and Smaug is already dead, that’s a bit of a disappointment for me. In the meantime, Bilbo and the elves have all the treasure in the Lonely Mountain, but then Bard who is now assumed as the leader of Laketown comes with the Elf king to ask for treasure that rightfully belongs to them.

Things escalate as Thorin tells them both no, because in this movie it shows how Thorin changed.  He assumed himself now as the king of the dwarfs and has grown very selfish, which is why he doesn’t want to give any treasure to the Elves or the Laketown people. Eventually a great war commences of five armies, made of up of Bilbo and the Dwarfs, the Elves, the Laketown people, the Orcs, and the Durin people because Thorin wants to stop the Elves and the Laketown people from taking the Lonely Mountain treasure from him AND the Orc king wants to kill Thorin so he joins the battle AND Thorin’s cousin Dain joins the battle for a reason that I’m not even sure of(I think it had something to do with him not liking orcs). I feel like this character was also crammed into the movie at the last second. So, basically the story of this movie is that Bilbo and all the other dwarfs must fight a huge battle against four armies to stop The Lonely Mountain from falling into darkness. Hence the name “The Battle of the Five Armies.”

The story is okay for me, but doesn’t follow the book very much, but you should be okay of that by now because the trilogy doesn’t follow the book very well. Honestly,I feel that they crammed this story in to make this movie as long as the other movies.

The action in this movie pretty good and the CGI is good too. This is a big budget movie and although some big budget movies have bad CGI, I can assure you, the CGI is good for this movie. I can also say the acting is good too. Martin Freeman seems just how I would imagine Blibo to be. Someone who started as a coward(which is how he was in the first movie), but became very courageous(which is how he is in this movie). Also, Ian Mckellen does a great job as Gandalf.

So, is The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies a good movie? Well, it is. It has good acting, good action, and good CGI. The only thing that I think holds this movie back is the story. I feel like they kind of crammed it in for the last movie to make it as long as the other movies, some characters also seemed crammed into the movie too(cough, cough Dain). Not to mention, the story isn’t as good as the other movies which is why this movie is an 8.5/10. Honestly, out of all three movies in the trilogy, the second one is my favorite, which is The Desolation of Smaug, but I do recommend this movie to anyone who saw the last three movies, because trust me, this movie is worth your time. The release date for the DVD is March 2015.


One REVIEW to Rule Them All!


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Big Hero 6 Movie Review

Big Hero 6 Movie Review

By: Jordan Nguyen; staff writer



Do you want to see what a genius can do? Do you want to see the impossible? Then you should see Big Hero 6. Big Hero 6 is a computer-animated comedy that gets you full of excitement. There is just one thing to say about this, can you make a robot suit?

Hiro, the main character, is a 13 year old boy and a child prodigy. He is very smart in robotics, physics, and biology. When he goes to his brother, Tadashi’s, museum, a fire happens and Tadashi tries to rescue his professor, but doesn’t make it out alive. Hiro has to find out who caused the fire and put a stop to the person who stole his invention, microbots. Microbots are little chips that can do anything you could think of. Hiro must get them back before things get out of hand.

bighero6.2       What Hiro does is recruit four other heroes from the lab to help him find the criminal. You might be wondering, what can a bunch of nerds can do? Well, they create super suits with super powers that go with everyone’s personality. For example, a guy named Fred likes monsters and destruction, so his suit is a monster that breathes fire. Baymax also gets a suit. The only thing is what does the criminal want? You must watch the movie to find out.

Big Hero 6 is an excellent movie. It had so much action that I never noticed myself standing up at the movie theater. There were some funny moments to entertain you a little bit. There is also mystery that is behind this movie. The setting goes with what is happening, like when the heroes are in a car chase, the setting is very dark and the music is very fast. I recommend Big Hero 6 as a movie that is full of action, comedy, and a sad movie in some of the scenes. You must watch the movie to experience what it is like to be Hiro.


