Trivia App Comparisons

Trivia App Comparisons

By: Sunbo A., Staff Writer


trivia  This year people have been buzzing around about these new trivia games and they are really starting to get popular.Everyone is playing them and these games are getting major ratings, but the question is. Which one out of the main four is considered the best.Well even me myself ,have been playing these trivia games and from what I have observed there really is only one that is growing more than the others even though the others are quite famous.The four main trivia games are Quiz Up,Trivia Crack,4 pics 1 word,and Logos Quiz. These four have really become popular.

QuizUp-iOS-Free The first one on our list of four is Quiz Up. This trivia game is filled with over 600 categories to choose from and play.From my experience with this game it is a very fun and great game to play, but of course there are always pros and cons of each games.The con about this games is that it kind of takes a while for your random opponent to be chosen when you are ready to play the game.The pros is that it has tons of categories to chose from and its a great way to learn new things.You can get this app for free on the appstore on most of your electronic devices.

crack           Another one of our famous trivia games is Trivia Crack.This is known as the biggest trivia game in the world. This game is actually to test your knowledge.The great thing about this game is that you can play with friends and family all the time as long as they have the app and a valid username. The only bad thing about this game is that your game expires after a while if you or your partner does  not answer their question on time, but the deadline is about 2 days.This app is also can be found in the appstore and used on most electronic devices.

grimace   Four pics that have one word outside.This may sound very familiar, well this is also another trivia game called 4 pics 1 word.This game is a great way to test your brain and learn new skills.the one thing about this game is that lots of ads pop up and sometimes it can be a bit laggy.Sometimes when you get stuck on a question it makes it a little harder for you to move on with the game and that may cause you to give up.You have to have patience. This app is also available on most electronic devices.

The last trivia game is called Logo’s Quiz.This trivia game has hundreds of logos to guess from and play.This is known as the number 1 brand logo quiz in the world, according to the designer of the game. I have played this logosbefore and it is great if you been practicing and memorizing your logo’s, but if you don’t then I don’t advise you to play the game.This does not mean you shouldn’t try this, you should just to try it and see if you like it.The good thing about this app is that there are no interruptions liken ads when you play this game and it never ends.This is also available on most electronic devices.

Well that really concludes the main four most famous trivia games, but one question is still not answered. Which is the greatest?, well I have some results that show which one is the best. I basically found the current ratings of each game and only one came out with a win.The winner was Trivia Crack, in the lead with 4.5 as its ratings.Following in second place with 4.4 in a tie was 4 pics 1 word and logos quiz. In last place was Quiz Up with a rate of 4.3. Now we know who is in the lead and which app you should definitely check out at your app store. All apps stated in this article do not have a cost they are free.

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The History Bee 2015

Our First Epic History Bee


By: Bryan L. and Tony Z., staff writers DSCN3247

This is the 2015 Epic Rap Battles…. uh I mean the History Bee! Everyone who scored well on the history test taken in social studies class got to go to the History Bee to compete, and possibly get their name on the Magruder plaque in the office.

This History Bee is different from last year’s Geo Bee. The questions aren’t multiple choice, so you have to give a direct answer to the question. If everyone gets it wrong, everyone still stays in the game. There were 30 people in the History Bee, but of course in the end there could only be one winner. In the History Bee, the first few questions were on whiteboards. DSCN3278 In the second round, students were given questions for only themselves.

There were kids in grades 6-8 answering these questions. Mr. Burgner was the one who was asking all the questions, while Ms. Smith and Ms. Yung were tallying up the scores. Some questions seemed easy and some questions seemed hard. It can be fun to watch when you are rooting for someone to win. Also everyone in the competition were good sports about it. There were many good moments in the History Bee, like when people barely got the answers right or barely missed them.


This year, the History Bee was fun to watch.  DSCN3235 But, in the end, there could only be one winner of the history bee who gets their name on the Magruder plaque. That winner is Joel D. and second place is Eric F. Some of the questions were “Whose face is on the ten dollar bill?”, “What religion were the first Pilgrims who went to Ohio?”, and “ Britain fought what Asian country?” All in all, the History Bee was good this year and the winner was Joel D. Until next year, History Bee!










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PTSA’s Amazing Winter Dance

Winter Dance

By: Jenny C. and Joy M. , Staff Writers


“ That was an awesome dance! I wish more of them were here.” exclaimed Daelyn A. There was the sound of music playing in the background. The sight of drinks spread around everywhere, and people having fun, singing and dancing. The lighting, the colorful snowflakes and snowmen on the walls.  The smell of sweat, due to the dancing of course. That’s the image of the Winter Dance. All of the students had smiles on their faces that you just couldn’t wipe off, even when the world’s most powerful remover.


For 2 hours, right after school, popular music was pumping out of the speakers, with the best music guy around- D.J. Ozzie! Students were in their fancy, or not, clothes, socializing, having fun, dancing, or just listening to the music!

Admission to the dance was free for PTSA members, while others paid $10 for admission and the PTSA membership. Students also get a raffle ticket for the gift card raffle. There were plenty of free snacks and refreshments, at least for a solid ten minutes, before we ran straight out of them. Believe us when we say this, whenever you go to the Winter Dance, grab your snacks as fast as you can, because before you know it, all the food will disappear.






DSC_0129Music such as “Lips Are Moving” and “I’m Not the Only One” was played. There was a raffle drawing for gift cards such as Starbucks, Amazon, and iTunes. Sadly though, the fun had to end at 5, but everyone will be looking forward to the next Winter Dance, that’s for sure!





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Vietnamese New Year

Vietnamese New Year

by: Jenny C. and Hong-Tran D.;        Staff Writers



Chuc Mung Nam Moi!! What happens during Vietnamese New Year? Is it the same as Chinese New Year? Well both Vietnamese and Chinese New Year start on the same day, February 19th and ends on the 21st. During Vietnamese New Year, many fun events happen such as festivals and handing out pocket money in red envelopes. In some families, people will set up altars to pray and set up fruits on the altars. The reason Vietnamese New Year starts late is because it follows the lunar calendar, which is slightly different from the normal calendar.

An important tradition is putting money in a red envelope and handing it out on the new year day. You can put in about $20. For kids they can get $1-$5 depending on the age. For the red envelope to get handed out, families usually sit together and hand them out.

Food is also very important in Vietnamese New Year. There are rice cakes, candied fruits, sticky rice, Vietnamese sausage, boiled chicken, and pickled vegetables. There are other dishes like vermilliceli. Another famous food is banh mi which is Vietnamese bread rolls filled with pate, Vietnamese mayonnaise, ham, and Vietnamese sausage.

What is played during Vietnamese New Year? There are all types of games being played like cards and board games. There are entertainments like outside games and festivals. The most important thing during Vietnamese New Year is having flowers in the house. A special type of flower is used to be placed in the house with special decorations. Decorations include light lanterns and charms.

So Vietnamese New Year is very important to the Vietnamese culture. Some people don’t celebrate it, which is okay but many people celebrate it. Schools in Vietnam will usually get 3 days off to celebrate the Vietnamese New Year. To conclude the Vietnamese New Year, at night at festivals there will be fireworks with popping firecrackers. So Happy Vietnamese New Year! Chuc Mung Nam Moi!!!!


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Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac

By: Carly P. & Khanh P., staff writers


Wo Shen Ti Hao Ma`!~ Ever tried to know what your Chinese Zodiac is and what it means? Would you want to know what 2015 has for you, well then stick around to find out.

First of all, 2015 is the year of the sheep. And if you didn’t know in China there was an ancient myth that tells how the world began. The myth first starts off as the universe being a soupy mush, until a sleeping god shaped as an egg woke up after a million years. He then saw that everything was black and slimy therefore this made him feel uncomfortable. So of course he cracked his egg-like resting place so that the goo inside became the seven continents of the world. While the eggshell became the heavens,to keep this balanced the god helped keep this place in tact by holding everything together. Then he became the Earth (air=breath,hair=stars,eyes=sun and moon,blood=water,veins=mountains and rivers,sweat=rain and dew).

Shortly, after people have been created they had no track of time. To their demise the gods decided to help them by creating a twelve month in a year system in which each and every year represented a certain type of animals for twelve years straight. Then the process starts back all over again, the animals that were chosen in chronological order; is the Rat, Ox (cow), Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and the Pig.

Now that you know how the world began would you want to know how you began in this upcoming year?



Years of Birth for the Snake horoscope …1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025… Snakes tend to accomplish their goals and hate to fail. Snakes are wise, smart people, and great thinkers who are good at communication but say very little. Since snakes are quiet, they like a very quiet environment, and tend to be in libraries. Although snakes are great mental minded people, they tend to lack physical ability. Causing most snakes to be introverts. . Once people are his/her friends, the Snake is willing to share his sorrow and happiness with them. Snake people guard their chosen friends much like valuable possessions, and they are easily jealous and even obsessive. Snake friends are great companions that will be by your side, even if they’re quiet.


Years of Birth for the Horse horoscope: …1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026… Horses are extremely animated, active and energetic. Horses love to be in a crowd. Horses tend to be humorous and lively, always giving a bright mood to their friends. Basically Horses are very healthy, most likely because they hold a positive attitude towards life. However, heavy responsibility or pressure from their job may make them weak. Therefore Horses shouldn’t do overtime too often, and then come home very late. Horses will be a lively companion to have by your side, in result. Horses and snakes are quite the opposite of each other.


Year of Birth for the Goat/Sheep horoscope: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027… Goats are generally believed to be gentle mild-mannered, shy, stable, sympathetic, amicable, and brimming with a strong sense of kindheartedness and justice. Goats have strong creativity and delicate thoughts. Goats to have very few health problems and are very serene and calm. Goats should get out often and enjoy the nature, since they commune well with fresh air, nature, and trees. Goats are very great calm companions.

Of course there is still 9 more horoscopes that are upcoming, but here’s a link if you want to see the rest. All 12 horoscopes are unique and amazing in different ways. Links:









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Environmental Science Class Goes to L.A. County Landfill

The Environmental Science Field Trip

By: Joy M., Staff writer

DSCN0646             Did you know that plastic bags and other plastic garbage thrown into the ocean kill as many as 1,000,000 sea creatures a year? In Los Angeles County we throw away 65,000 tons of trash every day! That’s enough trash to fill Dodgers Stadium every 11 days! With a population of about 10 million people that means each person creates 13 pounds of trash everyday!


The environmental science class helps to make this school trash free! The environmental science class makes creative recyclable art, they have presentations, and small group teaching about issues “off-citing water”, droughts, and land. Ms. Borowski is the teacher of this class and she hopes that the students see where their trash goes after this trip. Ms. Borowski was excited to go on this field trip so students can see what happens to all the trash. She said the land is just a mountain of trash and has many layers to it.


Recently the environmental science class has had a field trip to Puente Hills, Materials Recovery Facility, a closed landfill. They went to the landfill, saw where the trash went, they went on top and saw a view of the city.


The students liked observing the people sort the trash.  One of the students said that they learned   “Landfills are not as gross as dumps.” Another student said,”We took sticks, leaves, and fancy packets. Another student said that they would go again if they had a chance.  “The landfill definitely yes, but the park not so much.” One said  “The  landfill is fancier than it sounded.” One other said “That many people think that the landfills are all gross, but they are actually pretty neat!”   Amber Martin from Mrs.Borowski’s 5th period class said,  “This was probably the best field trip I’ve ever gone on. I would so go again!” She also said,  “Learning about where our trash goes is exciting, I would want to go again.”

DSCN0625They saw Methane gas pipes, and boilers for the bad quality gas. So basically Mrs. Borowski is passionate to show the student body where our trash goes and wants us to Conserve, reduce, and reuse as much as we can, so less trash will come to the landfill.  That is my opinion on what she tries to teach her class and our school, and she tries to encourage them as much as she can.


So, I think that we should keep our environment safe, clean, andDSC04762 well taken care of.  We should try our hardest to recycle, reuse, rotate, and rot(compost)! When the ocean or water is polluted we will drink polluted water and creatures in oceans will die! Therefore the best thing to do is to be trash free and try your hardest to recycle and keep our planet as clean as you possibly can!

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Student of the Month Period 2

Student of the Month Assembly Per. 2

By :  Lylianna L. and Joy M., Staff writers


It was an early December morning, with the shadows still long, when the Period Two Student of the Month Assembly took place. Now parents may join us for congratulating students who have worked hard and who are receiving recognition. S.O.M.A is our monthly assembly that rewards students for participation, citizenship, effort, and achievement.


Here are the 6th grade winners:DSC_0570

  1.  Mrs. Jaeger: Amy G. for excellent Achievement in language Arts.
  2.  Mrs. Jaeger: Austin B. for excellent participation in language arts.
  3.  Mrs. Jaeger: Nathan C. for being an amazing writer.
  4.  Mrs. Jaeger: Sharalene T. for excellent effort in language arts.
  5.  Mrs. Jaeger: Vincent M. for excellent effort in language arts.
  6.  Mrs. Le: Anne P.  for excellent work habits and citizenship.
  7.  Mrs. Le: Arsheya A. for Excellent Achievement, and work habits.
  8.  Mrs Le: Jason K.  for excellent Achievement, citizenship, and work habits.
  9.  Mrs Le: Timothy B. for Excellent work habits and citizenship.
  10.  Mrs. Kim: Javier D.  Farcier for All Around Upbeat & Positive Attitude for Learning
  11.  Mrs. Kim: Jevonte M. for most improved attitude.
  12.  Mrs. Kim : Zuess V. for always doing his best and not settling for less.
  13.  Mr. Porush: Anthony L. for always excellence in achievement and citizenship in band.
  14.  Mrs. Smith: Giancarlo A. for excellence in achievement and participation in science.
  15.  Mrs. Smith: Mya F. for excellent effort in science.
  16.  Ms. Davanzo, Mrs.Hart: Yvonne C. for Best Math Attitude Ever!