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Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Review

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Review

By Staff Writers; James S. and Haskell M.

five nights2

Release: On September 12th, Scott Cawthon (the creator of Five Nights at Freddys) released a teaser for the Five Nights at Freddys 2 game that was going to come out soon. When November 10, 2014 came around Scott Cawthon said that the demo of Five Nights at Freddys 2 will be coming out the next day. On November 15 the game was released for Android, then on November 20 it was released on iOS. On December 2, 2014 the game was released on Windows Phone.


five nights1          Storyline: Welcome to your new job, as a night guard, at the new, and improved Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria. Where not four animatronics roam, but six! These kid-friendly animatronics are very happy in the daytime, but when nightfall comes and everybody leaves, its your job to watch the cameras as the nightguard. As you can see, there are old animatronic remains in the parts and service room. We use them for spare parts. They shouldn’t have the ability to move, but anything can happen. You aren’t the first one to be the night guard here. The other night guard finished his shift early, because he was complaining, about animatronics trying to get into his office. I know, that is probably impossible, but just incase, you get a empty freddy head, a flashlight, and a music box. Wind the music box up, because it affects an animatronic. The building will not run out of power, but your flashlight will. The animatronics names are Old Freddy Fazbear, Old Bonnie, Old Chica, Old Foxy the pirate, five nights 3Toy Freddy Fazbear, Toy Chica, Toy Bonnie, Toy Foxy, and Marionette (The Puppet). We also discovered the animatronics were never given a proper night mode, so when they see nothing but darkness, they go where the people are. That is your office. You can also use the flashlight to stop a few animatronics from coming in as well. Well I wish you good luck, and remember Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria is not responsible for death, or dismemberment.You should be golden. Well good luck.


I rate this game 4.8 stars, because it gives you a laughing sensation after a jump scare. I took out 0.2 of the rating, because your office isn’t very vast, although it gives you a chance to make a creative strategy. The price is $2.99 to $3.99. It makes you think of saving power and using it wisely. Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 gives you a survival sense as well. Play this game, and believe me, you should be golden.

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The History Bee

The History Bee

By : Jenny C. and Lylianna L., Staff writers


It was a very nerveracking time, but it was also very exciting and fun.” ~ Alyssa M. The buzz in the air, markers writing the important answer that could let them win, the cheering in the crowd. The History Bee was something that no one can forget,not the participants, not even the crowd. There were 30 competitors, 10 from each grade. The Best of the Best was there, but there could only be one winner.


The Participants

6th Grade :           DSC_0850

Caden S.

Judel An.

Zach S.

Timothy B.

Kyle C.

Salaidh P.

Joelle J.       DSC_0842

Jiro C.

Vincent M.

Eric G.


7th Grade :     DSC_0862

Jason J.

Annie C.

Htet T.

Alyssa M.

Carly P.

Etenesh A.    DSC_0838

Benjamin I.

Veronica G.

Daelyn A.

Kirby N.


8th Grade :    DSC_0837

Nick K.

Kevin O.

Sean M.

Joel D.

Jake H.DSC_0871

Eric F.

Dinh D.

Eric H.

Jenna F.

Max M.


Round 1 : the Whiteboard Round

“ The History Bee was a fun experience in which I will never experience ever again.” ~ Carly Phu. Round One, aka, the Whiteboard Round, was a killer. Many of the participants were knocked out of the History Bee because of it. Questions like “ Who’s face is on the ten dollar bill?” was asked in the Whiteboard Round. The top 10 participants that made it to the semi-finales were Daelyn A., Carly P., Annie C., Jason J., Etenesh A., Eric F., Kevin O., Joel D., Nick K., and Htet T.


Round 2 : Semi-Finales, Spelling Bee Style

It was a very intense battle, but also very fun and I enjoyed it.” ~ Eric G. Round Two, or the Semi-Finales, was different from the Whiteboard Round. It was Spelling-Bee style, or when each contestant was called up and had to answer a question orally. Questions like “ What music was played in the 1920’s by Louis Armstrong?” were asked.  Many people lost to the wrath of the questions, but 4 of them made it. They were Joel D., Nick K., Eric F., and Htet T.


Round 3 : Final Round, Spelling Bee Style

“ There was a time where I was disappointed, but besides that, it was very fun and a great challenge.” ~ Annie C. The final round, the round where the 4 finalists will hope to win this year’s History Bee, a very important time for them. At the end, Joel D. won the History Bee, and the overall name of “ the History Bee Champion.” Eric F. was the smart and lucky student who placed himself as the 2nd place winner.


The History Bee was a competition fit for the best history geniuses out there. Of course, only one person could be the champion, and that person was Joel D., eighth grader, with Eric F., eighth grader, as the runner up.  Congratulations to not just them, but to all the participants of the History Bee. Do you have what it takes to win the History Bee?


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A Night in Walmart

A Night in Walmart

By Eric G. and Haskell M.


It was a Saturday, I was at home laying on the couch, and watching TV. My mom came in the room and said, “Want to go to Walmart with me, instead of sitting on the couch all day and watching this TV?” I replied, “I’m fine, plus Walmart has nothing fun.”. “Come on Jacob, it’s only for like 30 minutes.” my mom said. I sat there for a second thinking, if I should say yes or no. “Fine.” I said. I got up and stretched my legs and arms. Then I walked to my shoes, and slid them on, then I grabbed my jacket, and said, “Lets go.”. My mom replied, “Ok”, as she opened the front door.     We got in the car, and my mom put the key in the ignition. We then put our seatbelts o and the car started moving slowly. I looked out the window in sign of boredom. My mom said, “You’ve been really tired lately is there something wrong?.”  “Just a lot of projects due this week.”. 5 minutes passed, and we arrived at Walmart. It started to rain when we entered the store. My mom said, “ I will be in the food section, you can go to the toy section.”. “Ok”, I replied. “Oh meet back here in 1 hour ok?”. “Ok mom”, I replied, as I checked the time, and set the alarm on my watch. I walked away, and looked at the signs above the aisle. I saw the word Toys on one sign and headed towards that aisle. I was at the aisle when I saw a couple other kids looking at the toys. I saw Nerf Guns, dolls, footballs, board games, and much more. I was interested in the Nerf Guns, so I looked at them. I saw all sorts of Nerf Guns. Short ones long ones, ones with attachments, and even a turret! Time went by really fast, and as I know it, it was already 6:00. Oh snap I thought in my mind, it had already been 2 hours! I looked at my alarm, and it was set for 5:00 A.M.. I ignored that, and ran to the front of the store, and my mom was not there.. I looked around, and I remembered what she said, “I will be in the Food Section.”. I ran back inside the store, and looked at the signs briefly. I finally found the words Food Section imprinted on the sign in white.     I ran down the aisle as fast as I could, and checked the time. It was 6:10 P.M., and then I tripped. “Ahh!”, I yelled as I tripped. I got up and I felt a burning sensation on my knee. I looked at it, and I realized I slid on the ground, and torn some of the skin off my leg. It was only a little bit though, but it still stung. I got back up and saw a couple grownups staring at me. One lady said, “Are you ok?”. “Yes.” I replied. Then I started running again, still with some grownups staring at me, and looked at the faces briefly. I didn’t see my mom, and didn’t know what to do. I  then walked through all the aisles, and still didn’t see my mom. Man I thought, did she forget I was here? Or did she have to run back home due to an emergency? I should ask one of the managers. I walked up to one of the checkout people and said, “Can I use your phone to call my mom?”. The guy replied, “Sorry kid, but I don’t let random kids use my cellphone.” I just turned and walked away frustrated at him.   I wondered if my mom would, be looking for me in the Toy Section again, so I made my way towards it for the 3rd time today. I was just sitting next to the toys in the aisle waiting for my mom to come eventually, so I can get out of here. I was tired, and I checked the time, and I was sitting here for about an hour. I was very hungry, and thirsty, but still very tired. I pulled my jacket over myself as a blanket, and closed my eyes. I woke up to a noise, that sounded like a loudspeaker, and I heard faint words saying, “Walmart is closing in 5 minutes.”