Here are the 7th grader winners:DSC_0587

  1. Mrs. Davies: Etenesh A. for outstanding achievement and citizenship in science.
  2.  Mrs. Davies: Zachary S. for outstanding achievement and citizenship in science.
  3.  Ms. Ingram: Alejandra B. for being an Excellent Writer.
  4.  Ms. Ingram: Amanda A. for being an Excellent Writer.
  5.  Ms. Ingram: Yaire Z. for being an Excellent Writer.
  6.  Mrs. Aulenta: Daelyn A. for Excellent participation in language Arts.
  7.  Mrs. Aulenta: Kirby N. for excellent achievement and effort in writing
  8.  Mrs. Aulenta: Erica S. for excellent participation in language arts.
  9.  Mr. Porush: Annie C. for excellence in achievement and citizenship in band
  10.  Mrs. Borowski: Breanna C. for great effort in social studies
  11.  Mrs. Borowski: Doyup K. for excellent academics and participation in social studies
  12.  Mrs. Borowski:  Sana S.for  most improved in social studies
  13.  Mrs. Kawahara: Janice L. for great improvement in math
  14.  Mrs. Kawahara: Arturo S. for never giving up in math
  15.  Mrs. Kawahara: Carley W. for enthusiastic participation in math
  16.  Mrs. Peterson: Alyssa M. for excellence in effort and writing in journalism


Here are the 8th graders:DSC_0601

  1. Mr. Porush: Liam A. for excellence in Achievement and citizenship in band
  2. Mrs. Loftin: Andrea A. for always giving 100% in PE.
  3. Mrs. Loftin: Dylan F. for always working hard in PE.
  4. Mrs. Loftin: Lester M. for being a great runner in PE.
  5. Mrs. Loftin: Bailey R. for being an outstanding athlete.
  6. Mrs. Schwafaty: Andrew G. for outstanding participation and effort in english
  7.  Mrs. Schwafaty: Island V. for outstanding participation and effort in english
  8.  Mrs. Rambo/Mrs.Ji: Claire K. for outstanding work in science
  9.  Mrs. Rambo/ Mrs. Ji: Rita Phuong N. for outstanding work in science
  10.  Mrs. Ramos: Donnie K. for excellence in English language development
  11.  Mrs. Peterson: Bryan L. for excellence in effort & writing in journalism
  12.  Mrs. Peterson: Anthony Z. for excellence in effort & writing in journalism
  13.  Mrs. Johnson: Carlos Y. IV for being incredibly hard working mathematician
  14.  Mrs. Johnson: Tori O. for being an Outstanding Mathematician
  15.  Mrs. Johnson: Melissa L. for being the most hard-working math student
  16.  Mr. Burgner: Christian L. for excellence in social studies
  17.  Mr. Burgner: Jessica N. for excellence in social studies
  18. Mrs. Ramos: Jeremy W. for Excellence in English Language Development


The Jr. HRA students spoke to all of us about respect. They said respect is an admiration for someone or something due to their abilities, qualities, or achievements. Students spoke about how we should be tolerant, considerate, and always use proper manners when speaking to others to ensure a positive future.


If you haven’t received a S.O.M.A award, don’t worry. Just keep working hard and your reward is knowing you are doing your best and you can feel good about that. It’s possible you could even be next month’s winner.


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New Year’s Punchline Comic

Comic Strip

By: Dustyn C., staff writer

New Year's Punchline

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GATE Monthly Activity: Strategy

Gate Monthly Activity: Strategy

By Eric G. and Jordan N., Staff writersDSCN3047



Do you like strategy games? Are you the kind of person that likes a challenge? Then you should join the Gate Monthly Activities. “The after school Gate activities provide an additional opportunity for students to dig deeper into a topic, and at a higher level,” said Mrs. Jaeger.

“Our first Gate activity centered around lasers. In the future we plan to include diverse topics, such as robotics, geography,and even drama.” said Mrs. Jaeger. Last month’s activity was before winter break in December. The activity was about strategy games. Mrs. Jaeger decided to run this program because she felt that the kids need an opportunity to dig deeper and explore- which we don’t always have time to do in the classroom.DSCN3052

“We discussed strategy and how playing strategic games could help you transfer these skills to life situations,” Mrs.Jaeger says in a cheerful and enthusiastic tone. Last month’s activity had about forty five kids, but we still need more kids to join. Lastly, this program, GATE Activities,  has been offered as an opportunity after school for about eight years, but we took a two year break and started again this year. Please join the Gate activities. It is a privilege to have this at Magruder. It will bring forth your inner strength to take on the challenge.DSCN3059DSCN3062

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Sydney Stephens, L.A. Police Cadet

Sydney Stephens

By: Amber J., staff writer

photo 1 (8) (1)

Sydney Stephens. The quiet and shy girl in the back of your classroom. But outside of school life its a different story. Ever since her older sister found a flyer in her school’s office, Sydney’s life changed. She joined a program for the LAPD Cadets. The hardest part about being in the program was staying in a classroom for half a day, she says. It’s like an extra day of school. At first, she didn’t want to join, but her older sister made her. Thankfully, she went and surprisingly really liked it. She had some tough times and wanted to drop out when she first started but she passed those milestones and stuck with it. She had to get up at 5:00 am every Saturday to be at her post by 6:00 am. Wow! She learned many things while in this program, such as leadership skills, ethical decision making and communication skills. She got to know many officers and hung out with them, making this her favorite memory from being in the program. Evenphoto 3 (6) though it took a lot of time and effort, this program didn’t take away from her social life. Out of a 1 to 10 scale, she rated it a 10 because it teaches a lot about skills that you will need throughout your life.

photo 5 (4) (1)

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New Year’s Conspiracy

New Year’s Conspiracy

By. James S. and Jordan N., Staff writers

Picture for illuminatus story thingy

It was the year 1789 when my great uncle was overthrown by the intellectual movement known as the Enlightenment. Okay, lets slow down for a minute. The name is Stanford, I am 12 years old, and ever since the clock struck twelve, I have been uneasy. It felt like the world was whispering something to me. I couldn’t tell exactly what it said, but it’s as if it said.

“Nephew…….Captured…….Help…….Illuminatus…….Overthrown.” Now, I am no genius, but I do know that Illuminatus is Latin for Enlightened. Strange, huh? Now lets begin, shall we? In modern times.

“HAPPY NEW YEARS SON!” screams Dad.

“Bill.” says Mom. “Keep your voice down. It’s literally the middle of the night. Wendy is sleeping.”

“I’m sorry honey, its just that, this year I get a raise.” says Dad. Sometimes I don’t really know about Bill. That’s about the time I hear it. Then I go to bed, which is past Wendy’s room. She is my sister, who is 16, and she doesn’t like to stay up. So let’s just say passing her bedroom is like trying to quietly swim past a lake of alligators. I take a quick peek into her room, and the moonlight is reflecting off of her blonde hair into my eyes. I make a quiet and indescribably painful sounding noise. I hear her say,“No I don’t want your enlightenment.” I don’t really know how, but I’m pretty sure I can relate to this. I get no sleep thinking about the message I got, so I get my phone out and Google it. I find that the Illuminatus movement took place around 1789. The French Revolution. Now I’m going on and I find something. I find that I am related to someone who was against the Illuminatus. Strange, huh? How am I expected to save my uncle from a disaster that already happened? With time travel maybe. Maybe I just ignore it. Yeah. Thats what I’m going to do. So I put my phone away right in time for my alarm to go off. I got no sleep at all, and just in time for, drum roll please, school!

I couldn’t stop thinking about what happen this morning. Even if I tried to save my uncle, I couldn’t make a time machine. Now here I am. At school. Alone. Again. As I am walking home, I notice an old man in a dark alley. It seems as if he is building something, and as usual, curiosity gets the better of me. I trip over a rock and fall into the machine. Everything went black.

“Hey kid, get up.” says a voice. I make a groaning sound as I get up.

“Where am I?” I ask casually.

“You are in Europe, kid.” He says. I am confused by this.

“You want to join the Illuminatus kid?” he asks.

“The Illuminatus?” I ask. “What the heck is Illuminatus?”

“What is a heck?” he asks stupidly. “Illuminatus is the new age. We are going to assassinate a troublemaker who keeps crashing our meetings.” he says. Thats when I run for it. I don’t exactly know what assassinate means, but I have my theories. None of them pleasant. As I run down the streets, I notice signs that say,“Join Illuminatus 1789.” Could I have traveled back in time, or maybe it’s all just a dream. That’s when it hits me. By this, I mean someone ran into me while they were walking.

“Ow, will you watch where yer…” He said. “Well you look a-mighty familiar to me. Where you from?”

“I am from Portland, Oregon.” I say.

“O, so you live in Poorland Origin..” he says. I wasn’t about to correct him, because who knows what this guy is capable of.

“My name is Stanford Cypher.” he says.

“Is it possible that we are related?” I ask. No I didn’t really ask that, but I was about to until he said,“Do you want to help me defeat the Illuminatus?”

I hate myself for this, but I said,“I just want to go home.” Thats when everything went black. Again. I wake up to this old man poking me in the arm. I am back in the dark alley as if no time has passed whatsoever while I was gone.

“Hey kid, next time be careful as you walk.” he says.

“ I just went to 1789!” I say.

“Yes, I bet you did. This machine sends your spirit to another time and place. It’s amazing isn’t it. You can’t die while you’re in another time.” At first I was confused. Then I realized I heard his voice before.

“Are you the guy that sent me the message in my head last night?” I ask.

“Yep. I found that if your uncle never died on the day the Illuminatus found him, you and I would be the town heroes.”

“Heroes huh?” I said. “Count me in.” So the man taught me how to do everything. He taught me that when you say,“ go home, you wake up in the machine. When you push the time travel button you travel to the time and place that the screen says. Okay pause it for a moment. What about my family? What about going home? I do go home now, so don’t think I’m making everything up as I go.

When I get home, Wendy is already in bed,(Not a surprise) and Bill is playing video games in his room,(As usual) and Mom is paying Bill’s. Notice how I capitalize bills and put an apostrophe and then the S? I left out a word in that sentence. Mom is paying Bill’s lawyer. This is strange for mom to do this for Bill. Bill is basically our Dad, but is only just dating Mom.

“Hey, hey, hey, Lil J.” Bill says.

“My name starts with an S.” I say.

“Oh.” he says. “Well, I just wanted to do some father son bonding. Now come over here. Let’s play Rambo.” So this is what I do. I take an hour to plug in the old NES, Take 3 more hours to find Rambo in the pile of NES games, and turn the game on just in time for Dinner.

“I made baby back ribs.” says Mom. Okay maybe I did kind of enjoy the food. Okay, I loved it. But right after I finish eating, look who decided to show up to dinner tonight. Thats right my friend, ol’ Wendy herself.

“I was texting my boyfriend, and he said we should break up. I mean can you believe it? I’ve done so much for him, and this is what I get in return?” says Wendy.

“Well maybe if you weren’t always in your room texting and actually talking to him, you would have a chance with him.” I say.

“Stanford.” says Mom. “You shouldn’t talk to Wendy that way. Robert is a boy. It would be awkward for Wendy to talk to him in real life.” Then we had this argument about the awkwardness of boys, and long story short, Mom won in war, took my flag, and banished me to the  most horrible place you could imagine. My room. Dun, Dun, Dun. How many people have actually made it out of their alive? The next day, I was lucky my pillow was the only thing to be destroyed.

I wake up to a doorbell at like 3:00 in the morning.

“Wanna play Rambo?” asks Bill. Long story short, we beat the whole game, I ate breakfast and went to school. When I get to school, my friends joke about the Illuminatus, while I study. I never realized how important Social Studies is until now. The past is amazing. The bell rang and I was walking over to my 2nd period class when she was standing there. It was as if heaven and earth had a baby and the baby was her. Okay pause for a second. I don’t even know this girl, but hey, why not meet her. She is the new girl, and she has nothing to do with this story because love at a young age is preposterous. Okay. Moving on. In second period, Mrs. Lincoln talks to us about the History Bee.

As I walk home from school, I see the old man I talked to the other day.

“Hey kid, do you want to do the assignment now?” he asks.

“Yeah sure.” I say. “Lets get it over with.

Now here comes the major twist. As I get into the machine, I don’t notice that the year the screen is set to is 3015 AD, and the place is set to Camp Lively Wood. Then everything goes black. I wake up in a shack. A man says,“ Hello, my name is Stanford Cypher. What is your name?”

“Uh, Stan Cypher.” I manage to say.

“Are you from the past?” Stanford asks.

“Um….Uh….” I look around. Everything is chrome. Just like in the movies. “Go home.” I say. Everything goes black(For the third time). Instead of waking up in the machine, I wake up at home. But something seems different about my home. My room doesn’t have any of my things in it, and for some reason, there is an old man sitting in the kitchen. At first I could not identify him, but then I realized this person is me as an old man. The Cypher Family tree never lies. “Go home!” I yell, but nothing happens. Then I got a wonderful idea. I realized if I jump off a cliff, I may be sent home. So I take a five mile hike up a hill. Running low on water, I keep on going. Not that I need water. Here I am immortal. When I finally make it to the top, I jump off. When I hit the ground, I feel the worst possible pain. But thanks to my immortalness, and time travel rules, everything goes black,(For the fourth time).

Finally I wake up in the machine. “Hey mister. what was that about?” I ask.

“Sorry ‘bout that son. There was a minor glitch in the system, so I had to reboot it while you were still in the machine. That is why you were lost in time.”

“Okay, now let’s remember to set the machine to 1789, in Europe. The day of the assassination. I’m starting to think that it means killing someone.”

“It does.” he says.

“Oh.” I say.

“Yeah, O.” he says.

“Now, let’s get down to business.” I say. I get into the machine and set the time and place to the proper one. I push the button. And yes, I said it 4 times, everything goes black,(Now I have said it 5 times).

I wake up at a seat were a public announcement is going on. “Of all my years of being mayor, I have never seen such dishonor. The Illuminatus shall be stopped immediately.” says Stanford Cypher. Now I see a man holding a weapon of some kind. I freak out because my mission is to keep Stanford alive.I was running towards the stage to block Stanford. The man throws his dagger, and it cuts me. Thank goodness I am immortal here. I take the dagger and say,“The Illuminatus be gone.” After that I grab the assassin and say,“Go home.” As I enter the warp zone, I push the man into the black hole surrounding the warp zone. He completely disappears forever.

I wake up back in the machine, like no time has passed. As I get out of the machine, I see the old man. He says,“Hello, my name is Bill.” At first I was confused, but then I realized that Bill as an old man went back in time to make himself popular as a young man, so he can return home as a hero.

“Thank you Bill.” I say.

When I get home, I see my family all dressed up like they had a lot of money. It was then when I realized since the speech was successful, my family inherited Stanford Cypher’ fortune. We are rich.

I turn on the T.V. and on the news, the announcer says,“Now we are experiencing Illuminatus attacks. We even captured one and they said, and I quote,“We are going after the Cyphers. It’s the kid we want.” We don’t really understand what this means but usually we find what they want.”


To be continued…


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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

by: Alyssa M. and Hong-Tran D.;     Staff Writers

dr-martin-luther-king-1Who was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929 and died on April 4, 1968 at the age of 39. He was born under the name Michael King, but his father changed the name in honor of the German reformer Martin Luther. King was known for his role in the civil rights era, insisting on equality for everyone. He was known for his powerful and moving sermons and speeches, leading marches and protests, and writing letters from the Birmingham jail. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


Dr. Martin Luther King is best known for his “I Have a Dream’’ speech.  King also was known for his peaceful approach in all his protests. Instead of using violence to gain better rights, he used his words, which made a larger impact. On October 14, 1964 he received the Nobel Peace prize for fighting against racial inequality, but in a peaceful way.  In 1968, King was planning “The Poor People’s Campaign” when he was assassinated on April 4th, in Memphis, Tennessee. His death caused many riots in many different cities.

Dr. King’s first holiday was celebrated in 1971, in St. Louis Missouri. President Ronald Reagan made it an official holiday by passing a law. Some states like Utah, Arizona, and New Hampshire were the last three states to celebrate the holiday.

So how do we celebrate King’s holiday today? Usually in schools, people will read books or write biographies about him, and talk about the work that still needs to be done. Some people do volunteer work to celebrate this holiday. Sometimes there are parades in some cities. This holiday is to celebrate the achievements and the life of Martin Luther King Jr. He will always be remembered for the great impact he had on America. His actions are still influencing today’s society.

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Model United Nations Club

Model United Nations Club

by: Carly P and Lylianna L, staff writers


Want to socialize, debate, and learn about countries? Well, the Model UN Club is your cup of tea.

Model UN is a club hosted by YMCA Youth Government. Run by Mr. Burgner, this program meets on every other Monday at lunch in room 31. This program started in 2001 where middle school students participate with their peers in discussions about world events. At Model UN students are given the opportunity to talk about international issues, discover other cultures, develop life- enhancing skills, and meet new friends. During this four month program our main topics of discussion and debate will be international issues, including disputes between countries, peacekeeping efforts, border crisis, stabilizing financial markets and dealing with hunger, disease, and poverty.

In addition, while at Model UN you have the opportunity to meet with the whole state of California’s Model UN. The first meet-up is in late March at a national Base at Paso Robles. This meet-up at the end of the year is statewide MUN is a unique learning experience. The final meet-up for this year is held at LAX Sheraton California for a Model United Nations summit. So you might ask what do you do during the meet-up? The Summit  is when we understand how the world works and how the people can help solve problems, use leadership skills, and do public speaking.  This also comes with getting to know the staff, role training, and a chance to meet program participants from others across the state.

So, care to join this once in a lifetime experience? We welcome you with open arms!  You will have an opportunity to learn all about the world and how we, as students, can help.

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Snow Summit vs Mammoth Mountain

Where To Go For Winter Break: Snow Summit V.S. Mammoth Mountain

by : Jenny C. and Joy M., staff writers


Snow Summit on Bear Mountain

Snow Summit on Bear Mountain

Have you always been wonder where to go for vacation? Have you been trying to decide either to go to Snow Summit or Mammoth Mountain for a little snowboarding or skiing? Well, today’s your lucky day. We are going to compare prices for a family of 4 on a 3-day weekend, snow lifts and all.


Snow Summit:

Lift ticket Prices – Children 6 and under get free lift tickets all day. Children from 7-12 have to pay $34 dollars during the day, $29 half day, and $27 during the night. Young adults from 13-21 and seniors will pay $68 during the day, $58 half day, and $37 during the night.  Adults pay the most for their lift tickets, with $79 during the day, $68 half-day, and $47  for the night.

Lessons and Prices – The beginner’s lesson cost $105 for a 4 hour lesson and $95 for a 2 hour lesson. 2 Hour group lessons for children 8 and up is 50. Private lessons for all ages cost $135 for a 1 hour lesson for 2 people, an additional $25 for each added person. Half day private lesson $350 for 3 hours 2 people lesson, an additional $35 per additional person. An all day private lesson $595 for a 6 hour 2 people lesson, an additional $55 per added person. Pioneer students, children from 3-4 have to pay $165 all day, or 4 hours and $125 for half-day, or 2 hours. Both classes for the Pioneers also includes shelter, lunch, a Mountain Access lift ticket, and rentals. Explorers, children from 5-6 pay $145 for all-day, or 4 hour, and $105 for half-day, or 2 hours. Both classes get shelter, rentals, and a  Mountain pass, but instead of lunch, half day students get snacks. Adventurers, children from 8-12 have to pay $115 for all day, or 4 hours and $100 for half day, or 2 hours. Both get rental and a Mountain pass included in the package. They get to learn both snowboarding or skiing.

Facility review : The staff is very thorough about the safety precautions and seems to be very friendly.


Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain Ski :

Lift ticket prices – Children 5-12 will  have to pay $35.00 all day. Juniors 13-18 will pay $85.00 for their lift ticket. Adults 19-64 pays $105.00 for lift tickets and seniors 65 to 79 pay $89 for theirs.

Lesson and Prices – Pioneers, children ages 3-4, will pay $190 for a full day lesson, $210 for additional rental, $130 for half day lessons, and $145 for additional rental. Additional days will cost them $125 and $135 with included rental. Full day lessons will also get a supervised lunch and afternoon playtime in Mammoth Child Care. Both includes lift tickets for both lessons.Explorers, children ages 5-7, will pay $340 for a 2 day group lessons and an additional $40 for any rentals needed. The 3 day lessons will cost you $485 and an additional $20 for any rentals needed. The single day group lessons will cost $180 for full day lessons, with an additional $10 for any child care needed, and you can pay $210 for both either the Full day lessons with Child Care Combo or the full Day lessons with Child Care Combo and rentals. The Afternoon Beginners lesson will cost you $120 and a additional $25 for any rentals if needed. For the Adventurers, children ages 8-12, will cost you $340 for 2 day lessons with an additional $40 for any rentals if needed. 3 day lessons will cost $485 and $505 for any additional rentals. Full day lessons will cost $180 and $210 for any additional rentals if needed. Afternoon Beginners Lesson will cost $120 and $145 for additional rental if needed. Adult beginners, ages 13 and up,will pay  $140 for morning lessons, with an additional $40 for rentals, $120 for afternoon lessons. Full day lessons will cost $180, with an additional $10 for any rentals. 2 day lessons will cost $280, with $20 for any rentals. The Adult Intermediate to Expert group lessons will cost $150 dollars for both the MAX 4 Mountain Session and MAX 4 Playground session. The lessons all teach both snowboarding and skiing.

Facility Review : People who have been there enjoy the amazing facility with the safety precautions, friendliness, and great discounts.


Kids learn to ride the rails at Mammoth


Final thought – Overall, Snow Summit has cheaper prices than Mammoth, and is only 2 hours away.  Mammoth is five hours away, but the runs are wider and there are more runs and usually more snow than Snow Summit.  Snow Summit has more skiing areas for the family and beginners, while Mammoth has runs for the extreme team. Both have Terrain Parks with rails and jumps, but Mammoth has lessons for jibbing, jumping and all the Terrain Park fun stuff.

Jibs at Mammoth

Jibs at Mammoth

Jumps at Mammoth.

Jumps at Mammoth


If you need snowboarding lessons, don’t worry, they both have lessons for all ages and skills. It’ll be pretty snowy on both resorts due to all of the rain happening here in California. We hope that you give snowboarding or skiing a try and have an amazing time there- and don’t forget, it’s all about the fun you have!

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Great Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

By: Sunbo A., Staff Writer



This December everyone is excited about the holidays, especially Christmas. When Christmas time hits, the stores are filled with lots of anxious people buying presents and lots of beautiful jolly decorations.  When shopping for gifts it is very hard to find the perfect gift to make that person happy, after all Christmas is the happiest and jolliest time of the year. When shopping for people ( kids of all ages, adults, close friends, and grandparents) you may become overwhelmed, but these few Christmas gift ideas might lighten your load.

This collage of Christmas gifts include great ideas from . A nice everyday watch like the one above is a great gift to give a guy because he can where this all the time and it can be very useful for him to keep track of the time. Another good example from above is a nice leather wallet that correlates with his watch. If your father needs a new pair of shoes, that might be a great idea. The shoes you get do not necessarily have to be dressy shoes. They could be nice workout shoes.



This Christmas themed Bath and Body Works collection is a great and very useful Christmas gift. The lotion, body wash, and more in this collection can be used everyday and it is an easy to wrap gift.  Mom will love the beautiful Aroma from this product. This product will last her a long time and is very handy and portable. This is also something that a teenage girl might love.



For little kids, boys and girls, this would be an awesome gift. This Zoomer Dino is a remote controlled dinosaur that is the biggest thing trending right now. Lots of kids love it. This product is sold at various places: Walmart, Target , Amazon, Toys R Us , and lots of other well known places. The benefits of this gift are that it doesn’t cause a mess, it’s portable, easy to pack up, safe, and comes in a couple of different colors.


gifts4For close friends this idea of a basket full of chocolates is fabulous. This is just an example- you don’t have to get chocolate, there are lots of other great things out there to put in a basket. But the good thing about this one is that it could be for both genders boy and girl. Baskets are very handy and nice as a present for any of your close friends.




When Christmas time comes Grandparents can be a little too lovey-dovey.  That’s why gifts5getting them a great sentimental gift for Christmas is a good idea. These pair of mugs are so cute and handy. They could use this any day, everyday, and every time they use this they will think of you. Mugs are a great and adorable idea.


I hope these few Christmas gift ideas have given you even more ideas about what you would like to get your family and friends this Christmas.

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Sixth Grade Toy Fair a Great Success

The Toy Fair

Eric G. & James S., Staff Writers


Did you see the quality of the toys? If you don’t know what I am talking about, I must ask you one more question. Did you go to the Toy Fair of ‘15? Just in case you missed out, this is what happened….

At about 6:00, everyone was just on their way. It was very dark tf2outside, so if you were the one to come at 5:30, you got to see every toy, before anyone was there. Then it was about around 6:10  when ¾  of the people were in the auditorium. It was getting packed in there with all the families. If you are claustrophobic, this may not have been a very pleasant hour for your day. Most of the families were very ambitious to see what the other students created, probably tf3because they are tired of seeing the same propaganda constantly on television. It took months to do the project, I have heard. “They need, like five ads, and three brochures.” says Eric G., as he is looking at the amount of space one toy takes up. Obviously, Eric is being sarcastic about it, but he raises tf4a good point. making toys are hard work. Around 6:30, we all rush over to the snack area. “How much for the…,”

tf5“Free,”I interrupt. By the way, I forgot what the term ‘fair share’ means because not very many people used this term as people were inhaling everything. At about 6:45, we were back to looking at all the toys. what imagination Eric G. had with the game, Pick Meme™. And who could forget about Haskell M.’s resourceful way of using paper, and turning it into a scientific excitement generating device known as a toy. Some one here is GENIUS! Then at about 8:47, names of winner from tf6drawings were called. You could’ve won a seven-eleven gift card, a Starbucks gift card, and much more. who doesn’t want to get a peppermint mocha in the morning? A few people that won where Erin L., Jordan B., and Jacob N. Congratulations to them and the other 16 winners. Spend your money wisely. “Keep it secret, keep it safe.” And that, is how it all went down.  tf7






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Winter Concert 2014 at the Armstrong

The Winter Concert

James S. & Eric G., staff writers


Did you go to the Winter Concert? If not, you missed out on a lot of good music. The music they played was very holiday related because this is indeed, The Winter Concert, is it not? Here is the list of songs the Music Department, led by Magruder Music Director David Porush, performed on December 1st, at the James Armstrong Theater.DSC_0135  Band:

  1. Crusader’s March
  2. Mexican Mountain Song
  3. DSC_0099Red Book Medley – William Banta was the guest conductor for this song.  He did a really great job.
  4. Joy Noel
  5. Russian Sailors Dance
  6. Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer– Mr. Porush said that this song was for him and that the band didn’t like it.
  7. A Christmas CanonPachelbel’s Canon & The First Noel– A beautiful and complex mix of songs.
  8. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  9. Grant Us Peace– Was not actually played and Mr. Porush said the band was freaking out when they saw it printed in the program because it is a really hard song.  The song that they really played was Choral, which is a song the band played very well.DSC_0095







Choir: All of their songs were sung very well and set us in the mood for the holiday season.