. I tried to pull myself up, but I was still tired, so I just fell back to sleep.     I woke to darkness at first, then my eyes fully adjusted to the darkness of the store. I thought I was dreaming when I realized I was actually stuck inside Walmart, alone. I stood up slowly, and first was kind of dizzy, but hungry, very very hungry. I walked slowly to the Food Section, and saw all sorts of food. I grabbed a bag of Doritos, and didn’t care if I got in trouble. I opened the bag, and a fresh scent of Doritos made me so hungry that I dug my hand in the bag, and pulled out a lot of chips. I narfed the chips down, 3 at a time. I felt better after finishing the bag. I then walked away from the Food Aisle heading towards the Drink Aisle. I was at the Drink Aisle, thinking of what to drink. I looked around, and saw the big gatorades. I grabbed the Glacier Freeze flavored Gatorade, and chugged the whole bottle. I then sat down, and realized that I was in a Walmart at night, basically stealing food, and drinks from the store, but I  still didn’t care. All I cared about is trying to survive in this store, and or get out. That was weird I thought, wouldn’t someone have came and woke me up telling me to leave the store? No I thought, the employees here were probably not very responsible, and probably neglected this place, but whatever. I got up took off my jacket, and put it down on the floor. I looked hard for a way out of this store, but still couldn’t find an exit. I tried the vent I was too small, I tried the sliding glass doors, but they were off. If I really wanted to get out I would break out through the glass. Well I thought theres no exit, and I guess I will be in here for a… night.     I was walking back to the Food Aisle when I saw a Sleeping Aisle. I ran there, and when I looked down the aisle I saw pillows, comforters, couches, blankets, and all sorts of sleeping goods. I realized a night in Walmart wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. I grabbed a pillow, and a blanket, and another blanket, and walked to the Food Aisle. I put the blanket down as a comforter, and the put the pillow down, and then pulled the blanket over myself. I closed my eyes, and thought about my mom. She must be very very worried I thought. Oh no! She probably thought I was kidnapped! Did she call the cops? I began to worry, as thoughts of what could have happened raced through my mind. Hopefully it will all be ok… hopefully. I was tired after all the worrying, so I layed my head down, and fell fast asleep. I woke to a voice that sounded familiar. When I opened my eyes it was bright, and blurry. I then stood, up quickly, and that was a big mistake. I got lightheaded then fell to the floor again. I heard sirens, and now multiple voices. I heard one rough voice say, “Ma’am he will be ok, I think it was a mistake that he got locked in here.” “Ok” said a worried voice. I stood up again with all my strength this time, and the blur went away. I heard more voices and they all said, “Are you ok young man?”. “Yes.” I replied. I looked around for a minute noticing that policemen were here. I asked, “What happened?”. The police officer replied, “Someone broke in last night.”. “Really?.”. “You think we’re joking kid?” The police officer said. “No sir.” I replied. My mom all the sudden came rushing towards me, kissing my forehead, and hugging me. She said worried, “Where were you?!”. “I was in the Toy Section, the whole time, and I accidently set my watch time for 5:00 A.M., instead of P.M.”. “It’s ok, I also forgot that you were with me.”.  We walked out of the store, and I saw a hole in the glass. Someone really did break in? How could have I not heard the alarm go off? Man I must have been tired, anyways time to go home, and get back on the couch. I walked in the car my mom got in the front seat, and we slowly drove home. Home sweet home.

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Tech Club

Tech Club

By Dustyn C., staff writer


Are you interest in the vast possibilities of technology? Want to experience technology with your friends? If so, Tech Club is the place for you! Every Wednesday from 3-4 pm, people arrive in room 10 to learn about different areas of the field of technology.  Mrs. Nowak and Mrs. Fischer are the instructors and have new lessons and hands DSCN0454on activities every week.