  1. This Land is Your LandDSCN2757
  2. 12 Days of Christmas
  3. Come Follow Me
  4. Mr. Grinch!– This song reminded us of that cartoon Christmas classic.
  5. Peppermint Winter– A fun song made popular by the group Owl City
  6. Let It Go!
  7. Silver Bells
  8. Oh Christmas Tree
  9. Deck The Halls
  10. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  11. Auld Lang Syne

The master of ceremonies for the night was Mr. Ross, one of Magruder’s 6th grade Language Arts teachers.  Principal Chris Sheck and Assistant Principal Lisa Nunes were on hand to hear all of the beautiful music.  I think that Thomas ‘Haskell’ M. summed the night up by saying, “I believe the Winter Concert was a big success.”













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Winter Olympic Sports

Winter Olympic Sports

By: Jordan N., staff writer


Lights, cameras, action! Americans love to watch the Winter Olympics. The Winter Olympics happen every four years. The most recent was in Sochi, Russia earlier this year, in February, 2014. During the Winter Olympics there are people from all over the world playing many sporting events that are difficult. There are medals for winning these events like gold, silver, and bronze, gold being the highest. Some of these sports are ice hockey, snowboarding, and skiing.. What’s different about winter than summer is in the winter, the contestants play on snow and ice instead of on track and field. These sports in the Winter Olympics take a long time to learn and to get good at.

Errrrrrrn! The team just scored a goal in ice hockey! The crowd goes wild. Ice Hockey takes a lot of speed and skill. Skaters have hockey sticks to try to hit a rubber puck in a goal. It may seem easy, but it’s not. Skaters are very intense and could hurt other people. Also, there is a goalie that has tough armor, so it covers most of the goal. Lastly, you need to know how to skate. It takes a lot of practice. It also takes teamwork, good communication, and strategy to win.


Wow! The snowboarder goes down the hill very fast. Snow brushes behind the contestant. Will this get any better? Snowboarding is a very popular winter sport. It takes lots of skill and balance. Snowboarders slide down a steep hill on a board. There are many styles of competition in the Winter Olympics like Half Pipe, parallel slalom, slope-style, and Snowboard Cross. Snowboarding is fun because you go down a hill very fast, feeling the breeze in the air, and if you are brave “catch air jumping.”

os3    Lastly, skiing is a fun sport. It is kind of like snow boarding. You get to go down a hill while riding on two boards attached to your feet. Skiers have to slide down the steep hill shifting weight to go faster. They use their two poles as guides, or for balance. Skiers use their weight to move left and right. What makes it so fun is you go fast down the mountain, feel the breeze, turning left and right, and if you’re good, catch some air on the jumps.

You want to taste freedom? Then try out one of these winter sports! If you start now, who knows, maybe you could compete in the Winter Olympics some day!

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Get Involved! Join a Club!

Open Clubs

By : Jenny C. and Lylianna L., Staff Writers


Have you ever been bored after school or during lunch? Have you ever wondered what clubs are open? Well, you came to the right story. We will show you what clubs are open to anybody and there will be at least one club that will fit your cup of tea (your personality).


* Note – Club dates may be changed, so please either ask the teacher in charge of the club or listen to announcements to see if there are any changes. *



Arts & Crafts Club – Rm. 11, sponsored by Ms. Thompson. What we will be doing in Arts and Crafts club is basically in the name, arts and crafts. Students will make things like origami, rock painting, and crafty objects you can display. So if you have a sweet tooth for making art, then come to this club. All grades are welcome. They meet during lunch on Mondays.DSC_0415



Model UN – Rm. 31 sponsored by Mr. Burgner. This club is all about leadership, debate, and public speaking. You will be able to meet other people and get to socialize with them. So if your cup of tea is socializing, debating, and you have a passionate love for clearing all of the world’s main problems, then this club is for you. It is on every other Monday. All grades are welcome. It is open every other Mondays during lunch.DSC_0063



Knitting Club – Rm. 5 sponsored by Mrs. Eisenschiml and Mrs. Wixom. As the name says, if you join this club you will knit and crochet and learn how to make fun things like scarves, purses, and anything you want. It may seem to be enjoyable if you are a calm/creative/patient type of person. If you are all those then knitting club will be a blast. Every grade is welcome. It is open every Monday during lunch.DSCN0137




Photography Club– Rm. 22 Computer Lab sponsored by Mrs.Peterson. This club will teach students how to tag people in, just like Facebook, or Instagram. If you enjoy tagging your friends and seeing all the future yearbook photos, then come to this club. Please eat lunch at the cafeteria first, if you want to come. All grades are welcome It is every Tuesday at




College and Career Club 8th graders – Rm. 18 sponsored by Mrs. Barker. This club will teach you to set goals, build a future, and choose a career, with games and small art projects. It gives students a taste of what the future will be like and how to take care of it. All the members who joins will get a chance to see a college in real life. This club is for 8th graders or previous club members and is open every lunch on Tuesdays.









 Art Club – Rm. 1 sponsored by Mrs. Smith. Yet again, another art club. This club mainly focuses on the students being the art teachers instead of the teacher being in charge. Students do art projects such as pastels, sketches, ect. Also, the members can get a lunch pass if they buy lunch from the cafeteria. Bonus for them! If you want to teach some kids your amazing talent, this club is for you. This club is on every Wednesday at lunch and every grade is welcome.DSCN0170




Tech Club – Room 10, sponsored by Mrs. Fischer and Mrs. Nowak, after school.  If you like to take things apart, build things, and create apps for games, then you will love Tech Club!  It’s not too late!  The Tech Club helped Magruder participate in the Hour of Code in December.DSC_0178






7th Grade College And Career Club – Rm. 18 sponsored by Mrs.Barker. This club will teach you to set goals, build a future, and choose a career, with games and small art projects. It gives students a taste of what the future will be like and how to take care of it. All the members who joins will get a chance to see a college in real life. Grades 6th and 7th grade are welcome. It is every Thursday at lunch.DSCN0167








Photography club – Rm 15. sponsored by Mrs. Peterson. Rm. 22 Computer Lab sponsored by Mrs.Peterson. If you have an  interest for taking photos, or you want to learn how to, this is your go-to club. Students will have the chance to roam around the school with either a camera ( supplied by Mrs. Peterson), or their phone. ( for photography club use only! ) Photos taken by the Photography Club will be used for the yearbook. They meet during lunch on Thursdays. Every grade is welcome.




Anime Club – Rm 12. sponsored by Mrs. Jaeger. Behold all anime nerds, geeks, and pros! This club is all about anime, from watching it, to drawing it. It’s mainly for all the hard-core anime fanboys / fangirls. Examples of animes they watch and draw, such as : Pokemon, My Neighbor Totoro, ext. Make sure you bring your lunch over there though. Every grade is free to join and it is open every Thursdays at lunch.

Chess Club – Rm. 11 sponsored by Ms. Thompson. Are you a chess fanatic or a pro at it? Do you just want to learn how to play or play some game of war? This club was made especially for you. Students come to learn how to play, technique to win, and just practicing their skills. If this completely describes you, then join this club. It is open to every grade and is open every Thursday after school.DSCN0518







Game-a-pa-looza – Rm. 18 sponsored by Mrs. Barker. Games, fun, and laughter. Does this sound good to you? If it does, come right here! Students will get to play plenty of games such as chess, checkers, foosball, etc. This club comes with a price though. You have to eat your lunch in the cafeteria to enter. This club is open during lunch every Fridays on lunch and every grade is welcome.DSCN0464




Robotics – Rm. 15 sponsored by Mrs. Peterson. Do you have a 6th sense in making robots? Have you been always into legos and making things? This club is your umami. Mainly, this club makes (of course) robots out of legos and programs them. The robots made will be going to a robotics competition to show off their building skills. If this is your cup of tea, please join this club. It is open after school every Fridays. DSCN0151FLL340






Garden Guru –  Rm. 17 sponsored by Ms. Borowski. Does this describe you? Nature nerd, green thumb, eco-friendly, farmer? Then this club would be your heaven. Kids will get to go to the garden to plant veggies and will get a chance to make food out of it. Disclaimer : if you do not like the smell of compost, this may not be best for you. If you are an eco-friendly person like before, then come to this club. It is open every Friday after-school and every grade is welcome. gg7






Did any of these clubs sound good to you? These clubs can make your school life much more enjoyable and can help you make friends. It can also change your life in many ways. So go on! Hope you have a great time with your clubs!

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Interview with Mr. Ross

Mr. Ross Interview

By Eric Gasparro;Staff writer


How much do YOU know about Mr. Ross? He is new to Magruder this year and teaches 6th grade language arts. Now is your chance to learn about one of our school’s newest staff members. I recently had the opportunity to ask him a few questions. Here’s what he had to say.


Where did you grow up?


“I grew up in Agoura Hills, CA which is sort of halfway between here and Ventura.  Back when I grew up there, it was just called Agoura.  It was rural and nothing like Beverly Hills or Laguna Hills.  If you want to see what my hometown looked like when I grew up, check out old episodes of “Dukes of Hazzard,” M.A.S.H.” etc.  Or the opening scene of “Poltergeist” where the kids ride around the Oak Tree.  Also, many Western films were done out there.  Oh and this great scene from Karate Kid, where Ralph Macchio is pushed down the hill from the Cobra Kai bad guys…yeah, that was filmed in Agoura.”


Do you have a family?


“I have a wife and three kids in Torrance schools.  My daughter is in 5th grade, one son is in 3rd grade, and my youngest son is in Kindergarten.”


What are your hobbies?


“I have so many hobbies, it’s hard to list them all.  More than anything, I love reading, writing, running (I do a lot of half-marathons when I can), record-collecting (I love old brick-and-mortar record stores), playing/collecting old school arcade and console games, and traveling all over the world with my wife (a flight attendant) and three kiddos.”


Where did you go to college?


“I started out at the University of Colorado, Boulder, but did most of my education (B.A. and M.A.) at Loyola Marymount University.  I got both of my teaching credentials at Chapman University.”


What’s your style of teaching (independent or group work)?


“My style of teaching isn’t just one or the other.  I do a lot of independent reading and writing, but also on a daily basis, students are interacting with each other.  Sometimes this involves table talk and work, sometimes partner work, and sometimes groups of different sizes and shapes, temperaments, talents, and convictions.  The 5 main things you will see in my classroom are: Reading, Writing, Talking, Listening, and FUN!  Lots of laughter and fun.”


Would you consider yourself strict or nice?


“I would consider myself a blend of the two.  If I were employing a portmanteau (look it up if you’re curious), I’d say I’m “Stice” or “Nict.”  That is, I am firm when I need to be, and kind, empathetic and understanding when the time calls for it.”


Do you reward your students in any way?


“I don’t do a ticket system or table points or any of that stuff, but I do try to reward them with a lot of verbal praise, positive feedback, gifts of increasing responsibility and ownership of their classroom.  We also do lunchtime movies or retro-videogame tournaments (e.g. Pacman, Dig-Dug). I’m a firm believer in the value of intrinsic rewards.  I don’t want kids doing things in my classroom just to earn a candy bar or a stuffed animal.  I want them working hard because hard work pays off and the doors that are opened from hard work often result in fantastic real-world rewards, again and again, over a lifetime.”


Mr. Ross seems like a really cool teacher.  He seems like a perfect fit for Magruder.  Based on his answers to my questions, I would say he also sounds like a great Language Arts teacher.

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“Math Counts” Math Competition Club

DSCN0475Math Counts Club

By: Jordan N. and Carly P., staff writers


DSCN0472Get your Math on! Do you like Math, then you should join Math Counts!  Math is what this is all about.

Math Counts is a program where you can work on math problems with other students who like Math just the same amount as you do, so you aren’t alone. The person that started this program last year was Ms. Johnson. “I welcome any student who would like to join,” Ms. Johnson says, with open enthusiasm and honest sincerity. Ms. Johnson is very pleased to have any student that would like to join. What Math Counts stands for is a Math competition program. In the Math competition, there will be a group of four and a group of six individual members by themselves. This means that only ten members can go to the competition. You can only bring a calculator, but nothing else. In the competition,  you solve lots of Math problems in a certain amount of time and socialize with others.  You can also be yourself and go on a math frenzy.


If you decide to go to Math Counts, you should know that  there is only a little time to join. In addition, Math Counts meets on every Wednesday of the week (except for holidays) in Room 28 (Ms. Johnson), so remember that you have a limited amount of time. While you can, please join our fun program while time lasts if you enjoy Math.

Not only do you get to go on a big competition, you get to learn more Math. What is fun about the club is, solving truly challenging problems, as a group.  It’s thrilling to discover the right answer! In addition, you get a great experience in what you need to learn if you are in 6th or 7th grade. You can get a head start  over the other kids in your class.

Math Counts gives you a packet full of practice problems and a solution sheet, so you can do some sample problems to see what you need to practice at home. This is a great way to improve your Math even more than what you know now! Math Counts has it all.

Well ,What Are You Waiting For, Want To Join? We have everything you need with Math.


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Magruder Mustangs Team #585 Competes at Robotics Qualifying Tournament

Robotics Competition

By: Carly P. & Khanh P., staff writers



“It was a great experience!”- Eric Gasperro. The Magruder Mustangs Robotics Team #585, sponsored by Exxon Mobil, went to our very first robotics competition on Sunday, November 9 at Culver City High School.   The First Lego League of Greater Los Angeles created this opportunity.  There were 23 teams judged on three things: Core Values, the Robotic Game, and the Project Presentation. This year’s challenge theme was all about learning. “In the 2014 FLL WORLD CLASS℠ Challenge, over 265,000 children from 80 countries will redesign how we gather knowledge and skills in the 21st century. Student teams will teach adults about the ways that kids need and want to learn.”  Our students were nervous, but at the same time, anxious to start the competition.


At 7:30, on a foggy morning, Magruder parents brought their excited students to Check In, where we had to register our team.  Then at 8:00-9:30 Mrs. Nowak and Mr. Ogle helped kids focus by practicing the core values, the project presentation and the robot game. The project was to show a way kids could improving learning something. The idea that the Magruder team presented was showing fun and interesting ways to teach other students coding, since it is important for careers, and it is essential to computers and commands. We presented the idea of teaching kids through the Hour of Code Week, and by setting up a club called Code4Kidz in which we teach coding throughout one on one games and lessons using and

The robot team practiced with their robot called “Armbar” (named for its powerful arm), on the field of ten possible missions.  Our team programmed Armbar to attempt three missions: open a door, push a bar called “changing conditions”, and retrieve a key and bring it to home base.

Starting at 9:30, the Robotics Game team got three tries on the robotics game table “field of missions” throughout the day.  On the first and second try we got 30 points each, and on the third try, we scored 50 points. “This was a fun experience because they were challenging tasks that we managed to finish.” said Owen Nowak. On the field, we accomplished three missions, the third was the most difficult: retrieving the key and bringing it back to the base.


Then, at 10:30, we gave our presentation to the judges, about the Hour of Code and our coding club. The judges were impressed with our desire to teach coding, because the judges knew coding, but didn’t learn it until they were adults. They seemed to like the fact that we were trying to get kids to learn at an early age.

Right after that, at 11:00, we were judged on the core values. What we had to do for this segment of judging was to have a leader and a runner, and we had to draw a picture using the description our runner got from our leader. The picture that we had to draw was a flying saucer attacking a house. We were told our group was the first to draw it in 3-D, like the original, so we were good at communication information.  “I had a lot of fun being the runner because this taught me that teamwork was really important, for this task- not only that, but for everything.”DSC_0318

Lastly, this is was a great experience. We learned new things, but having fun was the most important result of this competition. Although everyone wanted to win, we placed 12th , which we can be proud of in our first year of competition. The Magruder students at the competition had a great time that they will never forget.  “Overall, this is an experience I won’t forget so that I can improve on future robotic competitions.” says Eric.


In conclusion, at 2:30 we had the awards ceremony, and even though we didn’t win, we got an award for participation, and won an unforgettable experience, which was hanging out with other people who loved robotics and coding. A big thank you also goes to our sponsor, Exxon Mobil, who provided the EV3 robot kits for our Magruder Robotics Club.



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Santa Poem

The Season Of The MALL Santa

By Dustyn C., staff writer


Christmas time’s upon us,

with children filled with glee,

and parents spending money,

on cheap games for the Wii.


Though gift prices are quickly rising,

and kids are quickly getting a cold,

The time with family is important,

and that’s what makes Christmas a time to behold.


Everyone loves family time!

I don’t think it could get you to sob.

Unless you suffer in Christmas each year,

which happens, sadly, to a guy named Bob.


He has a duty in the mall every year,

that causes him to go insane!

Bob has to pose as Santa in winter

but how is that ever a pain?


Bob hates attention from little kids,

and feeding candy canes to those monsters and such,

but he really needs money to live in his house

which is in shambles, so it shouldn’t be much.


Family and friends won’t even help

the poor grown man from being assaulted.

He has manage little, vicious kids,

and for that he is usually insulted.

However, today’s the day he finally quits,

to get a job at that fun yogurt store,

but the kids are lining up a few hours early,

so he has to wait a few hours more.


The first kid up was mean, short, and chubby,

wearing a shirt that was pretty lame.

For Christmas, he asked for something absurd

for the existence of the illegal guns in his game.


“Santa” explained that he can’t make that wish,

as it will cost him more than some time in jail,

but of course, the kid kicked him in ultimate rage,

unaware that he was actually a little bit frail.


The second kid up was depressed all around,

wearing all black and jeans way too tight!

He asked for the love of his family and friends,

and to get a good education, starting tonight.


“Santa” shed a tear after hearing the boy’s wish,

recognizing how his statements were sincere and bold,

but he couldn’t make that wish, which is obvious,

so he said that his wish was something he can’t hold.


That kid started crying, flowing with tears,

as if he was blinded by the juice of a lime.

He was so angry that he pulled “Santa’s” beard!

Luckily, the security came just in time.


“Santa” sighed in ultimate relief,

as if he heard the end of a repetitive fad,

but then he thought, seconds after,

about how he felt a little bit bad.


So as the day went on with no end in sight,

with greedy kids shouting about their wish list,

“Santa” still thought about that sad boy,

and the depictions of children were gone in the mist.


He wanted to give something to the sad kid,

but he didn’t know what he could possibly give.

He couldn’t give the boy love or knowledge,

but maybe a textbook or money to live.


That’s what “Santa” did after his painful shift,

but he didn’t have the money to spend on the kid.

Instead, in the night, “Santa” broke in the mall,

at the risk of being arrested.


So “Santa” went to a bookstore in the mall

to steal some books like an oblivious bum,

unaware of the cameras watching him,

until hours later, making him feel really dumb.


“Santa” walked out the store through a window he broke,

in order to get into the bookstore.

However, in the time when the clock struck twelve,

there were three police cars, or maybe even four!


Bob took his suit off as fast he could,

and ran to hide in a nearby tree.

Unfortunately, the cops saw him change,

so Bob had to go with a unthought plan B.


Bob just ran to the post office fast,

wearing only a white shirt and very loose pants.

Running through red lights without being hurt,

along to the melodic and kind Christmas chants.


Bob was almost at the postal office,

tired yet determined in gift giving nonetheless.

Sadly, he realized that he didn’t know his address,

making breaking into the mall pointless.


He surrendered to the police without a struggle,

and reached for the bright yet dark night sky.

Bob was sad that he wasn’t successful,

but he knew that he deserved what bad things lie.


Bob’s behind bars now for three whole months,

bored, hungry, but mostly sad.

Not only would he miss out on Christmas Day,

but he won’t be able to see that sad kid glad.


That’s when Bob was called for the phone.

He never knew about the phone at all!

Bob got the jail phone anyways,

awaiting the oddly, mysterious call.


It was from the sad kid!

He was happy as can be.

The kid heard about Bob,

from the news on TV.


The boy explained that didn’t get the books,

nor any money to spare in his pocket.

However, he said that it was the thought that counted,

and he was really fine with it.

The boy hung up on the call,

and the cellmates overheard

about the conversation Bob had,

but just not word for word.


They all comforted Bob

about his situation.

The cellmates made Bob feel

loved by a large nation.


After calling the sad boy and responses from others,

Bob thought to himself that his deed was alright.

With one day out of three months gone but not forgotten,

Bob felt that those months would feel like just one night.


So that ends Bob’s story,

he was happy in the end.

Not all Christmas’ have to be white,

but just about the merry times you spend.


I know that I already said that,

but that morale is very true!

especially with family is involved,

and the love from them to you.


The End!

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The Hour of Code Comes to Magruder

Hour Of Code

1017453_10152111902238253_8338030021093575076_nBy: Dustyn C., staff writer




Watch this video!

Ever wanted to learn how to code? Now you can during the Hour of Code! It’s a nationwide initiative founded by CSEdWeek (Computer Science Education Week) and to introduce computer programming to students in select districts. The Magruder Tech Club is challenging all students to participate in the Hour of Code, which is happening in our school between December 8 and December 14.  Ms. Fischer andDSC_0191 Ms. Nowak have prepared our school by registering Magruder to do the Hour of Code, and in doing so has prepared us for our future!

How does the Hour of Code work? In your P.E. or elective classes, students will go to the computer lab here at Magruder. Students would then go to a website where you will play games about basic programming. In the website, there are several fun “games” about coding and programming to play, some themed after game franchises such as Angry Birds and Plants v.s. Zombies. There’s even a “Flappy Game” teaching you how to code your own Flappy Bird! For beginners, we recommend doing the top “Write your first Program” to get on track.

The Hour of Code is an event students across the country will participate in, with fun games and blasts of knowledge on the way. Why would anyone want to wait to start? Just go to, the website you’ll go on during the Hour of Code, to begin learning how to code and program!




To learn more, watch this video starring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, :


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Student of the Month Assembly for Period 1

Student Of The Month Assembly Per.1

By : Jenny C. And Joy M., Staff writers



It’s that time of month again, the Student Of the Month Assembly! For all the people who don’t know, SOMA stands for student of the month assembly, which is an award giving out per period and each teacher would pick one, if not several students to get it. Some kids get it because they have great participation or amazing skills in that subject.

And now here are the 6th grade winners –DSCN2703

1 : Mrs.Takano / Mrs.Yung – Jiro C. for always working independently

2 : Mrs.Takano / Mrs.Yung – Emily H. for always quietly giving 100% effort

3 : Mr.Vermette – Serenity G. for best effort

4 : Mr.Vermette – Malik H. for best effort

5 : Mr.Vermette – Arturo H. for best effort

6 : Mr.Vermette – Daniel L. for best sportsmanship

7 : Mr.Vermette – Yui T. for best sportsmanship

8 : Mr.Vermette – Ty T. for best sportsmanship

9 : Mr.Ross – Emily H. for being an all around great kid!!

10 : Mr.Ross – Tam N. for being an all around great kid!!

11 : Mr.Ross – Adriana R. for being an all around great kid!1

12 : Mr.Ross – Caden S. for being an all around great kid!!

13 : Mr. Porush – Olivia K. for excellence in Choir

14 : Mrs.Smith – Anthony L. for outstanding achievement, effort, and citizenship

15 : Mrs.Smith – Makaela W. for outstanding achievement, effort, and citizenship

16 : Mrs.Hart – Joanna M. for excellence in Math class


Here are the first 7th grade winners –DSCN2722

1 : Ms.Borowski – Etenesh A. for going above and beyond

2 : Ms.Loftin – Sarah B. for going above and beyond in P.E.

3 : Ms.Loftin – Amber M. for always giving 100% in P.E.

4 : Ms.Loftin – Cory R. for being always being an amazing athlete

5 : Ms.Loftin – Adrian V. for being an excellent athlete

6 : Ms.Kawahara – Jenny C. for excellent participation

7 : Ms.Kawahara – Evan K. for academic excellence

8 : Mrs.Davies – Dustyn C. for outstanding achievement and citizenship in Science

9 : Mrs.Davies – Hong-Tran D. for outstanding achievement and citizenship in Science

10 : Mrs.Aulenta – Nolan G. for excellence in Language Arts

11 : Mrs.Aulenta – Lizbeth M. for excellence in Language Arts


Now here is the 8th grade winners – DSC_0033

1 : Ms.Ingram – Alora A. for being an all around good student

2 : Ms.Ingram – Kaityln G. for excellent participation

3 : Ms.Ingram – Mathew L. for excellent effort

4 : Ms.Ingram – Steve Z. for excellent citizenship

5 : Mrs.Schwafaty – Andrea A. excellence in achievement and participation in English Language Art

6 : Mrs.Schwafaty – Armando V for excellence in achievement and participation in English Language Art

7 : Mr.Burgner – Esther C. for excellence on first quarter History essay

8 : Mr.Burgner – Jessica W. for excellent participation and historical analysis

9 : Mrs.Ji-Park – Ramzy I. for academic and citizenship excellence in Science

10 : Mrs.Johnson – Christian J. for being an extremely hard working Math student

11 : Mrs.Johnson – Brandon P. for being the most dedicated mathematician

12 : Mrs.Ramos – Paris L. for excellent effort in English Language Development

13 : Mrs.Ramos – Trong N. for excellent effort in English Language Development

14 : Mr.Porush – Brenda O. for excellence in Choir


The in-between announcements were about the Robotics club and the Renaissance. The Robotics Club showed us their robot that they invented and showed us what it does. We talked about Renaissance, what it does, and how you get it.  That was the first Student Of The Month assembly. If you haven’t gotten and award yet, don’t worry. You can get it too if you try your best, work hard, and come to school ready to learn!   DSCN0114

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Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Review

Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Review

By: Bryan L.,staff writer


injustice gods among us

What is this game for iPhones, iPad, and iPod Touch all about? This game is all about a fighting game where if you tap you do a regular attack. When you swipe, you do a heavy attack. When you first start the game you start off with 3 random bronze characters. You will then go through the the tutorial . On the bottom of the screen the will be three bars. Each bar does certain special that tells you to swipe or to tap with do different special depending on which character you use. When you do a special move some of them will stun them, poison them,burn them,freeze them, or make them bleed. the bleeding,burn, and poison only make them lose health. The stun or freeze effect makes the opponent not able to move for certain amount of time. There is two more effects called power drain and life drain. Power drain makes the opponent lose power and life drain make the opponent lose health and the your characters gain health. Life drain only come from gear cards.

What are the characters? The characters are bronze,silver,or gold characters. The characters are both bad and good guys. Each character has a special ability like start with 2 bars of power and that character is Arkham Origins Batman. The characters also have a different amount of health and attack. The characters can be promoted if you buy the character. All the characters are from D.C. except for the characters from challenges. When they are promoted their attack and health will increase. There is also gear cards that come in 1-4 stars. 4 is the best, but in order to get it you have to upgrade the three star to the max level . That goes for one and two stars to go up by one star. If you want to know if they have evolved than the background will be golden. 3 star gear cards only give special effects to the character that gets that boost.

What can you buy from the shop? At the shop, you can buy characters and packs that cost currency that you get when you win a battle. There are bronze, silver, gold, and special packs that give you characters. The special packs give about 1-3 characters and some packs give you cards that will help your team throughout the whole time you play the game. You cannot sell these cards unless you have more than one of the cards. There are also challenge bundle packs that gives you challenge currency for the challenge. The most expensive packs are challenge booster pack, red son pack, and man of steel pack.Gear cards can be pulled out of the gear pack and it doesn’t give you the evolved form.