DSCN0449DSCN0457         Tech Club discusses topics such as careers involved with technology, coding, and basic robotics. We are currently creating robots using the motors of phones and pieces of toothbrushes similar to HexBugs. Tech Club has also managed the Hour of Code here at Magruder! There’s even more to come for Tech Club this year, since we are still going to learn more about robotics and coding throughout the entire year and beyond!

DSCN0447          Does any of these technological activities interest you? Luckily, there is still some open spots for the club as of this writing! You better hurry up, though, because openings to join Tech Club are going fast. Talk to Mrs. Fischer if you are interested in joining Tech Club. See you there!

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The Winter Dance of ’15

The Winter Dance

By. James S. & Haskell M.;Staff Writers


DSC_0020 Friday night at about 3:00, on January 23rd, was the greatest moments of our lives. If you missed out on the Winter Dance or just want to re-live the moments, don’t stop reading this.

At about 3:00, only a few people were in the building. All the snacks were set out neatly. You could smell the sour punches and chips. DSC_0039 It was as if the snacks were calling out, “I want to be enjoyed…” Snowflakes and snowmen lights were projected on the walls. There were a whole bunch of balloons all over the ground waiting to be mangled by us. And they were.

At about 3:15, people were arriving and the place was ½ full. Balloons started flying DSC_0022relentlessly around us. people were drinking Pepsi and other carbonated drinks. People were eating chips. The bass was so good, I could feel it on my chip bag. People were inconveniently placing their soda cans and water bottles every spot they seem familiar with.

At about 3:25 or so, the suggestion paper DSC_0030opened up to the public, and mostly girls wrote suggestions. If ya ask me, mostly songs girls like where played. There were some boy songs to, just in case you were wondering. Most of the snacks were gone at this point because about ¾’s of the people were in the cafeteria. In my opinion, DJ Ozzie only played songs in the Pop genre. Now I like Pop and all, but it kind of gets old DSC_0068after a while.

At about 3:45, DJ Ozzie was raffling off gift cards. A few people that won were James S., Daylon C., and Yaire Z. You could have won a $10 Amazon gift card, a $5 Starbucks gift card, and much more.

At about 4:00, more people won, and in my DSC_0080opinion, this was the time when the better and lesser known music was played. At this time, the snacks were running low, and a few people started to leave.

At around 4:30, people were getting tired and leaving. Too bad they had to miss out on all the fun. more names were called, and more people got prizes. only ½ of the people DSC_0067were still in the building. the party started to die down, but the music kept going. Pretty soon the party will come to an end.

At around 4:45, the only people that were left where the people who still had stuff in their lockers they need to take home. However some of us were still here no matter what. DJ Ozzie was playing slower tempo songs around this time, coincidentally or purposely.

At around 5:00, the party came to an end, and we all went home. The music got stuck in our heads so when we got home, we could still DSC_0115hear the music.

Well, that was how it all went down. Next year, hopefully we can have another one.


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Jr. Human Relations Ambassadors

 Jr. Human Relations Ambassadors

by: Alyssa M. and Hong-Tran D., Staff Writers

DSCN3427What is Jr. HRA? Jr. HRA is an organization filled with students who sign up to become leaders for the school. Ms. Barker is in charge of the HRA club. Jr. HRA has meetings every other Mondays. Students in HRA are first trained by Ms. Barker. Jr. HRA has been helping with OBS (Operation Back to School), Renaissance programs, Back to School Night, Winter Dances, and Open House.

There are lots of people in Jr. HRA and they do their best to help with events and participate in them. The motto for Jr. HRA is “Students Helping Students Succeed” You might see some students wear a blue shirt that says that on campus. Jr. HRA students are trained to make sure the school campus is in working order and are allowed to tell Ms. Barker about new things they wantDSCN3424 or change for the school campus.” Jr. HRA is a great opportunity for 7th and 8th graders to help the school. “It’s really fun to see how happy a person can be when you help them out”- Carly P. “ Jr. HRA is doing their best to put up the winter dance.”- Hong-Tran.