Are there challenges? Yes, there are challenges and after you complete it you can get the character. In the challenge you have like two weeks to complete it and you have to have what it says you need in order to start part of the challenge. You have to complete five challenge parts to get the character. After the challenge,you can try to do it again and get a gear card. You can do the challenge up to 3 times.

There is also an adventure mode where there 8 bosses that you have to verse in order to move on to the next part. Then, there is online mod where you verse other people with the same level characters that you have. every time you win you get a few coins and you get battle points which will determine what place you are in. After a certain amount of time you will get rewards like coins and gear cards. There are also 3 missions everyday that can give you battle points and coins.

I would rate this game a 9.5 because it has good graphics and the game is very interesting with the strategies that you can come up with in the game. In the game, I wish the battles that you face with characters that get radiation and regeneration when you can’t get them in the game.Remember it is free!!

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The Tradition of Hanukkah

The Tradition of Hanukkah

By: Bryan L. and  Tony Z., staff writers

hanukkah (1)

Have you heard about Hanukkah? Hanukkah is a special holiday celebrated on December 16-25 for 2014.  It is a Jewish holiday where they give gifts and the most important thing is that they light a candle every day until the menorah is complete.       Hanukkah all started back in 200 BCE when King Antiochus the third defeated King Ptolemy the fifth Epiphanes. King Antiochus made a Jewish law that all the Jews had to follow ancestral customs and continue to go to the Temple of Jerusalem everyday.

Hanukkah is celebrated with a series of rituals that are performed every day for the entire 8-day holiday. Each night, a candle or oil based light is lit. Hanukkah candles should usually burn for a half hour after it gets dark. There are a  large number of songs for Hanukkah too.

A hanukkah tradition that children do is something that you’ve heard of before. It is called a dreidel. A dreidel is a four sided spinning top that has a hebrew letter on each side of it In the game there is nun, gimel, hey, and shin. Nun means that you get nothing, gimel takes the entire pot, hey half the pot, and shin make you put one marker back in the pot.This is the most original version of the game.

What do they eat during Hanukkah? They eat foods that are baked and use olive oil. They eat potato latke which is like a pancake with potatoes used as main ingredient. They also eat sufganiyot which is a jelly-filled doughnut made by the Jews. They also eat chocolate gelts which are chocolate coins covered in golden foil paper.

Hanukkah allows the families gives gifts to the people who are there. They also play music every single day.

In North America and Israel, it is common to exchange presents or give children presents at this time. Also, many families encourage their children to give charity in lieu of presents for themselves.

Hanukkah is a special Jewish holiday that lasts for 8 days that is a lot of fun with food and games.

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Shovel Night Review

Shovel Knight Review

By: Anthony Z., staff writer

Shovel knight

You know those classic 8-bit games? Shovel Knight is in the style of these classic 80s games. Shovel Knight is available for 3ds, Wii U, and PC for fifteen bucks. In Shovel Knight, you play as a knight that is armed with a  shovel instead of a  sword. Now, this may seem funny at first, but having a shovel opens up new gameplay options. The story is that, there were once two adventures, Shovel Knight and Shield Knight. But one day, when they explore the tower of fate and cursed amulet

brought terrible magic and puts Shovel Knight  to sleep. But, when Shovel Knight awakens, he finds that his beloved shield Knight is gone and the tower of fate is sealed. Shovel knight stops adventuring and goes into a life of solitude because he lost Shield Knight. But without Shovel Knight, the Enchantress seizes the land and assembles an evil team of knights called the Order of no Quarter. consisting of Spector Knight, Propeller Knight, Tinker Knight, Mole Knight, King Knight, Plague Knight, Treasure Knight, and Polar Knight.  But then tower is unsealed and Shovel Knight goes on a epic quest to defeat The Order of No Quarter and the Enchantress.


In Shovel Knight, you can get relics which are found in the Order of no Quarter’s castles from a guy named Chester. Don’t worry, because if you miss out on a relic from Chester, after you’re done with that castle, you can buy that relic from Chester in a basement in the village. All the relics are the phase locket, war horn, dust knuckles, throwing anchor, alchemy coin, fishing rod, mobile gear, propeller dagger, chaos sphere and the troupple chalice. The fishing rod and chaos sphere have to be obtained in a basement in the village from Chester And they troupple chalice has to be brought by a guy in the village and you then go to the troupple pond so you can fill the chalices with abilities from the troupple king himself. There are also armors available in Shovel Knight that have different abilities and shovel upgrades are available too. The most expensive  and shiniest armor in the game cost 500 gold and it doesn’t even do anything but makes you do a flip when you jump. You can also get magic and health upgrades in the village. There are music sheets available in levels,you can then go to the village and give the Bard there the music sheet you have. He will pay you 500 gold for one. He will also play the music from the music sheet for you if you ask.


I really like Shovel Knight. I find the levels creative and the bosses fun. I also find the graphics and colors good,even if it is in an 8-bit style. The music is also good and it sounds retro. I highly recommend this game to anyone, if you own a 3ds, Wii U, or PC. It really is a good game that has a price of fifteen bucks. Shovel Knight is hard, which makes sense because it is supposed to be like a classic 8-bit games and I heard that those games were hard.


Thy Final Score: 9.8/10




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Entertainment Business: What Makes a Good Kids’ Show?

How Can a Good Kids’ Show Be Made?

By: Dustyn C.; staff writer


Many cartoons today are vastly improving from the years of around 2008-09 (Well, according to fan response and ratings, anyway). Starting from Adventure Time and Regular Show, and continuing on from Gravity Falls and Wander Over Yonder, cartoons are really starting to get freaking awesome! However, Nickelodeon isn’t doing so good. Shows like Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners have been getting bad reviews for their lazy writingcn and toilet humor. Even Spongebob and The Fairly OddParents are parallel shows from what they used to be years ago, which brings us to this question. What can Nickelodeon do to improve? In order to improve, we need to look at the main question, “How can a good kids’ show be made?”


  1. Don’t dumb down shows.

Kids aren’t dumb. Kids are just easy to amuse, which makes kids’ shows easy to write. With the array of new shows coming out on Cartoon Network and Disney XD, we live in an age where shows could be clever, witty, and smart and still have the hilarity and amusement of a regular kids’ show.  Kids could watch almost anything you throw at them as long as it’s intriguing and easy to understand.

  1. Avoid keeping up with the modern age.

The best cartoons don’t reference what was popular at the time they aired. Over The Garden Wall, another great modern kids’ show, sets a great example of this, as a majority of the show is set in a vintage autumn atmosphere. The show’s setting allows it to stand the test of time and remain treasured. If you reference or imply trends of this generation like selfies and Photoshop, in the next few years, the show would be considered “dated” and lack value.

  1. Be creative.

Above all, creativity is key. You need fresh ideas to keep people from avoiding your show. No one wants to watch something they’ve already seen. Even using cliches and/or stereotypes could be used creatively as long as you execute those particular subjects correctly. Examples of using creativity to your advantage is the Ice King from Adventure Time. You could identify him as the villain who kidnaps princesses or the loner guy whose only friends are penguins. However, he never seemed cliched, in my opinion, because his dialogue and personality outside of being a villain is funny and interesting. In addition, there’s his backstory about him being a human before the Land of Ooo came to be. This not only makes him a great villain, but a great, fleshed out character, too. Using creativity could lead to great things in a kids’ show, and it shows!


As shown from these guidelines, great kids’ shows could be made. No need for simplification or modernization to lure kids into your show. All you need is creativity and wit!

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Five Nights at Freddy’s Review

Five Nights at Freddy’s Review

By. James S. & Haskell M.; Staff WritersFreddy's


If you were around in the late 1900’s, and lived somewhere in Utah, you probably have been to Freddy Fazbears’s Pizza. This was the place that kids could go to see Freddy Fazbear, Chica, and Bonnie. “Where fun and fantasy come to life.” One of the animatronic characters, Foxy, malfunctioned and bit someone in the Pirate Cove,(But that is just in the game, it never happened in the real place). Foxy was a pirate that had a hook hand, and razor sharp teeth. After the so called ‘Bite of 87’ happened, the kids waved Foxy goodbye and the animatronics had their free roaming mode turned off during the day. Their free roaming mode was never turned off during the night, so you have to survive five nights at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza as a night worker.

Devices: This game is for your P.C. or laptop, any Android device, or an Apple iPhone, or iPad.



1.        It is said to be one of the scariest games in the world, because it is based on the original Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza family restaurant,(Which was closed down for certain reasons) .

2.        It has a demo version so you can see if you like it before you buy it for $4.99 for the pc version, or $2.99 for pocket devices.

3.        They added the new Golden Freddy hallucination to the game.

4.        There is night 7 after nights 1-6, where you can pick the difficulty for the animatronics.

5.         The graphics of the game looks realistic in some ways.



1.        You’re sitting in one place

2.        It’s really hard to beat.

3.        There are only jump scares.



I would rate this game 4.3 stars out of 5 stars, because some people would say it isn’t very vast, but so fun.



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Staying Warm in Winter Fashion

Winter Fashion

By: Alyssa M. & Sunbo A.:staff writers



When winter comes everyone is excited about new clothes for sweater  season and the holidays.   During this cold season, you can’t go wrong with a sweater and some boots.  We know how it is asking for clothes as Christmas presents , especially in the winter.



This season the most popular colors  are dark blue, beige, and dark green. The most common and best outfits include boots for winter(combat boots), scarves, a nice sweater, jeans, and your own touch of accessories. Some perfect clothes for the winter could be something cute, comfy, and warm. This season layering is a good option. You can stay warm and cute at the same time. Layering is a way of keeping warm at all times. You layer by putting on clothes on clothes without looking like a huge snowman. For example you can wear an undershirt, then an cute muscle tank, then an eyelash sweater, after that you are good to go.  Keeping warm in the winter is  very important and looking cute while your warm is even better.jeans




This outfit is perfect for the cold winter days. This long, tribal print cardigan, goes really well with these high waisted  light brown jeans. The plain black tee goes great with the whole outfit because the pop of color comes with the cardigan. All of these clothing items come from Aeropostale, and they are part of the Bethany Mota collection. You can always add accessories to any outfit. A simple, dainty heart necklace can make any outfit better.


This other outfit is also perfect for winter and matches the modern winter style. You can kind of see that this season matching is a great idea.The pink sweater and beanie go perfect with the pink, blue, and white sweater. Baggy sweaters are very cute this season. When using this outfit you don’t only have to to wear tennis shoes, you could wear a pair of cute high brown boots. The jeans are perfect with this, jeans go with absolutely everything. This outfit is from a well known store called  Aeropostale.












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Thanksgiving Comic

Why Doesn’t a Turkey Celebrate Thanksgiving?

By: Dustyn C., staff writer


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Thanksgiving History

Thanksgiving History


By Staff Writers; Haskell M. and Jordan N.



Have you ever wondered what Thanksgiving was like in the past? Well, Thanksgiving is a national holiday, in which the United States, and Canada celebrate. Other places around the world saw our tradition and wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving the way we celebrate it too. Also, we get to see our relatives and get together for a grand feast. We get to say the things that we are all thankful for, like having food on the table. Thanksgiving was created  because of the past.


In 1620 a boat called the Mayflower, left England. The Mayflower carried about 102 people, that sought another land that they could practice their religious beliefs freely. The first Winter was horrible, and very rough. Lots of colonists stayed on the Mayflower, where they got scurvy, and varieties of diseases. Lots of colonists died from the deadly Winter, and only half of the colonists survived. After the brutal Winter the rest of the colonists settled down in March. Later an Abenaki Indian came to greet them. Then after the week passed, Abenaki brought another Indian named Squanto. Squanto taught the pilgrims about illness, how to cultivate corn, malnutrition, and how to extract maple from trees. He also taught them, how to catch fish, and stay away from poisonous plants. Squanto helped the pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians, live in harmony. The Wampanoag Indians had a big feast with the pilgrims in celebration of their peace.



Today we continue that tradition, and at the dinner table we say are things that were thankful for. We try to remember what we are thankful for. For example, we have food, drinks, clothes, a family, and a house. The past helps us understand the future.


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AYSO Annual Turkey Tournament

AYSO Annual Turkey Tournament

By: Alyssa M. & Khanh P.;staff writers

ayso turkey tournament

Have you ever heard of the  AYSO Annual Turkey Tournament? This is the 27th annual year of the AYSO turkey tournament. Every year AYSO host a tournament that happens right after Thanksgiving. Basically teams from different region come and play a series of games, and the top four teams with the most points move on to semi-finals. The winners from the semi-finals move on to the championship game.



The 27th Annual 2014 AYSO Turkey Tournament was held on November 28th  through 30th. The soccer tournament was held at the Columbia Regional Park and the Toyota Sports Complex in Torrance. Different boy’s and girl’s teams from different age divisions are allowed to participate. The age divisions are from U-8 through U-19.   Teams from different regions come and play a series of games against other teams. The way this tournament works is pretty simple. You automatically play three games. For each game you play you get points based on how you did. After all the teams have played their three games the top four teams with the most point move on to semi-finals. The winners of the semi-finals move on to the championship game, which is the last game you will play


This is a great tournament to participate in. Congratulations to all the teams that were able to move on to the championship game. Also, congratulations to all the teams that participated in the tournament. It was a really fun event to participate in. Another tournament that is coming up is the West Torrance Christmas Classic.

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The Thanksgiving Catastrophe

The Thanksgiving Catastrophe

Staff Writer; Jordan N. and Haskell M.

turkey jordan

One day two turkeys named Billy, and Joe were on a farm on a sunny, bright day. They were laying down in the barn when suddenly they heard a loud noise outside. When the turkeys looked out, they saw the humans putting decorations on the roofs. There were lights and ribbons being hung up. Billy looked at their calendar in the barn.  His eyes popped out staring at the one day that the turkeys fear. “What are you looking at?” Joe said. Billy shouted, “It is Thanksgiving today, and we are the only turkeys here on this farm!” “What’s Thanksgiving?” Joe asked in a worried voice. “It is when humans have a celebration. After they get together, they have a feast and we are the first thing on the menu. You don’t know that lots of turkeys have been eaten on this day. I was lucky I haven’t been chosen, yet.” said Billy in a serious voice. Joe was breathing heavily and thinking about all the bad things that could happen. Suddenly, Joe fainted.