Jr. HRA is currently helping with SOMA. Some Jr. HRA students will be seen on the stage reading the names of the students and teachers for this month. Every end of the quarter, there’s a renaissance event called the iPod cafe. The iPod cafe is a place where you can bring your devices like phones and tablets. You can eat lunch in there, get rewards, and hang out with friends. Inside the iPod cafe, you might see HRA DSCN3429students helping with the rewards. Some of the rewards you might receive is candy and pencils. During the winter you may redeem your rewards for hot chocolate, and during the summer you may want to redeem your rewards for something cold like an otter pop.

So, Jr. HRA is doing their best to keep up these fun events and making sure the campus is in working order. “The point of Jr. HRA is that we try to help students make goals in the future”- Carly P. As you can see the Jr. HRA staff works hard to give back to the student body. You may see them arranging some fun events. For example, the winter dance and the renaissance program. It’s all thanks to Ms. Barker who plans all of these fun events!



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Garden Guru Club

Garden Guru

By: Sunbo A., Staff Writer


“ It gets me outside, connects students with environment, and creates veggies”. These are the words of Ms. Borowski, the sponsor of one of Magruder’s best loved clubs- garden guru. This club has been around for some time, and to think it was all started by one amazing person, Mrs.Owens, who is retired but still subs here regularly.  She built this magnificent club with the help of a lot of other other people, especially Farmer Fred. Later on this club was passed on to a well known teacher at Magruder, Ms.Borowski.  This club is great for kids because it helps get them involved with the environment and it helps get active. This garden is located in Columbia Park, in the community garden.

There are lots of benefits with this club that can transform you and your friends into gg6healthy eaters and great gardeners.  In this club they use lots of great safe equipment.  For example; shovels, hand tools, garden axes,gloves,and much more.  When using these tools they are supervised for their own safety.  They use absolutely no pesticides, so it is a fit and healthy garden and the vegetables are safe to eat.   Most fruits and veggies from the garden are shared equally and taken home.

So far this year they have had about 15 people join.  One of those 15 participants was a young girl named Rebecca .  She is very involved and obligated to this garden and club. gg7 When she got started, she enjoyed it and thought that it was fun and took a lot of commitment, so she joined. Her inspiration was a friend that led her to such a great club.What they mainly do is plant, harvest, and weed, the basics of gardening. The harvest this year went well. They have a variety of food like: lettuce, kale, tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkins, and more.  Some advice Rebecca gave was, “to be willing to work”.

This club is advertised every Friday, so you should definitely join and push yourself into coming to this club.  Get closer to nature – the main source of our lives.


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Mockingjay Part 1 Movie Review

 Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Movie Review


By, Staff writer; Haskell M.

Mockingjay, the movie, came out on November 21, 2014. In the movie, Mockingjay part 1, the Katniss is trying to destroy the Capitol with help from District 13, because the the Capitol bombed lots of Districts, which killed lots of people. The Capitol bombed the Districts because the Districts hated the Capitol, and wanted to rebel. Capitol tries to weaken Katniss, and stop the rebellion against the Capitol. The Capitol is trying to prevent Katniss from igniting the rebellion, but instead make matters worse. District 13 grows stronger and the other districts join in to try and overthrow President Snow and the rest of the Capitol.


Mockingjay is part of the Hunger Games movie series, directed by Francis Lawrence, and  Gary Ross. The main characters, Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen, Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark, Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorne, Woody Harrelson as Haymitch Abernathy, Donald Sutherland as President Snow, Julianne Moore as President Alma Coin, Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair. The music in this movie is, Yellow Flicker Beat, by Lorde, and Hanging Tree, sung by Jennifer Lawrence.  I think that this is a great movie, and I would give this movie 5 stars. It is very intense, yet interesting. I strongly suggest that you see Mockingjay Part 1!  The release date for the DVD is March 6th.

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