Billy then woke Joe back up and said, “We need a plan to escape! We will sneak out tonight before the party starts. We will climb over the fence and run to the streets.” Joe asked,” Even if  we do escape, where are we going to go?” “Don’t worry, I have it all planed. We are heading for this place for turkeys. It isn’t far from here.” “ Fine, we will sneak out of here tonight.” Joe said. Once the sky got dark, the turkeys ran toward the fence. The loud clanging attracted the humans. “Oh no!” “The humans are coming!” Joe said.  “Climb, Climb Joe!” They made it over in just in time. “Who’s there?” the man said holding a flashlight. It was quiet outside except for the crickets outside. There was nothing left, but a part of a clump of feathers left on the fence.web001



The following day, the turkeys were very tired. They had ran the whole night, wondering when they will get to the pen with turkeys. “It is so cold in the mornings,” Joe complained. “That is the least of our problems,” Billy said. What about food and water, we need it for survival. The weather may be harsh, but it won’t kill us. As they were walking, they heard loud gobbles. “We’re here!” Joe said excitedly. The turkeys were very loud with their gobbles. “We are finally here,” Billy said. Just then, the dad was walking up to the turkey trail. He was anxious for those turkeys. Once the human reached the pen,  some of the turkeys ran after the dad and took him away. “It looks like we will be safe with these turkeys around us, don’t you think?” Billy said with a grin.

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iPad Air 2 Review

iPad Air 2 Review

by: Khanh P. & Hong-Tran D., Staff Writers


ipad-air-2-wifi-priceThe new iPad Air 2 just came out on October 20th, 2014. The iPad Air was previously released. Let’s talk about the cool features and apps that this device comes with.

It’s a bit similar to the first iPad air. The apps are still the same. It comes with the camera, photos, message, Facetime, mail, music, safari, maps, siri, calendar, itunes store, app store, notes, contacts, ibooks, game center, reminders, clock, videos, newsstand, photo booth, podcasts. It also comes with free apps from Apple. The apps are iphotos, pages, numbers, keynote, imovie, garageband, itunes U, find my iphone, find my friends, apple store, trailers, remote. The iPad has the iOS feature like all Apple products, but this device comes with iOS 8. You can upgrade to this feature on any Apple product.

There’s a new feature that is offered on the Apple website. It’s called engraving. You can engrave a message on your iPad and it will be engraved and sent to you. If you want to find out more, you can go on the apple website and see all the information they have. Unlike the iPad air, which comes in two colors: space gray and silver, the iPad air 2 comes in 3 colors:gold, silver, and space gray. It’s very thin and doesn’t weigh very much. It’s 18% thinner than the iPad air and has a retina display like every other iPads. There’s 9.7 inch display for those videos and pictures to take.

The iPad air 2 comes with the fingerprint touch ID like some iPads and iPhones. Instead of typing in your password or passcode, you just put your finger or thumb on the home button/fingerprint scanner and it will automatically be on the homescreen. There’s another cool feature on the iPad: it doesn’t just come with one camera. It comes with two! A camera lens has been redesigned to look even better.multi-core


Wireless networks work even faster with iOS 8 and iPad air 2 combined and there’s cool accessories like cases to protect the device. There’s more information on the apple website, so the iPad air 2 are just in stores!

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New Way to Pay – Use Your Phone

New Way to Pay Without Credit Cards

By: Joy Matthias, staff writer


Are you tired of people hacking your credit card and always having to get a new one a lot ?  Well no more, because apple has made a new way to pay without credit cards called APPLE PAY!~ Have you ever been to a store and you say to the cashier, “I FORGOT MY WALLET AND IT HAS MY CREDIT CARD!”  Not anymore!

They have created an app thats already on lots of androids, windows Phone, and blackberry devices and works with google wallet, Soft Card,Paypal and other devices.  About 220,000 stores already have NFC devices at their register. People are doing this because they are afraid of being hacked. All you have to do is take out your phone, open it and dial a code. Apple is pretty much the first to make phone payments this popular in the United states.Apple pay is easier,safer and available with every credit card.

Its easier because one touch is so much easier than having to type in your pin for a debit or a credit card and its done by fingerprints. Thats safer because its your fingerprint its yours alone and no one has your exact hand! Apple pay never gives shops your credit card information.It will work with American Express, Master card and visa.It also struck credit card deals with these banks: American express,bank of America, Barclaycard, Capital One, Chase, Citi Bank, Navy Federal Credit Union, PNC Bank, USAA, U.S.Bank, and Wells Fargo.  So, it’s perfectly safe for you to try.  You have a chance to pay safely, and easily, so why not?

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Super Smash Brothers Review

Super Smash Bros. for 3ds REVIEW

By: Tony Zepeda, staff writer

smash bros

What is Super Smash Bros.? Well, Super Smash Bros. is a fighting game series where you can play as different Nintendo characters . There also are a few third party characters thrown in there too. This series started way back in 1999 and since then, many changes were made to the series. The newest game in the series recently came out on October 3 for the 3ds. The Wii U version of the game will come out on November 21. For today, I will be reviewing the 3ds version of the game. Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3ds(yes, that’s really the title), is really fun. In this game, there are a lot of new and returning characters, like Megaman and Robin. This is also one of the first games in history to have Megaman, Sonic, Mario and Pac-Man all in one game. There are a lot of clone characters in this game, but that isn’t too much of a problem for me.

Most of the time, the controls are smooth, but sometimes the circle pad for the 3ds puts the wrong move. You could try to do an up attack, but instead do a side attack.This doesn’t happen very often for me, though. In the game, there are different modes for you to play. The different modes are, Smash, Smash Run, Classic Mode and many more. You can also play online, which is fun, but there’s a glitch that can happen where you get banned for going online for over 136 years. This glitch can happen if you get banned from online play and instead of getting banned for a couple of minutes, it glitches out and you get banned for 136 years! This glitch doesn’t seem common, though. I suggest not getting banned for a couple minutes, because the glitch could happen, or you could not play online at all, until this glitch is fixed(at least I hope it gets fixed). Another problem in the game is that when you play 4 player smash, each character becomes kind of small and kind of hard to see, it’s still not that big of a deal for me.

Overall, Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3ds is a great game. I suggest it to people who like smash or if you just like fighting games in general. If you’ve never played Smash Bros., this would a good game to start it off. I also reccomend this game to anyone who owns a 3ds, because it really is a good game, it does have minor flaws, but I still really like it.



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IPad Mini 2 Review

IPad Mini 2 Review

by:Khanh P. & Hong-Tran D.;

Staff Writers



Want to know more about the IPad mini 2? Well read this and you will know a lot about this cool device from Apple Inc. It has a retina display and comes with an IOS 7 operating system. The apps that comes with it are iBooks, maps, calculator, videos, photos, app store, settings, music, safari browser, camera, facetime, game center, notes, newsstand, and iTunes store.

The iPad mini 2 comes in three colors: black, white, and space grey. What’s the difference between the iPad mini and the iPad mini 2? Well let’s compare the two devices. In the iPad mini 2 is twice the resolution pixels. It’s 2048 by 1536 resolutions. The iPad mini 2 comes with fingerprint- resistant coating. For Wi-Fi it comes with 16GB. The height is 7.87 inches.

Want to take excellent quality videos and great pictures? You can use the iPad mini 2 to take all the pictures and videos. There’s a video chat app that comes with it. It’s called Facetime. On Facetime, you can chat and video chat with families and friends. With the iPad mini 2, you can focus better on the target.

The iPad mini 2 still has the apple logo on the back with the word iPad. It comes with a fingerprint sensor, which you can use to scan your fingerprint to unlock the device without typing in the passcode or password. It has that smooth surface, but if it’s dropped, the screen might crack. So you have to be careful. You can find more information by going on the apple website and while you’re there, there’s some cool accessories that you can get for the iPad mini 2. So you could get the cool, new iPad mini 2 with all the cool apps and accesories!

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Cartoon Wars 2 Review

Cartoon Wars 2 Review

By: Bryan L., staff writer


What is Cartoon Wars 2? It is an App game for phone or tablet, made by Blue GNC where cartoon wars and cartoon wars gunner are combined into one game. There are a few added features like air units and 6 acts that you have to beat in gunner and regular version. At every last level of the act there will be a boss at the end.

In cartoon wars there are base upgrades and specials. The specials shoots missiles or summons a person or warp gate which uses mana from your mana generator. The base upgrades help your base get more range on your bow, faster mana,and better arrow ability. These are the most best thing to upgrade in my opinion.

What is mana? Mana is the top part of the left side that tells you what troop you can summon on the bottom. What are the land troops? There are 10 units for land which are swordsman, spearman, and heavy armed robots which are the first three things that you can get and are recommended.Ground units can also attack air units.

What are the new air units? There are 5 types of troops for air units. The first three units are aircraft fighter, armed aircraft fighter,and armed helicopter. There air units will not come until act 4. They can attack both air and ground.

What are the other modes? There is a hero mode, Santa mode, hell mode, and quick mode. Hero mode is where you are a hero in story mode is where you use a hero and level him up to upgrade his abilities and his weapons. Santa mode is where you summon troops to defeat the enemy and send Santa to deliver presents. You send Santas to his ramp and and send a certain amount of him to win. Hell mode is where you are in a new dimension where the levels are harder and there are bosses on every level . Quick mode is where everything goes by quickly.

I would rate this game a 9.5 because it is addicting in all, but I wish there would be more troops in the game. This game $0.99 and it is worth getting, but don’t spend your money to buy gold and SP.

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The Boy Who Hates Thanksgiving

The Boy Who Hates Thanksgiving

By: Bryan L. and Tony Z; staff writers

turkey costume boy

Everywhere in Hayville, families were getting ready for Thanksgiving. Although most everyone in Hayville was happy for Thanksgiving, someone was not. A young boy named Billy was not happy. Billy hated Thanksgiving, because every single freakin’ dang year all of his relatives from his mom and dad’s side would come over for Thanksgiving and they would always argue and disturb his peace of mind. On top of that, there were no relatives his age because all of them were much younger than him and all of them annoyed him to no end. Also, his mom wasn’t a great cook and she would always overcook the turkey, so the Thanksgiving dinner would always taste bad. The other reason why is that she will never get a honey-baked ham and her ham always tastes like, sorry to say, salty garbage.

Then, next day, he started to create a map in his secret lab that has his stuffed animals. He was thinking in his mind, “Why do I hate Thanksgiving?”  Well, his relatives were annoying to him and his mom wasn’t a good cook, but that wasn’t enough for him to hate it. But then he remembered, a long time ago, on Thanksgiving he had a dream that the grim reaper was going to come.   In his dream, that next day was Thanksgiving, the grim reaper came and haunted his mind of hatred. He always thought about that only the day of Thanksgiving. But, then an evil idea came to mind. But, it was not just an evil idea, but it was an evil GENIUS idea. It was an evil genius idea that would rid Thanksgiving for everyone in Hayville. Yes, it really was a GENIUS idea.

On the night before Thanksgiving, Billy went through with the plan. He brought a turkey costume that he found at the store and he put it on. He also got an old big wagon from the garage and he attached it to his bike. He put a big brown bag in the wagon, that was empty.

Now, you may ask, “What is Billy planning to do?” Well, he is planning to steal all the turkeys and pumpkin pies from everyone’s house in Hayville. He will then put them in the bag and the food will never be seen again. Everyone will wake up on Thanksgiving and see that their food is gone.Thanksgiving will be ruined for everyone.

Billy knew that it was a fool-proof plan.

The plan went something like this: That night, he would secretly go to all the houses at 1 am in the morning and take all the pumpkin pies and turkeys. He would leave only one slice for everyone in his family, including him.  And so,  he went to every house in Hayville that night and he stole every turkey and pumpkin pie from each house. He got into the house by going through the chimney. Before he knew it, there was only one house left that he needed to steal food from. He climbed through the chimney and he found the turkey and pumpkin pie in the refrigerator. He was about to leave when he heard a girl come out of her room. It was young Kathy Lee, who was no more than three.

“Who are you, “ she said in a squeaky voice. “And why are you stealing our turkey and pumpkin pie.” Now, Billy was a clever kid and he was able to think up a lie and think it up fast.

“Why I am the Thanksgiving Turkey, who provides everyone with fresh turkey and pumpkin pie on the night before Thanksgiving. You see, this turkey is not fresh enough, so I need to take it back to my home, but I will come back with a fresh turkey.” He then sent her to bed and tucked her in, he also provided her with a glass of milk and when she had drifted off to sleep, he stole the turkey and pumpkin pie from Kathy’s home.

He took all the Thanksgiving food in the bag on the wagon and he put the wagon on a hill in a place where nobody would find. He went back to his house feeling confident that Thanksgiving was ruined for everyone and he went to sleep.

He woke up the next morning, to find all his relatives having a good time.

“Hi, sweetie, ‘ his mother said. “We don’t have much turkey this year, but there’s a slice for everyone.”

“But what about the turkey, or the pumpkin pie?” Billy asked. ‘Well, we don’t need that. As long as we have our relatives, right?” his mom said. That’s when Billy realized something. Thanksgiving wasn’t about the food, even if it wasn’t that good. It was about being around family. And although his family members wouldn’t always get along and sometimes annoyed him, he still loved them very much. “I’m not hungry.” Billy said as he ran out of his house.

He then went up the hill and got the wagon filled with Thanksgiving food in the bag. He took the wagon and went into town. he then got a megaphone that he brought from home. He told everyone about all the food and everyone in Hayville gathered around tables at the park and he had a big Thanksgiving feast. And Billy got to cut the turkey first. For today, he realized that Thanksgiving was about being thankful for your family. And from that point on, Billy NEVER hated Thanksgiving ever again.


  The End.

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Unlucky Thanksgiving

Unlucky Thanksgiving

By: Alyssa M.,staff writer


It was the beginning of my Thanksgiving break. I thought it was going to be a great break. I didn’t have school for three days. I can finally just relax and not have to worry about studying.  My best friend and I have  literally planned this week for a month. Tomorrow was the first day of my supposedly awesome thanksgiving break. So I  woke up to my sister blasting her music. This already made me in a bad mood. When I don’t get enough sleep I’m in a crabby mood all day. After I ate breakfast and did all of my morning things I went to my friends house. We decided to work on our science project that was due in a week, we were making a model of a cell. As I was adding the finishing touches to the project the paint spilled all over me. I had to run to my house and change quickly because I really wanted to go to the store. Once I changed I asked my mom if she could take us to the store and a usual she said she was too busy. Great!!! Now what was I supposed to wear at Thanksgiving dinner.


I went to to bed last night and had a horrible dream. I woke up in a cold sweat. It was 7:30 am. The rest of my family was still asleep so I decided to make myself an early breakfast and watch tv. As I was pouring my cereal into my bowl I realized I forgot the milk. I poured the milk without thinking and I didn’t realize that it expired. Chunky, smelly milk covered my favorite cereal. Tomorrow was Thanksgiving so I went to the store with my friend which didn’t end so well. I was in the store and I saw the perfect outfit. I went inside the store to see if they had my size and as usual they didn’t. I was devastated. I went to one of my favorite stores and I found something there, which I was grateful for. Afterwards, we decided to get some lunch. Once we got to the cafe  the wait was an hour long and I was starving. When we were finally seated we ordered right away. As the waiter brought our he tripped and dropped all of it. This made us have to wait even longer and I was still super hungry. When my food finally arrived I ate so fast it caused my stomach to hurt. I ran to the restroom and puked.


After yesterday’s horrible experience I thought that today was going to be just as horrible. I was wrong Thanksgiving actually went by pretty smoothly. I woke up and got my breakfast, but this time there wasn’t any rotten milk. The whole day I was just watching movies until it was time for dinner. I changed into my new outfit and went downstairs to go greet my family and start to eat. I had an awesome time during dinner. I ate delicious food, hung out with my family, and even went back for seconds later on. This was a really great Thanksgiving and I realized on this day, as I’m eating with my family, I did have so much to be thankful for.

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Veterans Day

Veterans Day

By: Alyssa M. and Hong-Tran D.,Staff Writers



What’s so good about Veterans Day? Students will think “No School!” Off on that day. There’s actually more to Veterans Day than most people think. This holiday may mean more to people that have family that are veterans.

Veterans Day is a holiday that celebrates all of the veterans who have fought for our country and some have passed away. We need to appreciate what they have done for this country. The U.S.president Woodrow Wilson named November 11th as a day to remember the brave soldiers who risked their lives to fight for our country. To celebrate this holiday, many people go to parades with appreciation. Many businesses are closed on this day. Some people stay home to think about the soldiers that sacrificed their lives to protect their people and country.

Not only did the soldiers sacrifice their life these families had to sacrifice their family members. Everyday they worried that their loved ones wouldn’t return home. Part of their life was devoted to worrying about their loved ones and never knowing if the would return home. Imagine being the son of a soldier in the military never knowing if you would ever see your father again. Always having this uneasy feeling about not knowing what is going to happen. Once the soldiers come home their families are so happy to see them, but once they leave they never know if they may see them again.

As you can see being a soldier in the military isn’t easy and so is being part of a family whose members are in the military. We should appreciate how much these soldiers and their families sacrifice. Now that you know a little bit about this holiday maybe you will think about how much these soldiers did for us. Take a little time out of your day just to appreciate these soldiers.




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Halloween Day at Magruder

Halloween Costume Contest 2014

By: James S., Staff WriterDSC_0003


Did you join the costume contest this year? Just in case you missed out on the fun, This is how it went down…


Everyone lined up in a line to enter the contest, but the wait was worth it. The categories were scariest, funniest, cutest, most original, and twins. It was very close, but only a few people won for each category.




For the funniest costume, we have Antonio L. with, well, it appears an inflatable body. Ha, ha, just the sound of it is funny. ‘Air’ we done here?


For the scariest costume, we have Devon S. who seems to DSC01582have only one part of his face on today. Wasn’t it obvious he was going to win? This story is definitely ‘single-sided’.


For the cutest costume, we have Island V. wearing a tutu. DSCN2692This should count for most original, and cutest, but that’s not how Magruder’s contests work. You can’t just win ‘two, too’.





Finally, for the twins or group contest, the winners were DSCN2675Amber J. and Christina G.,

They dressed as if they stepped out of the book, Alice in Wonderland…. I ‘wonder’ if they will do this again next year.




And finally, the moment we have all been waiting for. The moment of truth. The main course. The open door to creative city. “Just get on with it!” you may be saying. The winner for the most original costume is………………………..

DSCN2676Daylon C! He wears a Riddick costume, which I haven’t seen in 12 years. He went the extra mile by shaving his head!


For the spooky story contest winners, Dustyn C., James S., and David K. won $25 gift cards. The spooky story making

DSC01575contest was apart from the costume contest, but the winners were announced in the costume contest.





Congratulations to everyone who has wore a costume on Halloween.






































































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Doctor Who – The Doctor Trap Book Review

Doctor Who-The Doctor Trap Book Review

by Asia Arakawa


Sebastiene, an incredibly powerful and a more than a little maniacal ruler of Planet 1 who is physically flawless has everything he could want, but he wants more. He hunts endangered species for sport. So far, he has caught every single species out there. But there is still one more that he wants to catch. The most powerful being of all time: The Time Lord.


Sebastiene has got together with The Society of Endangered Dangerous Species to hunt the Doctor for sport. Sebastine has created a doppelganger to look exactly and in most ways be the Doctor, and his name is Baris. Baris’s job is to steal the TARDIS and lure the Doctor to Planet 1 by stealing Donna Noble, the Doctor’s companion from him. But the Doctor is a lot more cunning than Baris. The Doctor manages to switch places with Baris, which makes everything even more complicated. Now the Doctor has to save Donna, get the TARDIS back, and save Baris. Could the Doctor ever escape Planet 1 alive?


The Doctor Trap is full of action, filled with twists and turns and alters between perplexing and keen. You will love every character in this book and the plot very fast-paced.  At some points, you may find yourself lagging behind. But as you read on, you will begin to catch up and be caught in the flow of the story as you go on. At first, you may not be much interested in the book, but you must read on because it gets a lot more compelling.



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Bully Proofing Assembly

Bully Proofing Assembly

By: James S. and Jenny C., Staff editors


At Magruder, putting bullies out of business is our top priority.  Every year Mrs. Barker organizes presentations on how to deal with bullies and how to promote a positive learning environment for all.  This year we had an informative assembly with former Magruder students, who now attend North High.


The anti-bullying proof assembly was amazing. We got to talk to the HRA members, play some games, and obviously talk about bullying. Some of us went to the Cafeteria while the others got to go to the P.E. teachers’ room. Overall, the assembly was a success and we gave thought to stopping the bullies out there and supporting the victims –  so they know they are not alone.


During the assembly, we learned that there were several reasons why bullies bully us, types of bullying, and how to stop bullying. They bully us due to their self esteem levels, what happens at their home, or just to be more popular. People bully others in physical ways, verbal ways, on the internet, and everything else you can think of.  We could help people who are bullied in several ways. We could take them out of it with distractions, straight up scolding them, the possibilities are endless. During the assembly, we talked about how we got bullied, and did some quizzes. We also got to play some games, learn about the HRA club, and watch some small skits.


We are lucky that the HRA’s  give up their time to teach us how to deal with bullies, because it will help us in the future. Mrs.Barker and the HRA crew did a pretty good job teaching us about bullying. If you have any problems with bullying, get a friend to help, go to a teacher for help, or stop it with your own hands, because bullying shouldn’t happen.

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Richardson Robotics Team Prepares Magruder’s Team for Competition

Richardson Robotics Presentation


By: Sunbo A., staff writerDSC_0078


Here at Magruder we have had an amazing robotics team called the The Magruder Mustangs Team #585, that I am glad to be a part of. This year our robotics team, sponsored by Exxon Mobil, has been accepted to go to the robotics competition in Culver City High School. Our robotics team isn’t really familiar with the competition, so a generous offer was made to us. Richardson’s Robotics Team (The Widgets ) came and told  us all about their personal experience in competition and shared their robot game and presentation.

The Richardson Team was very friendly and honest. They gave our robotics team lots of valuable advice and things we will surely take with us to competition. For the first part of their presentation they showed us their idea. Their project idea was an board game, they taught us how to play, and how it correlates to the theme of the competition, which was “How do we learn?” The board game they created  was an easy and fun way to teach anyone how to learn.

The next presentation was about their robot. They showed us their robot, and told us which missions they were going to accomplish. Their robot was programmed to go to a lego object and perform tasks like, throwing a ball into a goal, picking up objects, and much more. Our team also showed them that we were able to accomplish programming our robot to open a door.

At the end of the presentation our robotics team was able to understand the competition even more, thanks to the Richardson Team.


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Grades of Green Club

Grades of Green Helpers and Environmental Science Students

By: Khanh P & Hong-Tran D., staff writers




Some people think that sorting trash, recycling bottles, and emptying/making compost is boring, but some people actually join this club or the environmental science elective and enjoy doing doing this. Students get a chance to learn a lot about the environment and help the environment, this can help build up a student’s character a lot. Many students have joined this club and are now great “green” students, because they are now eco-friendly people who pick up trash and help the environment whenever they get a chance. Located near the cafeteria are three compost bins that are filled with worms. Some people may think worms are nasty, but they are really helpful to the environment. They eat leftover fruits and vegetables and make nice soil for us.

Now lets talk about the sorting station. Students will stand behind their stationed area. Whenever a piece of trash ends up in the wrong place, it is the workers job to make sure it ends up in the right place. There is a free bin and if you do not want any of your food, you just leave it in the bin and maybe someone else would want it, such as sandwiches that our members really love! If there are some fruits or vegetables that are not eaten, instead of throwing them in the compost bin, you can give them to Ms. Borowski. For liquids, pour juice, soda, and milk into one of the buckets, if water, pour into mop bucket and throw bottles and cans into the bottle figure. Cartons, paper trays, and salad trays are placed into the baskets and will be organized. If you take a spork and don’t use all of the contents, you can throw them in the brown basket. Capri Sun will be placed in a white bin and the straws will be in the recycle bin.

SInce we are all finished talking about the various bins, let’s start to talk about how successful this program has been for the past year. When this first started, people started to join, then more and more people started to join. It has been successful ever since. Let’s continue recycling and taking care of the environment!


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Grades of Green Assembly

Grades of Green Assembly

by: Jenny C. and  Hong Tran D., Staff Members


Are the students recycling on this campus? On October 6th, Grades of Green representatives came to our school to do a presentation of recycling on our campus. They talked about how important it was to recycle and showed us some videos made by other students from other schools about packaging a trash free lunch, throw trash away in the right bin, and most important where each material goes.


Carly P. a seventh grader who is a part of this program stated, “ I think this program isDSCN0011 coming along really well and it introduces students into environmental issues” Ms. Borowski is in charge of this program and she said “It’s good to recycle”  They started off with telling us facts about the world, our trash, and basically everything in between! They then switched it up with 2 short videos about how to pack a earth friendly lunch and about all our trash. The Grades-Of-Green bunch also helped the ladies with showing us all of our bins we use to shorten our trash supplies. A game was played after that that used our knowledge of the bins and what goes in it. The presentation was ended shortly after that with a bit of talking, reminders about how we all should start recycling and caring for the world more, and we finally got to resume our normal, everyday school life.DSCN0030

So that was basically all that happened at the presentation. If you would like to help and work at the sorting station, see Ms. Borowski in Room 17 to sign up. She would like people to help.  You can choose to work for one day or two. So let’s all make the choice to recycle and not just dump everything in the trash. That would be hurting the environment

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Miss Thompson Interview

Miss Thompson

By:Joy Matthias, staff writer


There are so many new teachers in the school. One of them is Miss Thompson. She has worked for 12 weeks at Magruder. She teaches 6th and 8th grade science. Her techniques for teaching are labs and experiments because she thinks it helps learning and kids have fun and it’s the best way for them to learn. Miss Thompson went to  the Westside Christian Academy in Torrance, in middle school. Miss Thompson went to the Upon the Rock Academy in high school. She went to Pepperdine University in College. She was a biology major and an education minor. She has an older sister 3 years older than her and a younger brother a year and a half. She likes reading, baking, and hiking. She has been playing  piano for 7 years.


“I think it’s great to do a lot of experiments because it’s fun and it relates to the learning environment.” She enjoys all her periods like for instance her period 6 is very chill she says, her period 5 she thinks they are very excited. Her period 4 she says work hard and well. She said she would like to teach drama because she enjoyed drama and did it as a kid.  She said,” My favorite thing about teaching is that I  like changing kids minds about science to a positive reinforcement!”

She said,” If I had another job to do I would choose being a nurse because I was a bio-major and I like helping people. I had a surgery once and I was horrified, but the nurse helped make it easier.”  She has never taught any other subject before. Her favorite subjects when she was little was Drama and English.

She said in the future she might teach 6th grade Math or English because she enjoyed it, but if she can- she will stay with Science. She loves teaching at this school and she loves the students here at Magruder.

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